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Adil Basharat: Victim of Hate Crime or Random Violence?

23 November 2010 9 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

One of our readers, Jalal, emailed us to inform us of what he believes is a hate crime. He was a friend of the victim, and this is what he had to say to us,

i want you to know of a hate crime that took place in the UK just a few days back, we had a mutual friend so I’m sending this to you,

Boy injured in Deanshanger group attack dies


A 16-year-old boy critically injured in an attack in a Northamptonshire village has died in hospital.

Adil Basharat, of Milton Keynes, was assaulted in Stratford Road, Deanshanger, at 1100 GMT on Friday.

He died in Milton Keynes General Hospital on Sunday morning. Police said they had received no indication that the attack was racially motivated.

A 21-year-old man and three men aged 19 have been charged with Adil’s murder and are due in court on Monday.

The men are from Deanshanger, nearby Cosgrove and Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire, and will appear at Northampton Magistrates’ Court.

Police appealed for anyone with information to contact them.

A tribute page on Facebook to Adil has been visited by thousands of people, some of whom have been leaving photographs and messages about the teenager.

this has not been mentioned in the mainstream much but this WAS a hate crime, he was attacked for being a pakistani muslim. i am telling you this as a certified fact,

It would not surprise us if indeed this was a hate crime considering the pervasive atmosphere of Islamophobia and the rise of such anti-Muslim hate groups as the EDL in Britain and Europe in general.

Original post: Adil Basharat: Victim of Hate Crime or Random Violence?


  1. Deanshanger is within my area responsibility and while there is speculation about the motive behind the attack on Adil there is currently no indication of the motive.
    If Jalal has anything he can give you, regarding a racist or religious motivation to this attack, I would be very grateful if you would pass it on to me.

  2. im a close mate of adils and i can confirm that it was not a hate crime. this is a load of shit.

  3. Knowing the 4 involved in this I will go ahead and say it’s a drug related incident.

  4. Nothing to do with race. They got the wrong person – some random dude owed them money and that’s the kind of scum that’s around on our streets.

  5. In response to Jalal. I am a local and sadly did not have the privilege of meeting Adil before his untimely and devastating passing. If you are indeed a friend, then you will have seen the unprecedented warmth shown to Adil by literally thousands of posts from local and not so local people of all faiths on his Facebook page, and would also have been aware, if not been present at the candlelit vigil arranged by his many friends and acquaintances at the site where he was attacked, and the silent march of hundreds through the town of Wolverton in his memory. In all aspects of society there are bad people who commit these horrendous crimes. At this stage, I do not believe this attack was necessarily against Muslims, just the unjustified actions of four guys who had no upbringing, values or respect for others. They have been arrested, are in custody and they courts will decide their fate.(I hope they rot in jail) It could have been anyone they took a dislike to, sadly it was Adil…. Jalal, please look around and talk to others in this area, the overwhelming majority will, I trust, treat you as a person, without a label, Muslim or otherwise. Peace be with you.

  6. Adil was not involved in drugs. He was a 16 year old boy that had never been in trouble before. He was respectable and an asset to his family. He had done umrah and was very pious and God fearing

  7. A lot of people are attacking this piece. We are not twisting the story to fit a certain agenda. We were informed by one of our readers that it might or might not be a hate crime.

  8. I knew Adil well, and have heard the background events of his murder from those around him. This was not a race or hate crime. I do not think this shocking attack was anything other than vile, stupid boys who boasted on their Facebook pages of their enjoyment of random acts of violence.

    I have been brought up a Christian, but I have seen how much strength the Muslim faith gives to its community, and how much strength all the other faiths and Adil’s friends have taken from your beliefs, and Allah’s love.
    It has been a great honour for me to have been given an insight into Islamic life, and teachings.

    Adil Basharat was an amazing boy, and his passing has changed so many lives, making us more loving and gratful for each passing moment. He has brought our communities together. We, white English people are planning to attend his funeral, and have asked how best to dress and behave so as to show the correct respect to Allah, Islam and Adil’s family at this tragic time.

    This crime was evil, but Adil and his family are surround by love. That I promise you.

  9. you all talk shit it was all due to drugs but dont want to admit it and try say it all rasicm aload of shit

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