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Multiculturalism in Canada

20 November 2010 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Islamophobia may be on the rise in the US, but has Canada set a different example by electing its first Muslim mayor?

Riz Khan

With Islamophobia on the rise in the US and Europe, has Canada set a different example by electing that country’s first ever Muslim mayor?

Thirty-eight-year-old Naheed Nenshi, a Harvard-educated professor of Indian descent, won in the western city of Calgary, considered to be Canada’s conservative bastion.

Many say his victory is a testament to the country’s commitment to multiculturalism that encourages immigrants to both preserve their ethnic roots and embrace their Canadian identity.

But critics say the multicultural model actually makes it tougher – not easier – for new Canadians to integrate into mainstream society.

On Thursday, we will be discussing these issues with Mayor Nenshi as well as writer and activist Tarek Fatah, who believes multiculturalism has been a stumbling block for immigrants in Canada.

You can join the conversation with your questions and comments. Watch the show live on Thursday November 18, at 1630 GMT. Repeats air at 2030 GMT, and the next day at 0130 GMT.

Original post: Multiculturalism in Canada


  1. …Not to be rude, but I believe the US has already elected a few Muslim mayors (the first one was back in the 1990’s, according to this article:, so I don’t think we can say that electing a Muslim mayor is a sign of multiculturalism or a lack of Islamophobia. Especially since the province of Quebec is currently debating Bill 94, which would “require citizens to uncover their faces when giving or receiving government services, whether in hospitals, schools, day-care centres, universities, social services or government offices,” which as we’ve seen, tends to be aimed at niqab-wearing women (Here’s more about it: So while electing the first-Muslim mayor is fantastic, I’m not sure it means everything is hunky-dory up in Canada with regards to Islamophobia.

  2. I reviewed Tarek Fatah’s book, Chasing a Mirage (2008), here. I think you’ll find it interesting.

    It is valuable for us to look at all sorts of opinions, and it is also vital to know when information if factual or falsehood.

  3. Why in the world is Riz Khan interviewing a charlatan like Tarek Fatah? Fatah is NOT a member of the Muslim community but a punjabi communist who emigrated to Canada 20 years. He had no interest in the Muslim community up until 9/11 when he tried to cash in on Islamophobia. He is hated by Canadian Muslims, and is loved by anti-Muslim fanatics looking for an Uncle Tom.
    He’s a regular in the Zionist talk show circuit from FOX news to JihadWatch. No need to give this fasiq any exposure.

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