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Is Media Anti-Religion? You decide

18 April 2009 No Comment Email This Post Email This Post


Would you believe me if I told you that a 24 hour cable news network channel while discussing the topic of how media is “anti-religion” ended up making a bigoted remark about a religion?  Of course you would because there is Fox News.

The Loon Busters at Media Matters brought to light this piece of bigotry on the O’Reilly Factor.  After discussing how Christianity is maltreated and abused in the media, Bill O’ Reilly remarked that

the media doesn’t target Muslims because they might get their house blown up.

Is that Fair and Balanced enough for you? That’s as direct as it gets folks.

Even if it were true, which it is not, this statement is absurd on many levels.  How many American Muslims have killed a media official or “blown their house up” because their faith or their community was lampooned? On the other hand, doesn’t it make sense that since America is a majority Christian country there would be more focus on Christianity as opposed to Judaism or Islam?

The reality is that Islam and Muslims are one of the most targeted and defamed groups in America and this remark by O’Reilly is just further proof of that.

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