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Whoopi and Joy fight with Bill O’Reilly, walk off the set of The View

14 October 2010 General 6 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar got so angry with Bill O’Reilly while discussing the Ground Zero mosque that they both walked off the set. They later returned after Bill apologized.

From The View, Thursday 10/14/10.


  1. […] Whoopi and Joy fight with Bill O’Reilly, walk off the set of The View […]

  2. Bill was just trying to say be considerate of the feelings of the families who are grieving the loved ones lost on 9/11. There was no reason for Joy to childishly put her two fingers behind his head and call him a pinhead. She needs to grow up. She and Whoopi just keep getting louder and ruder when anyone has a different opinion. That is why I quit watching this show long ago.

  3. I want as many ppl to know as possible that that mosque is not really as close as ppl are making it out to be! The mosque that they are building is three blocks away, which for many of us might not be alot, but its new york city!! Most of the time you can’t see a building that’s 1/2 a block from you much less 3! Not to mention that the mosque WAS ALREADY THERE and IT WAS DESTROYED durning 9/11!! (no one seems to have a problem with the porn shop at Ground Zero) All this controversy is just people’s way of having someone to blame for 9/11 and it’s really disrespectful for those affected by 9/11 (including the muslims) for us to be fighting over this when we should be helping their friends & families!! I would also like to add a side note to this extremely long comment by saying that its not just a mosque, its a daycare center and a community center.

  4. Look, we all know that Bill is just a spokesman for the Arabs (think of Bill saying every night “moderate muslums”) and he’s none too bright, I mean, so what if you don’t give a damn about the U.S.Constitution, right?
    But these LOONS on the View are a little too much, even for the far, far, far out left. Have they ever, I mean “EVER”, thought about the Constitution and the freedoms it accords? Of course not, they’re obviously too damn stupid.
    As in “muslims have a right”. Sure thing, just as the Nazi Party in Germany had the right to gas those they deemed not good for the Thousand Year Rieche, comprende? Get it? Islam is a political philosophy and NOT a religion.
    Pay attention, people, or the United States will just be a passing footnote in history. A beacon for Democrazy that failed because of those who didn’t get it until it was too late. “My God, what were they thinking. It was right there in front of them for all to see”.

  5. Methinks Miss Manners, has no manners and is in sad need of some education. To compare muslims to nazis is unconsiable. The people in Germany were at fault for listening to hate mongers like yourself.

  6. Have a look at history…The nazis gradually rose to brutual power much in the same way as the talibanized muslims today are. It is long after you realize that at the end both were really the same.

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