Thursday, March 23, 2017   

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Article Archive for August 2010

Incidents at Murfreesboro Islamic Center Spread Fear at Tennessee Mosques
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After a suspected arson and reports of gunshots at an Islamic center in Tennessee over the weekend, nearby mosques have hired security guards, installed surveillance cameras and requested the presence of federal agents at prayer services.


The Taliban are Against Park51
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America’s enemies in Afghanistan are delighted by the vehement public opposition to the proposed “Ground Zero mosque.” The backlash against the project has drawn the heaviest e-mail response ever on jihadi Web sites, Zabihullah claims—far bigger even than France’s ban on burqas earlier this year.

Anti-Islam English Defense League Protesters Clash With Police In Bradford, UK
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A right-wing group that opposes what it calls the spread of Islam in Britain clashed with riot police in northern England on Saturday, throwing bottles, rocks and a smoke bomb at authorities.

Robert Spencer and the FBI
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Robert Spencer loves to flaunt and name drop his speeches to “officaldom,” it serves to legitimize his anti-Islam/anti-Muslim crusade. However, as we have copiously catalogued on our website, the chorus of those speaking out and exposing Spencer is growing larger every day. They include Conservatives as well as Liberals, from various groups across the nation.

Who Else Will Speak Up About the Mosque?
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The hate-filled signs carried recently by protesters trying to halt plans to build an Islamic center and mosque in Lower Manhattan were chilling. We were cheered to see people willing to challenge their taunts and champion tolerance and the First Amendment. But opportunistic politicians are continuing to foment this noxious anger.

Rizwan A. Rahmani: The Crusaders of Freedom and the Pre-Election Fox Trot
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When I first arrived in this country, news of the Iranian hostage crisis was all abuzz. Nightline with Ted Koppel had just been created to cover the crisis. I remember watching it nightly and not quite understanding the gravity of the matter: I was young and idealistic.

9/11 families’ group says Geller’s anti-mosque protest disrespects victims, calls on participants to withdraw
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The email notes there’s an anti-mosque rally planned and also says there are reports of a pro-mosque rally being put in place – and Where to Turn is opposing both. (This is the first I’d heard of a pro-mosque event for that day).

What if they were Muslim?: Israeli Lashed 39 Times by Rabbi for Singing
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Yechiel, who said, “I accept upon myself the lashing for my sins,” was ordered to stand by a wooden poll with his head facing north (“from whence the evil inclination comes”), his hands tied with a azure-colored rope (“a symbol of mercy”), and served his “sentence.”

Newsweek: “Stealth Jihad” is Paranoid Speak
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Robert Spencer popularized the term “Stealth Jihad,” and some in the Conservative wing such as Newt Gingrich have ran with it and are using it all the time. As has been exposed on Loonwatch and other sites, “Stealth Jihad” is paranoid speak and just another anti-Muslim conspiracy theory.

Majority of Republicans believe that Obama wants to ‘impose Islamic law around the world’
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According to Newsweek opinion poll, a majority of Republicans believe that President Barack Obama “sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world”.