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Why is South Carolina’s Anti-Islamic Propaganda Billboard Still Up?

7 December 2010 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Driving along South Carolina’s Interstate 26 at this time of year, one is introduced to a number of wondrous scenes: trees slightly tinged with orange; a vast blue sky; generous 70-something degree weather.  Oh yeah, and hate propaganda that could make a Chairman blush.

A billboard donning the words “Islam Rising” in bold red letters – with the tagline “Be Warned” – is a beacon for fearmongerers promoting a documentary of the same name produced by the ultra-conservative Christian Action Network for those who can only swallow information in two-word doses about the ‘threats’ of Islamic culture.

Well, here’s another two-worder for you: That’s racist.

The “Islam Rising” headline is accompanied by the angry eyes of someone who looks like a cross between Scorpion from Mortal Combat and the chain belonging to Plies the rapper. The caricature peering at you through a ski mask is, supposedly, an Islamic terrorist.  Silly racists forgot that everyone knows it doesn’t snow in Muslim Town.

Making my first roadtrip through the State of Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places, my first reaction to it was of course to immediately u-turn and snap photos (my parents love when I post travel pix). My next was to ‘tap the Googles’ and see what outrage has erupted around it. But coverage of the display is overwhelmingly in support of the billboard and its message, with only a couple of local networks acknowledging that some people might possibly kinda sorta have a problem with it.

The billboard has been up since May, which makes it the longest-standing documentary film billboard I’ve seen besides the one for Spy Kids which was up for two years in East Oakland. Some might argue that freedom of speech legally allows the billboard to stay standing for as long as it wants, and the cost of putting one up there ranges from $500 to $2,000 a month, chump-change for an organization like CAN.

But such a flagrant and coercive piece of propaganda in an area where Muslims have barely any platform to speak can lead to hatred and violence. The tone of CAN’s We Will Never Forget 9/11 event held this past September is a further indication that this message of generalization and xenophobia is intentional and meant to spread far beyond just a billboard.

The Christian Action Network’s central campaigns are based on spreading Islamphobia, so petitioning the organization would probably be as effective as tossing a Twinkie at an elephant. So we at suggest you go straight to the source: please take a moment to sign our petition to Revelation Outdoor Management, the South Carolina branch of the advertising agency which owns said billboard space.

Let’s get this thing down.

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  1. Replace “Islamic” with “Religious Fundamentalism of All Sorts” and I’m just fine with it.

  2. While we all have freedom of speech, to use that freedom for hate language is unworthy of all of us. There are Christians who bomb clinics and are just as dangerously out of touch with reality as any muslim fanatic. You don’t have a sign reading “Christianity rising” to warn us of them.

    If you endorse the hatred of one group of people, you will eventually find yourself at the wrong end of hatred with no one left to stand up for you.

    Think about spreading love.

  3. This is coming from Newport, RI. The birthplace of religious freedom. Founded in 1639, they tried what they called “A Lively Experiment”. Different religion all working and living together. Proper we did and still do in intolerance.
    Your effort to stop Islam, which has been in America since the 1600, is unconstitutional and anti American.
    And just because you don’t care to know the truth. The Muslims believe and follow the Jewish bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe that Jesus is on of the great prophets. And that Mohammad likeness is on the pediment of the US Supreme Court building.
    Ignorance is not bliss, it only allows for hatred

  4. Thank the Christian God for people that put that billboard up!


  5. Elimination of Freedom of Speech is the first tennant that Islamic Supremicists are forcing upon the west (as part of their massive disinformation and propaganda campaign). If you cannot criticize Islam, if you cannot question it, if you cannot hold it accountable, you cannot weaken it. Welcome to the Real Cold War. The Communists were a bunch of boysciouts compared to Islam.

  6. The Koran is merely the size of a 155 page paper back novel. Most of it is repetitious or no more than one fifth the size of the New Testament.

    Those of you in the non-Islamic world who don’t believe what Brigitte Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Craig Winn, and other Western experts on the terrorist nature of true Islamic thinking have to say owe it to yourselves to, at the very least, check out their quotes from the Koran, the Hadith, the Rasoul Sirat, and al-Tabari’s Tah’rikh. It is so easy to do a Google search and Moslems are only to happy to help give you a free copy of the Koran.

    If you are not willing to do that, then you cannot possilby be any better than an accomplice or accessory to the crime of Islamic terrorism that is truly inspired by Islam’s most sacred texts.

    I have read both the Bible and the Koran from cover to cover. And quite frankly, I can make a lot more sense out of the Bible because it makes a lot more sense.

    The overwhelming evidence of this fact has compelled me to come to the following conclusion:

    The Koran has got to be the silliest, the most incredibly stupid, the most apallingly intolerant, or the most outrageously intolerable book I have ever read. In all honesty, I can’t think of any other book that is more in keeping with the personality of an emotionally disturbed child, a Jew hater, a Christian hater, a woman hater, a racist, a blatant liar, an rambling and frantic babbler, a lunatic, or a terrorist than the Koran.

    It is primarily for this reason that I can understand why Moslems (the only ones who consider Koran to be the Word of an all-wise and honest being) are willing to blow themselves up in an effort to kill as many unbelivers as possible.

  7. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or scholar to discover that the god of the Quran is no more respectable than the most corrupt and disrespectful of human beings.

    Any child, upon reading the Moslem’s so-called “Word of God” can sense the unreasonable, the silly, the chaotic, and the barbaric nature of that so-called book.

    Likewise, any child, upon reading the Bible, can sense how vastly more reasonable, more orderly, and more civilized than the Quran it just so happens to be.

    The Quran, unlike the Bible is, undoubtedly, most noticeably, most obviously, and most significantly furnished with characteristics that can only be found within the world of confused minds, chronic liars, emotionally disturbed children, the wackiest of idiots, the most irrational of minds, the silliest of childish story-tellers, the most unjust law-makers, and the devil (i.e., Satan).

    Unlike the Bible, the Quran has not, in any respectable sense, earned the right to, be called a “book” at all, let alone a “Good Book”.

    The character that composed the Quran, more so than anything to the contrary, reflects the character that is commonly associated with Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, and Satan.

    The author of the Quran, more so than anything to the contrary, uses the language of one who intends to con readers into accepting unreasonable demands upon their lives. It speaks like one who wants his or her readers to understand his or her words as having come from an authority other than his or her own (e.g., a mind that readers worship).

  8. The author of the above article might just as well be a Moslem. However, it would not come as a surprise to me if I were to learn that he or she were an enemy of America (such as a typical communist would be – “Once a communist, always a communist”). Nor would it surprise me to discover that he or she were simply teaming up with Moslem terrorists in a joint effort to slaughter Americans and take over their country.

    The rhetoric that the above article reeks with is clearly that of a typical Islamic terrorist who is only too well acquainted with the genuinely Islamic doctrine of Takiyya. I would strongly suggest that every non-Moslem do a search on that word in Google and on YouTube.

    In YouTube you might type in the following, for example:

    Takiyya – Lying for Islam; Takiyya – Islamic Sanctioned Lies; Takiyya – Islamic Deception; Takiyya – Islamic Art of Deception

    Incidentally, a typical Moslem apologist will try to get us to believe that the Bible is just as guilty as the Quran. The typical Moslem apologist might suggest that Genesis 26 teaches taqiyya when in fact it does not.

    The Bible, in Genesis 26:7-9, tells us that Abraham, thinking it would save his own life, not his religion, told a half-truth about his wife. Although Abraham’s God didn’t say anything against this willful act of Abraham to save his own life, He certainly said nothing to approve of it either.

    There is vast difference between commanding people to lie as the Quran does and merely allowing people to lie as the God of Abraham does.

  9. While Islam is responsible for much of the hate and violence in the world at present I think the billboard missed the point. It should be NO RELIGION. THere cannot be peace or progress until we are a Secular Planet.

  10. I’m glad this billboard is around. Take it down? We need to put more anti-Islamic billboards up. Islam is NOT a religion, it’s a way of life that promotes oppression. This country is about FREEDOM not OPPRESSION. Islam needs to stay out.

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