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Islam ‘advocates beheadings, forced conversions and paedophilia’, Murfreesboro Islamic Center opponent tells court

Day five of a hearing into whether to stop construction of an approved Islamic Center of Murfreesboro mosque continued with the opponents’ attorney trying to paint the project as a doorway to Islamic domination and tyrannical Shariah law in the United States. Attorney Joe Brandon Jr. called several witnesses on Thursday who tried to connect the Islamic Center to terrorism and plots to overthrow democracy.

Murfreesboro resident Jeanetta Alford was characteristic of Brandon’s approach in explaining her opposition to the mosque. She said she believes that the teaching of Islam violates the United States Constitution because it advocates beheadings, forced conversions and pedophilia. When asked if she would like to be rid of mosques in America, she responded, “That would be wonderful, probably.”

Rutherford County’s attorneys countered that there’s zero proof that the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has broken any law. “Has the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro beheaded anyone?” asked County Attorney James Cope. “No, they have not,” Alford replied. Later, she said that the center wasn’t fully practicing Shariah law “because they can’t do it yet.”

The Tennessean, 22 October 2010

See also the Daily New Journal, which reports another witness, one Lisa Moore, as saying that “the religion part of Islam is only about 30 percent and ‘the rest of it is about killing non-believers’.”

WSMV Nashville reports the following exchange between Brandon and Randy Groce, an investigator with the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department:

“Is Islam a religion?” Brandon said.

“In my opinion, yes,” said Groce. “They have a belief in a deity, an afterlife.”

“You say an afterlife. Is this the same afterlife that, like, when you yell, ‘Allah akbar,’ and blow up several people, and you get several virgins – is that the afterlife you’re talking about?” said Brandon.

Original post: Islam ‘advocates beheadings, forced conversions and paedophilia’, Murfreesboro Islamic Center opponent tells court


  1. An Open Letter to Attorney Joe Brandon:

    (from Eric Allen Bell)

    Hey Joe –

    Since you seem to be a rock star in the legal world of Rutherford County these days, I was wondering if you’d be willing to be a gun-for-hire in a lawsuit a few of us were thinking about filing. We were talking about it and you would be absolutely perfect, I mean I just know you will be able to expose these people for who they are and get our message out for all the news cameras to see. And in addition to paying for all of your legal fees I’d even be willing to buy you a brand new stripped suit with a matching bow tie and a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

    So here is the idea: We would like to sue the Republican Party of Rutherford County. This of course would be a stepping stone, just like your anti-mosque suit, to getting this thing all the way up to the Supreme Court. We want your help in suing the Republican Party of Rutherford County on the basis that they are not really a political party but more of a religion. After all, a great deal of their literature does point to a religious orientation. We would then take aim at their inappropriate activities, as a religion, in trying to influence elections. Because, and I’m sure you will agree, the law makes it pretty clear that anything theologically-driven should not be trying to meddle with politics.

    I know at first this might seem like a crazy idea to you, maybe a little impulsive, risky perhaps. In fact, the basis for it is not even entirely true. But today when you are laying down under those heat lamps at the tanning salon, I want you to really think about this and take it in. We are talking about going up against the biggest hate group in America! (Not really, but you could totally make it look that way, right?)

    Have you ever noticed that all of their leaders believe the same theology (more or less)? Look this “Sharia Law” scare is going to die out. It doesn’t have legs. Eventually people are going to find out the truth. The idea that all or most Muslims think they have a religious duty to kill all non-believers for instance or, like you said, that they all believe in having sex with children… I mean, come on? People have gotten a little dumbed-down in this country, but they aren’t that stupid. This “Islam is not a religion” thing you’re doing has a shelf life before people figure it out for the hoax it is. And then what? Market it all you want but Islamophobia will never become the next Red Scare.

    However, going up against the Republican Party? Their violent Jihad against the innocent people of Iraq has killed over a million civilians under the great warlord George W. Bush. That same radical cleric, during the 8 years that he, his disciples and his religious leader Sheikh Karl Rove occupied the Oval Office – they started off government meetings with a prayer to their deity! The Religious Right makes or breaks Presidents and they hide behind the safety of the Republican Party. It’s all there. Right?

    And what about their Supreme Leader from the 1980’s, Sheikh Ronald Reagan? He actually said that his deity talked to him and gave him instructions on how to run the country. Maybe that is where he got the idea to empty out all of the mental hospitals and allow schizophrenics to die cold and hungry on the streets. And this so-called political party has made a saint out of him.

    They use a theology to come up with many of the laws they want to pass concerning marriage equality, stem cell research, foreign policy in the Middle East and the list goes on and they do it under the banner of the Republican Party. Maybe you could call for their more radical and often white supremacist faction, “The Tea Party” to be investigated. I mean if anyone is harboring radicals it’s them. And just like you are doing with the Muslims, we don’t even have to involve law enforcement. You can find “concerned citizens” (that was a brilliant move by the way) to do their own investigations using Google.

    These are the same people who tried to stop the civil rights movement back in the day. If you recall, many of the segregationists made it clear that they believed that their “God” did not intend for the races to mix and the Republican Party totally backed them and fought civil rights legislation like… well like it was a holy war.

    I could dig up more examples, but that’s kinda your job. I mean, this is a little half-baked so you’re going to have to use a little smoke and mirrors, but you totally rock at that. The thing is, don’t bring any actual Republicans in to testify because that would kill this thing. Just like you had the good sense not to bring in any real Muslims to testify on this current lawsuit, bringing in real Republicans might expose the reality that in fact they do not all think the same way and they are not all bad. So stay clear of that.

    Go after the big stuff. Look at the past few decades, figure out the body count, the loss of jobs, the foreclosures, the Wall Street crimes, the loss of worker rights, and the shift of wealth upward and I’m sure you’ll come up with a compelling argument. You could even find opinions in blogs and have an expert witness web guy present them as facts.

    I know, it’s a kind of baseless argument actually, but if anyone can put a spin on that – you can. And just like that last press conference you did, using a glass encased Holy Bible out on government property as your podium, you can do that again but this time it will really help to sell our point. Just go back, rewrite that same speech crossing out the word “DOJ” and substitute it with “GOP” and we would have some killer sound bytes for the evening news.

    You say your fees were paid to you through Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s group, “Proclaiming Justice to the Nations”. Clearly Laurie used Howard and Sally Wall for their political connections and ties to the community so they she could hustle little church ladies like Millie into paying your fees. I can do that. Hell, I could hire Laurie to do that. If you will take on this lawsuit, I will come up with your fee. No joke. This is for real.

    Get back to me.

    Eric Allen Bell

  2. This is sad. My fellow Americans should be smarter than to fall for these ridiculous stereotypes. I converted to Islam a little over thirty years ago and it’s only been recently that I have seen this much ignorance about and hatred toward my religion. We must not let ourselves be manipulated by those who thrive off of bigotry. For the record, I am a Muslim woman who has a Ph.D. and not only do I drive but my husband bought a car for me. (Unfortunately, I can’t drive my car these days because a drunk driver smashed into it. He was, obviously, not a Muslim, but he’s the only man who has prevented me from driving.)

  3. Great idea, but I think you should file suit against both parties! They both are in on the same crimes!

  4. When I hear these stereotypes I have a seriously hard time keeping myself from bursting into laughter. They are so ridiculous and obviously wrong that only an intellectually-deficient person would believe them. It’s like saying that all Asians are bad drivers or all Indians own convenience stores. Unfortunately, that appears to be more than half of the country. May Allah guide us all, ameen.

  5. We live at a time of great confusion, ignorance and prejudice among some people who claim they are ‘Jesus’ lovers here in the so-called bible belt.

    It’s unbelievable of so much slander and falsehood being directed to the Islamic faith. The real underlying root is racism pure and clear. I ask how many African-Americans,Asians,and Hispanics are opposed to Islam or are protesting against Muslims? None. It’s always Caucasians [white’s] who have problems dealing with people who dont look the same, speak the same, drink the same,or pray different than they do.Im not saying all whites but there is a mentality among many who feel superior.

    I ask how many so-called white Christians have ever read the Holy Qur’an and the life traditions of the prophet Muhammad [pbuh].The things being said about Muslims are not found in the Qur’an. The Islamic law is a divine mandate that deals with guidance,morals,ethics,warnings,of mans relationship with God as well with each other.It is much the same as the Mosiac law or the law of Moses. All prophets of God were law givers or they followed the divine law as it was establised.

    While Muslims have been targeted by racists i ask how many Christians have blood and hate in their hearts? Is this Jesus way.How many Christians cheat on their wife’s [or husband’s] how many do drugs, commit murder ,incest, homosexuality and so on.How many were for slavery and opposed civil right’s but supported civil war. There are many hate groups operating in America. Hate groups are the same as terorrist groups. The Oklahoma city federal building was bombed and how many white church groups complained? None.Why? The kkk has been the biggest terrorist group in American history yet they all profested church,Jesus, and Christian values while lynching a black man on a rope while holding a bible.

    How dare those who speak so evil about Islam while they themselves serve not the binding of brotherhood but the ways of satan through lies, falsehood and slander against Muslims who are God fearing people. Sure there are a small element of some so called Muslims who have strayed away from the Quran just like millions of Christians who have strayed away from the bible and Jesus teachings.

  6. Well, I am ashamed to admit it’s my first time visiting and posting here. Not new to expanding my boundaries and speaking out on injustices. I’m a caucasian woman now surviving in the warped world of Florida, and I feel it’s my duty as much as everyone else next to me to reject these ugly notions and sterotypes. I don’t care what the inequality – whether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, etc – fight for one and fight for all, no one group has the automatic right to entitlement and judgement over others. The more I listen to these people talk over the range of their topics, I almost hope they talk more (but I want to put it on mute), they make their points and they show the TOTAL lack of awareness and intelligence. For me at the end of the day, the only good that comes out of these stories is that I find websites and organizations like this where I can be with sane people and learn from you all, and hopefully figure out what I can actually do in the real world to somehow put a dent in the madness.

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