Thursday, March 23, 2017   

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Article Archive for July 2009

When Islamophobia Isn’t Funny
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We have had commenters, usually from Jihad Watch and other hate sites who come on here and minimize Islamophobia and in fact deny that it even exists. We usually have fun with such commenters and their ideologies, satirizing or poking fun at the truly wide-eyed conspiratorial and selective arguments they and their heroes peddle.


Rabbis Arrested: What if They Were Imams?
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The attorney was on the record stating that though they arrested a “number of Rabbis” it did not make this a “religiously motivated case.” These should be comforting words to practitioners of the Jewish Faith and of course reaffirms what is well known in American justice, “You are innocent until proven guilty.”

Update: Robert Spencer Whines and Whimpers After Being Exposed
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We recently wrote about the bruhaha that occurred when it was revealed that anti-Muslim polemicist Robert Spencer was invited by the ALA (American Library Association) to participate on a panel discussing the topic, Perspectives on Islam: Beyond The Stereotypes.

John Derbyshire: Fence off Islam
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John Derbyshire, is a contributor to the National Review and the New English Review and has also penned several books, one fiction and the other two dealing with mathematics and politics. From all appearances Derbyshire seems like an intelligent man but that’s when you realize that individuals who appear intelligent on the surface can believe and say utterly stupid things.

Rep. Steve King Believes Obama’s Middle Name Matters
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Rep. Steve King who recently cast the sole vote against a memorial for slavery which unanimously passed the house believed that if Obama got elected AlQaeda would be dancing in the streets.He also believes that Obama’s middle name matters because Muslims will be dancing in the streets.

Jim Quinn Goes Neanderthal
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Jim Quinn who hosts The War Room with Quinn and Rose on Clear Channel did a segment in which he was discussing the proposed Burqa ban in France. During the discussion he went into a rant about how he can’t understand why any Black person would want to convert to Islam. He chalks up Black conversions to Islam as nothing other than an attempt to “reject our culture.”

Audra Shay and the Rituals of Elephants and Donkeys
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I am never amazed by the Republicans or the Democrats, their mundane and consistent descent into a sort of ritualistic behavior reminds one of visiting the zoo and seeing the zoo animals go about their daily routine without nary a change.

Robert Spencer Rejected by Academics: Still Supports Geert Wilders
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Recently the American Library Association & the Ethnic & Multicultural Information Exchange Roundtable was to hold a discussion around the topic of Perspectives on Islam: Beyond the Stereotyping. For all intents and purposes the forthcoming discussion seemed very promising.

Bigotry on the Check Out Aisle
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Have you ever walked down the grocery aisle and been intrigued or even bemused by the tabloids on the shelf? I can remember as a kid in the check out aisle staring at such titles as Swamp Monster Stalks Outskirts of Town or Michael Jackson Weds Alien but rarely have I ever seen a heading such as the below,is the image “Bigotry on the Checkout”.

Tawfik Hamid: The Shemp of the Three Stooges
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The difference between the other three and Tawfik Hamid is that the other three claim to be converts to Evangelical Christianity while Hamid vacillates between claiming to be not only a Muslim and an Islamic Reformer but also a follower of Judaism and Christianity and in other instances a non religious person.