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Etan Thomas: Not New Rules but New Questions

10 September 2010 Huffington Post No Comment Email This Post Email This Post

1. Republicans want George Bush to receive all of the credit for the surge working and that’s fine. But are they also willing to accept the blame for the lies that got us into this war in the first place? Will they take the blame for the 4,400 Americans that have died since this war began, the 35,000 wounded, the 18 suicides each day among returning veterans, the $745 billion cost, the continuing political instability in Iraq, the lack of a functioning government six months after their elections, the ethnic division and conflict that is not going to disappear anytime soon? (I could go on, but I think you get the point.)

2. Why is there such a discrepancy in the reporting of when Palestinians are killed and when Israelis are killed?

3. Islamophobia seems to really be spreading amongst the “Good Christian Americans” — is this something Jesus would support?

4. Since when did PE become absent in a lot of schools and an option in other schools? And they wonder why we have a problem with child obesity.

5. There is an increasing risk that Sudan will be the site of the world’s bloodiest war in 2011, and in addition, a new round of genocide appears to be on the horizon as well. This isn’t America’s fault, but are we using all of our leverage to avert this?

6. I was listening to a debate on CNN with an Islamic fundamentalist and Sanjay Gupta, and it made me want to ask this question. Has anything in the history of existence started more wars then men defending, twisting, contorting or enforcing their religion? There is a line in the movie The Da Vinci Code that says something to the effect: As long as there has been a God, there have be those who will kill in his name.

7. There was a sign at the Glenn Beck rally held by a man by the name of Mike Cash, a 56-year-old Atlanta (coincidentally) businessman that said “Treat Obama like a used tea bag, toss him out now!” Does this sound like a “nonpolitical event” as Beck described?

8. How is it possible that any aspect of Beck’s rally could be compared to Dr. Martin Luther King’s message in his “I Have A Dream Speech”? Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of the Tea Party’s goals is to restore state rights and is somewhat anti-government. So isn’t that a direct contradiction of Dr. King’s message of appealing to federal government to ensure equality for all?

9. Would Dr. King have approved of his niece not only claiming to speak for him but also lending the family name to this type of a movement?

10. Dr. King’s speech entitled, “Why I Oppose The War In Vietnam” has so many parallels to what has been going on in Iraq. It’s really amazing. Why aren’t any of his other speeches ever celebrated? Do people even know he had a lot more speeches than “I Have A Dream”?

11.Isn’t Betty White the funniest, sweetest lady?

12.Chris Brown’s single “Deuces” has made it to the top of the Billboard Charts. So does this mean that everyone has officially forgiven him or does it just mean that everyone simply recognizes his talent?

13. Am I the only one who fails to see the humor or amusement in the smoking Indonesian baby/toddler?

14. Does the offending clergy in the Catholic Church sex abuse scandals make up a microscopic portion of the priesthood? Furthermore, is the Catholic Church concealment enabling the offending clergy to continue to destroy so many young lives?

15. How sad and disgraceful is Leicester Stovell, the man who is seeking unspecified millions in claims that he is LeBron’s biological father? So let me get this straight — he wants a payout for a sperm donation and 24, or however old Lebron is, years of neglect? But in addition, if he is claiming he was 29 and she was 15, didn’t this “lawyer” just admit to statutory rape? And could LeBron’s Moms now sue him for back child support? (My apologies to Lebron for commenting on his personal business, but the article was on CNN and this is just a touchy subject with me.)

16. Can anyone really criticize LeBron’s “The Decision” when he donated the 2.5 million dollars he made from it to the Boys and Girls Club?

17. There have been so many people who have come out against the building of the Muslim Community Center that has a mosque on one of the floors. This is my question or questions. Do the majority of Americans feel that the Bill of Rights only applies in relation to their religion? Or that the document can be ignored whenever it is politically or militarily expedient? Or understand why exactly the founding fathers thought it was wise to include the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press in a single amendment that grants these to everyone as “inalienable rights”?

18. Do people understand that many Muslims also lost their Muslim family members at Ground Zero?

19. There are more than 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Does it make any sense to discriminate against all of them for the actions of 19?

20. Does Immigration really fingerprint and photograph any Arab person entering the country but not fingerprint say an English or French person? Is that fair? Is racial profiling ever acceptable?

21. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said, “Nazis don’t have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust museum in Washington.” Does he and anyone else who agrees with this statement not understand that not all Muslims are with al Qaeda?

22. Isn’t it interesting how some of the same Republicans who are in full support of a barbaric, archaic, sick and disgusting tradition we utilize here in America called the death penalty were up in arms and actually had the audacity to criticize Afghanistan when they recently carried out a barbaric, archaic, sick and disgusting tradition of their own? (Referring to public stoning of the couple who committed adultery.)

23. The Pew Research Center released a new poll that showed that more than 30 percent of Republicans falsely believe President Obama is Muslim. Why is this still an issue?

25. I know Dr. Schlessinger has since apologized, but I have to ask — would people who agree with Dr. Schlessinger’s use of the N-word also feel that it was OK for a German person to use a derogatory term for a Jewish person on air that many times, even if just to make a “philosophical point”?

26. I have no stats to back this up but… Historically, white people who hate Jewish people usually don’t think too highly of black people either. So why were so many people shocked by Mel Gibson’s recent racial explosion? And furthermore, why on earth would Whoopi Goldberg defend him?

27. How funny was the case with Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant? I mean the entire story from start to finish.

28. I know he’s not the first president to be criticized for taking a vacation. Bush was criticized for taking long vacations on his ranch during Iraq War, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt and a host of other presidents also were criticized. But is President Obama not allowed to take a vacation if he wants to? At the time Congress was on its own summer break anyway. Isn’t a little downtime for the president warranted?

29. I just signed with the Atlanta Hawks and can’t wait to play for this team. But I have a question. Stonewall Mountain in Georgia has three figures of the Confederate States carved on there. People who not only were fighting for slavery, but against everything that this United States of America has become today — Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. Now, Stone Mountain was where the second KKK was formed in 1915, according to Wikipedia. In fact, the Klan had perpetual rights to hold celebrations, lynchings, cross burnings, and other sick common practices. Currently there is a weekly laser show and celebration of the Confederacy on those same grounds called, “The Stone Mountain Laser Show Spectacular.” Nobody but me has a problem with this?

30. Did this lady (who happened to be white) really clench her raggedy pocketbook when I walked by her the other day in the airport? I understand I am 6’10”, 260 pounds, and can be frightening to white people, but did she really think that I was going to snatch her purse and run through the airport?

31. This Pastor Terry Jones in Texas who wanted to publicly burn the Qurans on 9/11 has gotten a lot of attention lately. They showed his congregation, and honestly, he has about 25 members in his church, 30 at the most. Does anyone think he may be doing this simply for publicity?

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