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Profiting Off Islamophobia: Pamela Geller Pitches Book On ‘How-To Guide To Fight Creeping Sharia’

27 October 2010 General No Comment Email This Post Email This Post

Our guest blogger is Elon Green, a freelance writer living in Brooklyn.

Last October, right-wing hate blogger Pamela Geller signed a six-figure book deal with Threshold, Simon & Schuster’s conservative imprint headed by Mary Matalin. Geller, not known for scholastic writing or research, has gained recognition by scoring interviews with John Bolton, pontificating in a bikini, and bashing Muslims. The news that Threshold agreed to publish The Post-American Presidency was ignored, even by her conservative fellow travelers.

In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Geller’s agent predicted his client would justify the advance because “the book will appeal far beyond Threshold’s conservative base.” It hasn’t. The Post-American Presidency has sold approximately 5,000 copies, according to Nielsen — enough to warrant a second printing, but hardly an indication of crossover appeal. Simon & Schuster may have underestimated the demand for a book that refers to the President as ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ 52 times (even if it’s autographed) for the bargain price of $27.

ThinkProgress has now obtained the proposal for Geller’s next book, which has been submitted to a variety of other publishing houses. A review of the proposal for Stop Islamization of America: A Practical Guide for the Resistance suggests that the project is a step too far for Threshold. (A Simon & Schuster rep declined to comment.)

According to the proposal, Stop Islamization of America — to be ghostwritten by frequent collaborator Robert Spencer, apparently — will be:

[A] how-to guide to fight the creeping sharia in our schools, towns, culture, government, and economy. It will elucidate the stealth infiltration of Islamic supremacism into every aspect of American life and show Americans how to fight back.

Read the full proposal here.

The work “lays bare the chilling details of the Muslim Brotherhood’ s strategy of steady subversion and erosion of our freedoms,” the ‘evidence’ for which includes construction of “mega-mosques all over the U.S.,” “expansion of ‘hate crime’ and ‘hate speech’ laws” and “Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the Defense Department, State Department, and other government agencies.” The proposal reveals a few of the section headings and their corresponding chapter titles:

Stealth Jihadist Members of Congress (Chapter Two, “Infiltration”)

Telling the truth = hate speech (Chapter Four, “Silencing the jihad’s foes”)

Why CAIR and other Brotherhood groups need hate crimes (Chapter Five, “Hate crimes as weapons”)

Fashionista jihad (“Chapter Seven: Cultural jihad”)

Even children run the risk of subversion by the Brotherhood, via the “introduction of Islamic observances into public schools under the guise of pedagogical ‘role-playing.’” This may explain the need for “guidelines that are far from politically correct, but are our only option for survival as a free people.” Indeed, Stop Islamization of America will be “a much-needed wake-up call about a sinister, subversive agenda that could do nothing less than destroy the United States.”

This time around, the target audience is relatively narrow. Geller predicts Stop Islamization of America will find favor with “readers of The New York Post, the Washington Times, National Review, the American Spectator, The Weekly Standard, Human Events, American Thinker, Big Government, Newsmax, and publications in that general ideological range.” (It should be noted: this “range” is not vast — roughly from the far right to the far-far right.) Geller promises blurbs from conservative luminaries including John Bolton, James Woolsey, Andrew McCarthy and Geert Wilders.

Despite the limited audience, the optimistic Geller believes that Stop Islamization of America will be successful enough to warrant another book:

Based on the success of Stop Islamization of America, Pamela Geller is planning a book on the recent and ongoing proliferation of honor killings among immigrants to the West from Muslim countries, tentatively entitled Sex, Murder, and Islam: Honor Killing in America.

Contacted by ThinkProgress, Geller declined to comment. Her agent, Scott Mendel, could not be reached.

Original post:  Profiting Off Islamophobia: Pamela Geller Pitches Book On ‘How-To Guide To Fight Creeping Sharia’

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