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Ann Coulter: “Terrorists look alike…all foreign…all Muslim”

18 November 2010 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter advocates profiling Mooslim looking people

Hmmmm…are terrorists all foreign looking?

Original post: Ann Coulter: “Terrorists look alike…all foreign…all Muslim”


  1. This is one of the most stupid comments ive heard in along time, its not only not true but but its like saying all people look alike . I hate stupid people and dont know where they come up with this stuff. All Terrorists dont look alike.Im done this is just over my head and have no tollerance for such crap like them.

  2. she’s an idiot.

  3. ridiculous………did timothy mcveigh look foreign and was he a muslim???? did david koresh look foreign and was he a muslim????? My son is a muslim and by the love of God/Allah, he isnt a terrorist, nor are any of my Islamic friends, they are some of the kindest most sincere and wonderful people that I have ever met!!!!! Then we have the biggest terrorist of all, ADOLPH HITTLER………WAS HE A MUSLIM?????
    I am so sick of this profiling of the Islamic people, my son gets searched and profiled everytime he gets on a plane. I understand that we as american people went through a really horrible time with the whole tradgedy of 9/11 but for the love of God, (I am a christian) lets let it go and start over again, and stop blaming a whole religion for the fanatisism of a few.

  4. Yes because Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not white or Chritian Right??!!!!!!WTH!?

  5. The unfortunate thing is people actually listen to these insane people. Not only unfortuante but down right scary.


    Read the whole column before you start whining. She’s sarcastic and extreme, but she actually makes a valid point. How much more indignity are Americans willing to put up with in the name of political correctness? When the next would-be bomber (and there WILL be a next one) tries yet another tactic to try to kill more people, what little piece of our freedom are we going to have to give up then?

    Her point about the man who tried to murder Prince Mohammed bin Nayef with a bomb up his butt — can anyone argue with that? When (not if) some terrorist manages to sneak a bomb on board inside his (or her) own body, are we start requiring passengers to submit to an MRI before boarding a plane?

    She says: “If the government did nothing more than have a five-minute conversation with the one passenger per flight born outside the U.S., you’d need 90 percent fewer Transportation Security Administration agents and airlines would be far safer than they are now.” I bet most Americans would agree. That doesn’t make most Americans islamophobes.

    People always drag out Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, but I don’t believe either of them tried to blow up an airplane.

    Talk to the folks over at El Al. Profiling works. Deal with it.

  7. Oh, and by the way, you can file Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols under the category “exceptio probat regulam in casibus non exceptis.” Look it up.

  8. Ann Coulter is afraid. She is not afraid of flying. She is afraid that her brand of far right commentary is getting competition from a growing number of celebrity commentators who she perceives as a threat to her income because they sound even more to the right than she has in the past. In order to make money, Ms. Coulter must sell a book or be considered by a media outlet to attract a large audience. That’s fair. Commentators from the left are in the same position. The question is whether we can trust what she says truly represents her opinion or whether this is an awful stage production meant to pander to audiences so she can continue to amass a fortune. I will give her one compliment. She can recite a few facts without a teleprompter unlike a certain Vice Presidential candidate that is stealing Ms. Coulter’s audience and thunder. Other than Fox or public access channels, Ms. Coulter has no more right to speak on television than you or I do. Her First Amendment rights do not include earning money for what she says. I personally do not believe what she has to say is newsworthy. Many disagree with me which, of course, is their right. I would only ask those people why Ms. Coulter’s opinions matter more than your own and if you are as passionate about your opinions as Ms. Coulter appears to be, why aren’t you on Fox telling us what you think?

  9. Thanks, David, for saying absolutely nothing about what Coulter said, but rather attacking her personally. It actually tells us all a lot about you.

  10. Ann is right… most terrorists have been Muslim Arab and male. don’t bull$$hit anyone, tell it like it is.

    if Islam is a religion of peace, Muslims may want to do their part and STOP killing people that disagree with them.

  11. You FOX news idiots have it the other way round. Your retarded arguments are straight off AM talk radio, all based on a false premise.The vast majority of terrorists in the world are WHITE MALES from North America and Western Europe, not Arabs or Muslims. This is not a racist statement, merely a factual one. Proof? Overwhelming empirical evidence 500 years and counting.
    The world’s largest terrorist organization is the US military. Iraq ring a bell, you inbred hillbilly butter hogs? Muslim are peaceful with those who are peaceful with us. Not terrorists who invade countries and slaughter innocents and pretend they’ve done nothing wrong.

  12. […] apple. My parents taught me that two wrongs don’t make a right. And Ann Coulter has done a lot wrong. However, these reactions, aiming to silence Ann Coulter, only furthered the marginalization […]

  13. if Islam is the religion of peace, why do Muslims keep killing people that dont agree with them?

    all Muslims may not be terrorists, but all the terrorists have been Muslim… over 20+ years this has been the case. every terrorist attack around the world, it’s been Muslims and Islam. I’m starting to see a pattern.

    it has nothing to do with Islamophobia… it’s a fact… Muslims are killing people… if you want people to love and trust Islam and Muslims, you may want to do your part and stop killing people.

    Ann coulter is right. she speaks the truth. some people don’t want to hear truth. they want to spin the facts.

  14. Are we seriously going to let our country’s values and morals be ruined by some people who have no valid bases on their arguments. Just a little bit of research, and we realize that less than one percent of terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. But that’s not the point. The point is that even with these terrorist attacks innocent lives are lost. and that’s the point for every single person who goes and kills another person without any valid reason. And their is no reason to kill a person…ever!
    Further research will show you that Islam literally means peace. Nothing in the Islamic holy book ever allows disgusting habits such as those presented during terrorist attacks!
    In fact…In the Islamic holy book, there is a sentence “And indeed he who slays one with out justified cause, it is as if he had slayed the entire mankind, and whoever saves one, it is as if he had saved all of mankind” Does this sound like a religion that promotes inhumane actions such as terrorism.
    The rule of thumb and requirement for all Muslims is to never force another onto the religion..
    People are terrible.. they kill, they commit adultery, they lie, and sin, people are evil… we believe in Allah or Jesus, or any other beliefs, are beautiful.. they inspire a positive change… Lets not judge an entire religion on the bases of some idiotic human who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.. then and Only then will there be peace

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