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Peter King Falsely Claims American Muslim Communities ‘Do Not Cooperate’ To Combat Terrorism

3 November 2010 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

From Think Progress. (hat tip: Just A Fan)

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has been on an Islamophobic tear lately. O’Reilly initially took heat for saying that “Muslims attacked us on 9/11″ and he has since defended that claim, saying that “there is a Muslim problem in the world.” After receiving criticism for that statement, O’Reilly defended himself again, claiming that there is a “Muslim problem” because “good” Muslims don’t combat extremism — a point radio host Don Imus told O’Reilly was not “accurate.”
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) seems to have picked up on O’Reilly’s spurious reasoning, telling Imus yesterday that leaders in the Muslim community “do not cooperate”:

KING: It’s not just people who are involved with the terrorists and extremists,it is people who are in mainstream Islam, leaders of mosques, leaders of Muslim organizations who do not come forward and denounce, officially denounce, officially cooperate with the police against those extremists and terrorists. So, it goes beyond the terrorists and the extremists and also includes those in what others call mainstream Muslim leadership.
Watch it:

Original post: Peter King Falsely Claims American Muslim Communities ‘Do Not Cooperate’ To Combat Terrorism


  1. Was not there anyone to walk this man through the history of terrorism in Islamic world, especially the Al-Qaeda and Taliban setups. Both were the creation of the US strategists. Usama was morally equated to the US founding father, George Washington, not by Muslims or Muslim leaders, but by the US president Reagan himself. He has been the master mind for CIA to encounter the Russians there. Taliban, this particular mindset was created by a particular madrasa curriculum developed at University of Nabraska funded by USAID. It was Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski the US National Security Advisor for President Reagan who made the first extremist speech to the tribal people of Pakistan and Afghanistan and urge them to wage the holy war against the infidels, the Russians. He was the one who very proudly announced God is at your side, your cause is right and God will help you win.
    So what can the Muslims do for this crack-pot?

  2. much to the dismay of the people of the website I am sorry to say but bill o relily is right to a certain extent. When has any muslim organaization come out publicly and stated anything wrong against the terrorists?? they just tell each other or other americans what the terrorists did was wrong. If they really want to say that islam is a peaceful religion then why not disnounce the terrorists? Also, the koran does state that it is okay to hit a female if she is mishaving or whatever. If it is supposed to be a peaceful religion then why does it say its okay to hit a female? Is that not violence? And for those of who say that is who part of the culture of that area back in the old days, then why was it incorporated into the Koran. I just wanted to point it out. I also feel like alot of americans are going out of there way to help muslims. Where were these americans when the other enthnicities in america were being harassed like hindus or japanese. The native american pollulation is dying out, how come no one is speaking out for them or trying to help them?
    There is a certain “muslim problem” in the world because it is not only white people who fear muslims. If the rest of the world fears them, then there is a problem. Many different ethncities who have lived with muslims do have some hatred against them. I am not white or muslim and these are my views.

  3. ok…..i dont mean to offend you or anything but im talking about people’s opinions in the present and people are generally stubborn and will not listen to reason if they have seen something happen right before their eyes. I do not think at this point people care what the history behind it is. People are foucsed on the present and whats happening in hte present. I mean i htink that if hte terrorists didnt say they died for islam, then people would not have much of a phobia but since they did people are in fear. I just dont see why the muslim community doesnt stand together and publicly announce that the terrorists are wrong. If they did, i think people who be less opt to hate them or does the muslim community also fear the terrorists?

  4. Iran, Our number one ENEMY, condemned the 9/11 attacks.

    If you have not heard Islam condemn terrorism, you haven’t been paying attention.

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