Tuesday, March 28, 2017   

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Article Archive for September 2010

Poll: North Carolina Voters Say No To Exploiting NYC Islamic Cultural Center In 2010 Elections
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A new survey from the Democratic-affiliated firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) finds that candidates arguing over the proposed Islamic Cultural Center in lower Manhattan has left a bad taste in North Carolina’s voters’ mouths.


Message to Texas: More, not Less Education
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The resolution claims that certain textbooks have a clear agenda in promoting Islam, using as an example one textbook in which 120 lines are devoted to Christian beliefs, practices and holy writings, while 248 are about Islam.

Breitbart’s Blogger Does a Hatchet Job on the FBI and Imam Kifah Mustapha
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Andrew Breitbart, one of the leading Conservative figures in the “new media” movement is the creator of the web site Big Peace among other websites prefixed with the word “Big:” Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace and plans […]

North Carolina voters reject exploitation of ‘Ground Zero mosque’ controversy
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This is particularly pertinent in the Triangle where Renee Ellmers, challenging long time Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge, has run television ads about the mosque

Warsi’s voter fraud claims ‘fuel Islamophobia’
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Baroness Warsi was accused of fuelling Islamophobia after she claimed electoral fraud in Asian communities had cost the Conservatives at least three seats in the general election. Khalid Mahmood said he did not believe it was possible to commit fraud on such a scale in Westminster elections and he challenged her to produce the evidence…

It’s not easy to build a mosque in Brooklyn, either
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Depending on whom you ask, the new mosque planned for a quiet block in southern Brooklyn is either the latest target in a wave of coordinated anti-Muslim sentiment, part of an insidious effort to spread political Islam throughout America or simply a parking nightmare waiting to happen.

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie: Auschwitz and the Mosque Near Ground Zero
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Jewish Americans have generally been more supportive of the Cordoba House project than other Americans. Jews have been denied religious freedom and been the victims of religious discrimination so frequently that their natural sympathies lie with others who now confront these burdens.

What does Wilders get from the coalition deal? A ban on the veil and a crackdown on immigration
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The Netherlands will ban the burqa, anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders said Thursday following the announcement of a pact to form a minority coalition government backed by his party.

Rabah Ghezali: France’s Illegal Ban of the Burqa
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After months of controversy, the French Senate recently adopted the law banning the burqa — the enveloping outer garment worn by women to conceal their bodies from head to toe in some Islamic traditions — in public spaces.

55 percent of Germans believe Muslim community is a social and financial burden
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A majority of Germans believe the country’s roughly four million Muslims are an economic burden, a poll showed Thursday, adding further fire to a raging immigration debate in Europe’s top economy.