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TNR’s Marty Peretz: Muslims Unworthy Of “The Privileges Of The First Amendment”

7 September 2010 Huffington Post No Comment Email This Post Email This Post

I had been wondering when I’d get to read some eye-popping quote on the Park51 controversy from racist idiot/New Republic editor-in-chief Marty Peretz, and today, I guess, is the day! Via Matt Yglesias:

But, frankly, Muslim life is cheap, most notably to Muslims. And among those Muslims led by the Imam Rauf there is hardly one who has raised a fuss about the routine and random bloodshed that defines their brotherhood. So, yes, I wonder whether I need honor these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse.

Hey, from time to time, I harbor grave doubts about whether or not Peretz is worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment. But in the end, I suppose pornography provides a low bar for Peretz to barely clear. Meanwhile, here’s Imam Rauf: “Fanaticism and terrorism have no place in Islam. … There are always people who will do peculiar things, and think that they are doing things in the name of their religion. But the Koran is … God says in the Koran that they think that they are doing right, but they are doing wrong.”

So, there you go. I share Matt’s pity for the other contributors to The New Republic.

Peretz: Muslims Are Indifferent to Human Life and Therefore Unworthy of First Amendment Protection [Yglesias]

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