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Theresa McCune: You Can’t Handle The Truth

2 November 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

People are always coming up to me and asking questions about Islam, which is fine.  I enjoy meeting new people and am always open to conversation.  I have even made some good friends this way.  However, if you aren’t prepared to hear the answers, then please hold your questions until after you’ve read at least some of the Quran and/or Hadith in your language.

The Hadith is a collection of eye witness accounts to events occurring at the time of the prophet (pbuh).  Both can be found in any book store across America, and are often given away at Mosques.  They’re just as accessible as any other book so you should have no problem getting one.  We are not hiding them and they are not forbidden for you to touch.

I’ve had people ask me questions simply to provide an opportunity to argue with me and prove me wrong, going so far as to change the angle or entire point of their argument when they find themselves losing ground.  If I give an answer that contradicts their incorrect perceptions of Islam, either they assume I’m lying, trying to hide something, or are somehow inexplicably less informed about my own religion.

If you are unwilling to accept the answers I give or “you can’t handle the truth” (I’ve always wanted to say that), then don’t ask the questions.  I’ve actually been “corrected” on issues by people who said they “read it in a book once,” written by a non-Muslim of course.

Some people are just determined to hate whatever the cost and for any reason they can muster. They will go to great lengths to conjure a reason for their hatred if I am unable to supply them with one.  I must admit though, they do come up with some really creative ways to twist the truth and manipulate the meaning of words.  Perhaps they could find lucrative employment in the marketing or public relations industries…or the news media.

The twisting and manipulating has become so out of control that even the people who have been doing it, are seeing it come back on them.  A politician denouncing her status as a witch, and expressing that she is “nothing you’ve heard” and that she is one of us. Another politician has his words blatantly taken out of context and repeated alongside references to a terrorist organization.

We can see that even those who believed themselves insulated from such media manipulation are just as vulnerable as the rest of us.  Perhaps they now understand how it feels to be a victim of hate propaganda.  Perhaps they will have learned a lesson about projecting that type of propaganda on others  just to gain ground in a political campaign. Then again they probably won’t.

The biggest threat to America is the lack of truth in the media. In a nation that is “by the people,” the only way to gain power is to gain control over people’s perceptions.  People who perceive themselves free won’t resist their manipulation.

If you honestly seek the truth about Islam and Muslims, just pick up and read the books written by Muslims, not the ones written about Muslims.  Get your information from the horse’s mouth, not the other end.  If I want to know Christianity, I read the Bible.  If I want to know Judaism, I read the Torah/Old Testament.

It’s the responsibility of every American to get the truth on issues from their sources, not from biased, twisted, manipulated media outlets that sell news as entertainment rather than information.  After all, it’s the “shock and awe” that sells and lately they’ve been raking it in.

After the 9/11 attacks, the phrase “Never Forget” popped up everywhere, and continues to be associated with that day.  However, I recall another time when that phrase was used; following WWII, when millions of Jews, were slaughtered as a result of the hate speech spewed by manipulative politicians and media. This was at a time when the German people were suffering economic hardship and political mayhem, creating an “us vs. them” mentality.  Sound familiar?  That hate speech spread like wildfire to engulf the world, causing many deaths of Muslims, Catholics, and really anyone who wasn’t part of the “us” group, and eventually…divided they fell.

We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated like puppets by the hate speech of today’s politicians and media propaganda, or we will have failed to “Never Forget.”

So, after you’ve educated yourself a bit, and are willing to accept the answers I give about my own beliefs, come “set a spell,” talk with me, and ask me anything you like.  We’ll have a hot cup, and a thick slice, and perhaps become friends.  I’ll be waiting, and I’ll even “leave the light on for you.”

Original post: Theresa McCune: You Can’t Handle The Truth



  1. I completely agree that most people just want to give their opinion of the matter, which is most of the time anti-Muslim and, mainly, playing the blame game or merely pointing the finger. The only good sign is that, at least, Islam is being contemplated and used as a weapon in order to put the blame on Muslim’s shoulders rather than their own. During the prophet (pbuh) time, his enemies became his closest friends: Abu Bakr(pbuh) and Umar(pbuh). Before Islam thrived, it was defamed and ignorantly discriminated against. So, at least people have an opinion and Islam is on the tongues and, soon, will be in the hearts of people.

  2. And, I love the “A few good men” reference. Very nice!

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