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Two men accused in subway imam attack hit with hate crime charges

9 December 2010 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Two men accused

Islamophobia even happens at 3:25 A.M.

Two men accused of attacking a Muslim religious leader in a Manhattan subway station were the targets Thursday of a hate-crimes investigation.

The unidentified imam claimed the two men called him a “terrorist” and yelled ethnic and religious slurs when they assaulted him at the Canal  Street station early Wednesday, sources said.

Eddie Crespo, 28, of Staten Island, was charged with third degree assault as a hate crime and two counts of second degree robbery, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office said.

Albert Melendez, 30, of Manhattan, is expected to be arraigned later Thursday.

The incident happened at 3:25 a.m. on the northbound A-train platform, prosecutors said.

Original post: Two men accused in subway imam attack hit with hate crime charges


  1. I wish apologies could heal wounds…but they cannot. Nonetheless, I am so sorry and embarrassed by my fellow Americans and their ignorance.
    Im sure that these “people” have no idea that Islam is so closely related to their religion, and that Jesus was considered a prophet.
    While I am agnostic…and some would say that I have no right to speak, since I am “lukewarm” religiously, I am a citizen of this world, and I cannot stand to see all this hatred,fear and mistrust.
    I wish Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf all possible luck in his endeavour.
    With all respect and love for my fellow man.

  2. I really dont know just what to say anymore about all the hate in the world. Its confusing to me why people want to carry that in their hearts and in there head, eventually it will distroy them, and really is it worth it LOVE is a much more positive and fulfilling emotion than hate .Im staying on the subject, my heart goes out to all of the innocent people that dont deserve the horrific treatment put on them by these monsters

  3. When people or nations fight, it’s usually because of some real or perceived resource shortage – food, water, shelter, love . . . The fear that there is not enough to go around creates hatred and hatred creates more fear leading to more hatred and more fear. Whether real or not, there is widespread fear that we are losing our vaunted “American standard of living.” Kids today probably cannot expect to earn a better living in real terms than there parents. That’s a new thing for us to get our minds around.

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