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Robert Spencer’s “Fuzzy Math”

19 November 2010 Spencer Watch 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

No Muslim can do any good for “Police Blotter Scholar” Robert Spencer. During the Hajj, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, the top cleric there, gave a sermon to the 2.5 million pilgrims declaring that there is no room for terrorism and extremism in Islam:

Saudi Arabia’s top cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, called on worshippers in a midday sermon to espouse moderation and said Islam would survive what he described as attempts to defame the faith.

Delivering the Haj sermon at Namira Mosque at Mount Arafat, he said Allah Almighty endowed us with hosts of blessings and boons; guidance of Islam is one of them, adding Islam is not a theoretical religion; instead, it is a practicable code of conduct.

Al Sheikh said Islam is based on justice and equity, which admits of no terrorism, extremis [sic] and injustice.

This is big news. The top cleric in Saudi Arabia told millions of Muslim pilgrims that their religion has no place for terrorism and extremism. It should put to rest the claims of those who say, “Where are the Muslim condemnations against terrorism?” If you care to look, they areeverywhere.

But, for the “Police Blotter Scholar,” that is not enough. No. He chooses to focus on the chants of a small number of pilgrims – from among 2.5 million – to negate the powerful message of the sermon:

Chants reported here. It is doubtful that anyone there noticed any contradiction. When Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Sheikh began condemning terrorism and extremism, most of his hearers probably thought he was referring to the actions of America and Israel.

No, Spencie. He was not referring to “America and Israel,” but terrorism in general. That was quite clear. But, for Spencer, the wrong-headed chants of a few pilgrims > (“is greater than”) the sermon of the top Saudi cleric denouncing terror in the name of Islam during a most holy time and a most holy place. The actions of a few misguided Muslims represents the whole. This is Spencer’s “fuzzy math.”

And they call him a “Scholar”…

Original post: Robert Spencer’s “Fuzzy Math”


  1. Spencer always chooses to make the fringe Muslims representative of all Islam instead of the Grand Muftis of various countries.

  2. Spencer is pretty sharp. Often I’ve seen quotes attributed to Mohammad that anyone would hear with delight. Peace, tolerance, etc. But you have to understand that much of what he said was in the context of Muslim on Mulsim behavior. This is true for a thousand years after Mohammad, in the Hadith, too. It’s all about the chosen ones – Muslims – versas everyone else.
    What makes the Saudi Sheihk’s words so questionable is that they are coming from a representative of a Kingdom that shows zero tolerance toward other faiths, and even other non-Sunni Islamic sects. From where he spoke, no non-Muslims are allowed access.
    What makes his words equally questionable is the fact of Sunni (hard-line) attempts to spread itself around the world using Petro dollars. While he’s standing up there waxing peaceful and tolerant, his Kingdom has been the source of much of the radicalization of the Muslim World.
    Spencer is right – take what the Sheikh says with a large spoonful of salt.

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