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Michael Moore: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!

22 October 2010 Huffington Post 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

An Open Letter to Juan Williams

Dear Juan,

Sorry to hear you got fired by National Public Radio for saying on Fox that you get nervous when you see Muslims on a plane with you. It was dumb to say such a thing, but I don’t think saying one dumb thing should be a firing offense. (I DO think an NPR journalist wanting to take money from Fox News to be a regular commentator should be a firing offense, but that’s another story).

But there’s more to this — and some important things that everyone is missing.

For instance, what you said about Faisal Shazad, the Pakistani immigrant who wanted to bomb Times Square. When he was being sentenced this month, he claimed, according to you, that his attempted attack was just “the first drop of blood.” We can’t let political correctness blind us to this, you explained.

I guess Shahzad made a big impression on you, because after being fired you went back on Fox and told them, “You can’t ignore the fact what has recently been said in court with regard to ‘this is the first drop of blood in a Muslim war against America.'”

Sadly for you (and this is also why you shouldn’t be working for a real news organization like NPR), Shahzad never said that. If you were a real journalist, you would have quoted him accurately. What he actually said was that he was the “first droplet of the flood,” not blood. But I know how easy it is to mishear things when scary Muslims are talking. And I guess it’s not a huge difference anyway.

What really matters is that you’re 100% right: We shouldn’t let political correctness stop us from paying close attention to what people like Shahzad say. The problem is you just haven’t taken it far enough.

So Juan, I’m asking you to join me on a crusade — whoops! scratch that, let’s call it a “mission” — to publicize these statements by Faisal Shahzad as widely as possible. Because most of the media have not spent much time on what he had to say.

Here’s what he said at his recent sentencing (after talking about being a droplet in a flood):

“[Saladin] liberated Muslim lands … And that’s what we Muslims are trying do, because you’re occupying Iraq and Afghanistan…So, the past nine years the war with Muslims has achieved nothing for the U.S., except for it has waken up the Muslims for Islam. We are only Muslims trying to defend our people, honor, and land. But if you call us terrorists for doing that, then we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing until you leave our land and people at peace.”

And this is what Shahzad said when he pled guilty back in June:

“I want to plead guilty, and I’m going to plead guilty 100 times over, because until the hour the U.S. pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and stops the drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen and in Pakistan, and stops the occupation of Muslim lands, and stops killing the Muslims, and stops reporting the Muslims to its government, we will be attacking U.S., and I plead guilty to that.”

Then there’s email that Shahzad sent to a friend in 2006:

“Everyone knows the current situation of Muslim World… Friends with peaceful protest! Can you tell me a way to save the oppressed? And a way to fight back when rockets are fired at us and Muslim blood flows? In Palestine, Afghan, Iraq, Chechnya and else where.”

And then there’s what Shahzad was telling friends and relatives even before that:

Mr. Shahzad had long been critical of American foreign policy. “He was always very upset about the fabrication of the W.M.D. stunt to attack Iraq and killing non-combatants such as the sons and grandson of Saddam Hussein,” said a close relative. In 2003, Mr. Shahzad had been copied on a Google Groups e-mail message bearing photographs of Guantánamo Bay detainees, handcuffed and crouching, below the words “Shame on you, Bush. Shame on You.”

So what do you say, Juan? Now that you have a new $2 million contract with Fox, let me come on with you for some in-depth discussions about the terrorists’ real motivations. We can’t let another day go by letting the PC brigade stop us from telling the truth: Terrorists aren’t trying to kill us because they hate our freedom. They’re killing us because we’re in their countries killing them.


Michael Moore

P.S. If you want to understand suicide bombings, be sure to read the new book that studied every instance of it for the past 30 years. It’s been used by many groups of many religions, not just Arabs and not just Muslims. And almost all such terrorism has one motivation in common: occupation by foreign militaries.

P.P.S. Here’s something else that I’d sincerely love to talk about with you: what do you think when you see rich middle-aged white men talking on TV about how they get nervous around African Americans on the street? And then they explain that we can’t let political correctness stop us from talking about black-on-white crime?
Does it drive you crazy that they say this without even being conscious of the history of far greater violence by white people toward blacks? And do you maybe understand now how those middle-aged white guys get it so wrong?

UPDATE: Juan, you probably remember in 1986 when the Washington Post Magazine ran a Richard Cohen column defending jewelry store owners who wouldn’t buzz in young black men. It caused such a big controversy that the New Republic ran a bunch of responses to it, including one by you. You might find it interesting to go back and read what you wrote then — for instance, “Racism is a lazy man’s substitute for using good judgment … Common sense becomes racism when skin color becomes a formula for figuring out who is a danger to me.”
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  1. Michael,

    I usually agree with you, but you are making a mistake here. Who cares what Shazad thinks or says? He’s a CIA dupe and patsy, saying whatever the CIA has brainwashed him into saying. These statements totally serve the CIA’s agenda of a “clash of civilizations” and endless, global “war on terror”.

  2. One mistake I caught, Michael: it was not ‘one dumb thing’. It was that last in a string of occurrences in which Williams said something that violated the standards that he signed. How people keep missing that, I don’t know.

  3. Have you every read something from a new friend, and gone “THAT”S THE PROBLEM”!! LOL A new Muslim friend messaged me last week with info on how the “NEW MUSLIM” was not as fanatic. (I cannot find the post!).
    He made many good points BUT then came the OMG moment when he casually said:

    This is like “you don’t beat your wife any more, do you?”.

    So, to all of my Muslim friends…Don’t be surprised when people are fearful when there input is purely what they read and you publish thing like this! Of course people would be a little frightened and want to hide their daughters!

  4. Islamists declared war against the US in 1980. If you listen to what insignificant twerps like Shahzad say, you miss the reality. Listen to what the leaders are saying.

    They hate democracy. They hate free speech. They insist that criticizing Islam be a criminal offense while criticizing other belief systems be allowed.

    In Holland, a politician is being prosecuted for hate speech in criminal court. The prosecutor said that it doesn’t matter that what he is saying is true. It’s still illegal as long as it is negative about Islam.

    Muslims have proven that they are willing to murder people who publicly disparage Islam simply because they disparage Islam. We don’t see that behavior in other religious groups.

    When the Mohamed cartoons came out, several news organs and many academic newsletter explained that they were not going to publish the letters. The reason given was not that it would be nasty or in bad taste. The reason given was always that they were afraid of violent responses from Muslims.

    In the US, death threats for publishing cartoons of Mohamed are ignored while Congress funds “art” showing Jesus in urine. If someone can explain how this is just, please do so.

  5. Excellent response, Michael. Let’s hope Juan Williams has the courage to send his own response to yours.

  6. It’s true that Muslim beliefs are not ours..they subjugate their wives and children openly, unlike civilized countries where it happens all the time just not as public beating, they take no prisoners in response to religious confrontations unlike Christian countries, unless you count Ireland, the Crusades, The Mormon routing to the west…wait a minute, maybe we have more in common than I realized. I better think this over.

  7. Ignorance is not bliss Americans! We have free speech which means you can feel free to publicly demonstrate your that you don’t know what you’re talking about, but why do you want to?

    @Cecilia, pretty much anyone who knows anything about Islam, would understand the comment you misunderstood. Islam from the beginning outlawed a practice that was common in the region where it began. The prohibition to killing female infants at birth has been part of Islam from its beginnings in the 7th Century as was the concept of equality of women, while the west continued to view women as property who had no rights for many centuries.

    @Yaakov, NO! There are people who are/or think of themselves as Muslim who are dictators in reality or at heart (and this is true of dictator types in general) who hate the idea of freedom and democracy, because they want to have control over others. That is not a Muslim idea. It is not part of Islam. It is part of the view of people who want to control others.

    Muslims don’t like it when their faith is mocked any more than Christians or Jewish people (or those of any other faith or system of beliefs) like it when their faith is mocked. Sometimes extremists of any faith overreact to the taunting of mockers, but most people of all faiths just shake our heads and wish that people were better than that. I know you don’t want to believe that most Muslims do not riot when their faith is mocked but unless you are regularly seeing 1.6 billion people rioting in the streets around the world pretty much every day these days, then what I am saying is irrefutably true. Most of them just shake their heads at the nasty ignorance, when they notice it.

    And as it is clear from your last comment their are extremists in every religion who want to rage and fight when they hear about nasty mockery of their faith.

    @Michael, thank you for your thoughtful response, but I doubt that even his own words echoed back to him will crack the martyr defenses his ride to FOX sainthood are building for him. The good thing is that he is off NPR and at home where he belongs. p.s., when will people get that when they begin a sentence with (variations of) ‘I am not a bigot’ what follows is always bigotry (racism, sexism, etc.) It must be the subconscious mind trying to stop them?

  8. People! Please don’t believe what the media says that potrays Muslims as terrorists, especially Robert Spencer and his cronies. I want you all go to local libraries or check the internet and learn the history of Islam and also read Quran (I’m not encouraging you all to be converted, all I want you all to understand the concept of Islam). You guys have no idea how Muslims contribute to western civilisation. They invented algebra, astronomy, torpedos, windmill, camera, etc. Please educate yourselves and don’t you ever take it for granted.

  9. Ah, Michael Moore, I don’t want US forces in the Middle East any more than you do. Please face facts: Islamic extremists can use whatever excuse they want to perpetrate attacks on innocents worldwide, but it doesn’t negate the exhortation they feel to conquer non-Muslims in their jihad.

  10. @Beth,
    Read a history book which goes beyond 1980, idiot. Western extremists terrorists have been waging war on the planet for 500+ plus years. Whats your excuse?

  11. But it isn’t just a few. Every day we hear about Muslims who do not want to become part of a nation, but instead are fighting to subjugate or break away parts of a country; a piece of Thailand, a piece of the Philippines, a piece of China… Maybe that’s why people say it’s a religion of “Piece” (peace?). It’s no wonder why Muslims are viewed with suspicion. No need for non-Muslims to mean-mouth Islam, sufficient are the internal influences. As far as the West being in the Middle East, Remember Sept. 2001.

  12. I forgot to mention “and a piece of India”. (Actually two pieces of India: Pakistan and Bangladesh).

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