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Article Archive for April 2009

The Three Stooges Coming to a Campus Near You!
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If you live near to, or are a student at a university you might be interested in knowing that the Three Stooges are touring college campuses nationwide, but before you get your hopes up just know that it’s not the three stooges that you might be familiar with.

Obama is not an Arab… “He’s a Decent Man”
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Gayle Quinnell, a John McCain supporter calls Barack Obama an Arab at a campaign rally, October 10, 2008 in Lakeville, Minnesota. Thankfully, John McCain corrects her and takes away the microphone. She said that she got this information from the library and from pamphlets distributed by other McCain volunteers, not the campaign itself.

Joe Kaufman O Meter #1: “Nuke the Mooslims!”
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Joe Kaufman, has been on the Anti-Muslim scene for quite a while now and is dubbed by the far Right-Wing FrontPageMag as, you guessed it…another one of their ”Investigative Journalists.” That he has been influenced by Meir Kahane and the Kahanist ideology is well documented, as is his love and angst for Kahane.

Douglas Farah’s Delusional Delight
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Because it actually gets people talking to each other, rather than secluding from each other and retiring to wild speculation and demagoguery about one another. The latter is what the Douglas Farah’s, Daniel Pipes’, and Steven Emerson’s of the world desperately need in order to stay in business.

A Case Study in Sincere Hypocrisy: Brigitte Gabriel
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Brigitte Gabriel is a notorious apologist for the fascist Phalange group, Kataeb, and the terrorist group, the South Lebanon Army (SLA), who were responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacres that slaughtered 1700 to 2000 Palestinians (mostly women and chidren).

Reason meets Loony Blogger: See What Happens!
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Reason meets Loony Blogger: See What Happens! Here is the video that will make anyone wonder what going on in Pamela Geller’s mind. The Youtube video is called: Global Jihad Coming to Get Us! You have to watch this one, it will really show who Pamela Geller is.