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Jeanne Ruby: Retired English Teacher Fined for Attack on Niqabi

6 November 2010 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

France has chose over the past year or so to focus extensively on the face-veil and Islam related issues under the cover of integrating the “Muslim immigrant” population.

However such moves have led to an increasing stigmatization of the the Muslim minority and invariably to a wider chasm in society in which bigotry is openly professed and accepted. One such case is the attack on a tourist from the Emirates who was wearing a Niqab in a clothing store by a French retiree named Jeanne Ruby.

AlJazeera Report:

She was eventually given a suspended sentence and charged 1,000 Euros. Essentially a slap on the hand.

From Molly Norris, who we support and is one the Anti-Loons of the year:

Original post: Jeanne Ruby: Retired English Teacher Fined for Attack on Niqabi


  1. I am not a Muslim so I cannot comment on the religious view, other than to say that if the Niqab is a part of their religion and is a choice, it should be acceptable. As an unattractive person, I could see how someone could take refuge and comfort in the veil when in public. I often wish I could cover my face.

  2. Whats Jeanne Ruby scared off I wonder, what is she fearing. She is a total b**** for doing what she did – what if someone ripped her top off or her skirt even??

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