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Glenn Beck: Ten Percent Of Muslims Are Terrorists (AUDIO)

6 December 2010 Huffington Post 6 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck said he thinks ten percent of all Muslims are terrorists.

As ThinkProgress pointed out, Beck’s estimate would mean that roughly 157 million Muslims in the world are terrorists.

Speaking on his radio show Monday, Beck decried the relative lack of coverage that the news media is giving to the figures he discusses day after day on his radio and television shows.

“We have revolutionaries here in America speaking about an open violent revolution and no one will cover it!” Beck said. “Would they cover it if you had tape of Al Qaeda saying they’re going to get out in the streets, they want violence? Of course you would!”

Beck surmised that the media don’t think that the threats he describes are sufficient enough to cover seriously. However, he said, they should look at the havoc a relatively small number of “Islamic terrorists” had caused:

“What is the number of Islamic terrorists? 1 percent? I think it’s closer to ten percent but the rest of the PC world will tell you, ‘oh no, it’s miniscule.’ Well, OK, let’s take you at your one percent. Look at the havoc one percent of Muslims causing in the rest of the world. You don’t think one percent, half a percent of people here in the United States of radicals, of people who want to violently overthrow the government of the United States, is a problem?”


UPDATE: As the Huffington Post’s Sebastian Howard pointed out on Twitter, Beck’s figure of ten percent is hardly new. In fact, Beck used the same statistic in his 2003 book, “The Real America.” In it, Beck says that he has concluded, after “reading and prayer,” that, while ninety percent of Islam is peaceful, “ten percent wants to see us dead.” The remaining ten percent, he writes, is “composed of extreme radicals who have taken Islam through a time tunnel and twisted it into something ugly and barbaric.”

Original post: Glenn Beck: Ten Percent Of Muslims Are Terrorists (AUDIO)


  1. Glenn who??

  2. Says the guy who works for a terrorist organization : “FOX news.” Beck should follow the family tradition of committing suicide..

  3. Absolutely ridiculous.
    This man is a literal joke…

  4. only 10%? I think the number is much larger, especially when you factor in the muslim sympathizers and supporters of terror as well as the active terrorists too.

  5. Boy, lets add to the panic and discord by claiming that the Muslim’s are fomenting revolution here on our own soil, and let’s watch out lest we be killed in our beds. the frightening thing about the people who read his dreck and listen to his drivel is that they are not, unfortunately, informed enough to realize how uninformed they are; and most importantly how little basis in reality anything he has to say, has. I have seen the enemy and it is not Muslim’s, Jews, Catholics, Blacks or Homosexuals. It’s people who are small minded enough that they give credence to people like Glen Beck who dress up their agenda of destroying the very country they claim to be protecting; by causing people to be so afraid, that they don’t register, protest or even mind the loss of the very freedoms that make us who we are. Indeed they justify the loss of those freedoms by claiming to be protecting the public good. Paraphrasing Benjamin Franklin Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    @ DrM… Shame on you! Suicide is not a joke. You might disagree with everything Glen Beck stands for, but under the constitution as it exists (because members of my family have fought and continue to fight to protect it); he has every right to make any ignorant statement he wants. It is incumbent on us to turn the tide of ignorance of which he is in the forefront. reducing yourself to that level diminishes any counter argument you might have.

  6. Canada and Europe know what hate speech is; how come the American’s just can’t figure it out?

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