Monday, March 27, 2017   

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Jewish terrorist sympathizers to meet at Ground Zero; What if they were Muslim

On Sunday November 7th at 3:30 pm, followers and supporters of Rabbi Meir Kahane from Canada and America will gather at Ground Zero ostensibly to rally against “political Islam.” Why is this important news for many Americans who consider Ground Zero a sacred site? Because Rabbi Kahane is the founder of the villainous Kach Israeli political party, a group on the U.S. State Department’s official list of terrorist organizations.

A little background on Mr. Kahane: he was a hardline ordained Jewish Rabbi who advocated the removal of Arabs from Palestine in order to create a homogeneous “Greater Israel” modeled upon Jewish religious law. His slogan is “every Jew a .22.”

Widely denounced by other Jews as a racist, he gained worldwide infamy when one of his followers, the notorious Baruch Goldstein, perpetrated the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, wherein Mr. Goldstein brutally gunned down dozens of Palestinian Muslim worshippers who were praying inside the Abraham Mosque. Another one of Mr. Kahane’s followers is on trial in Michigan for shooting an Arab man in an act of “road rage.”

And British activists in the Kahane-inspired Jewish Defense League have cozied up, ironically enough, with the thuggish English Defense League despite their attachment to the violent neo-nazi outfit Combat 18. In short, Mr. Kahane is something of a folk-hero for extremists bent on Jewish domination of the Holy Land at the expense of indigenous Arabs and Muslims, including Arab Christians. In a few weeks, Mr. Kahane’s followers are bringing their message of hate and racial supremacy to Ground Zero.

I repeat: supporters of an officially designated terrorist organization that advocates an unforgiving expansionist religious-political ideology are meeting to honor their racist terrorist leader on the site of the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.

Stereotyping Jews or any group because of the actions of an extremist fringe is deeply wrong. But this situation begs the question: what if they were Muslim?

Imagine, if you can, the thunderous firestorm that would be unleashed if supporters of Al-Qaeda gathered at Ground Zero to honor Osama Bin Laden. The scene would be too ghastly for words, with 24 hour cable news coverage, politicians on both sides of the aisle lining up to score points for condemnation, and Muslim-bashing bloggers having a field day. All of Islam and all Muslims would bear collective guilt for their actions. Muslim leaders across the country would denounce terrorism only to be told that they have not denounced terrorism enough or that they are secret stealth jihadists. It would be said, “Where are the moderate Muslims? Why do they not condemn terrorism?” And Steve Emerson’s fear-mongering-for-profit operation would continue to rake in millions. You get the picture.

But as for Mr. Kahane’s followers, we aren’t going to hear a peep out of Newt, Palin, Spencer, or Geller. We will not hear Bill O’Reilly speaking down to Jews on his show about their “Jewish problem.” And we will not hear the same chorus of outrage about the holiness of Ground Zero or the sensitivities of 9/11 victims’ families.

Why? Because these particular terrorists are not Muslims. It is as simple as that.

Original post: Jewish terrorist sympathizers to meet at Ground Zero



  1. As wrong as this whole thing is…that assumption I would say is pretty damn accurate!

  2. Thanks!

  3. I read a bit about Mr. Kahane, he was a Rabbi. I think the author confused something. Its probably some religious meeting that will take place. Also its new to me but I never heard of Jewish terrorists? I never saw on tv even once. I think there is somekind of confusion. I know few Jews at my school, but they are very peaceful. This article makes no sense? Besides any terrorist organization would be shut down by government authorities.

  4. I have read about Kahane. I don’t agree with him. I think that his message was wrong.

    But what I don’t understand, is how is Rabbi Meir Kahane different than mainstream Palestinian leaders that one for one, call for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Muslim areas? Kahane didn’t want Arabs in Israel and most Palestinian leaders want to round up and expel the Jews living in the Palestinian areas. One difference is while Kahane is a fringe figure, most mainstream Muslim organizations believe in the extermination and expulsion of Jews.

    While we are on that subject, while you are, understandably upset about Kahane’s racism against Palestinians, why are you not at the same time angry about the racism that the Kuwaitis showed towards the Palestinians in 1991 when they expelled hundreds of thousands of them and tortured thousands more. Or the crimes against the Palestinians by Syria supported militias during the Lebanon war.

    For the record, I’m not Jewish, let’s not let this get into a discussion about Israel, just answer the questions please.

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