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A Store Owner Posts a Sign ‘No Muslims Inside’

10 December 2010 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A sign outside an Alabama repair shop has garnered national attention.

Islamophobia is embedded in our culture from pundits and bloggers constantly spewing hatred. This phobia trickles down to the normal, hardworking citizens who believe that this phobia, which is a hatred, is part of the norms.

The fuss over a sign in Alabama at an electronics store reading “BBQ PORK RESTURANT (sic) IS SAFEST NO MUSLIMS INSIDE” shocked its longtime owner who said he doesn’t understand why it’s such a big deal.

Electronic Repair Company owner Chuck Biddinger, who put up the sign last week, said he meant the message as a joke. After all, he said, it wasn’t even the most offensive one he had ever posted.

That award goes to a sign he posted last May that read “A dog is wiser than a woman – it does not bark at its master,” earned heat from domestic violence groups in Alabama.

“The women’s groups went ballistic,” he told the Daily News when he picked up the phone at his East Lake, Ala., shop.

Biddinger said to pacify them he put a public service announcement urging victims of domestic violence to call a hotline.

But he said this sign, which has garnered national attention, has gotten more positive reaction than negative – and he has no plans to apologize to anyone offended.

“I have gotten a few complaints about it, but for every one complaint about it I’ve had, 10 people tell me that they like it and support it,” he said.

He told local television station ABC 33/40 that while it was meant as a lighthearted joke, it was true.

“Muslims do not eat pork,” he told the television station. “It’s a known fact that Muslims have tried to commit crimes in this country.”

On Friday, Biddinger said he planned to take the sign down sometime soon, but hadn’t quite had the time to do it – and was still looking for something equally eye-catching. Signs outside his shop are changed every week, usually with jokes he receives via email chains.

Many of them are not politically correct. But the coverage of this one, he said, has been unbelievable.

“I never thought about that until it got picked up on the Internet and it went totally viral when I put this sign up,” he said.

When asked by The News if he understood why this sign might have gotten more attention than other racist or sexist signs he may have posted, he replied, “No, ma’am.”

After all, he said, he wasn’t worried about people’s feelings.

“For the local area, if I offend a few Muslims, there will be a lot of people who support it,” he said.

Not to mention, all the coverage of his repair shop from the sign is good for business.

“I believe it’s a positive,” he said.

People interviewed by ABC 33/40 agreed, laughing at the words on the sign when a reporter showed it to them.

“I think it’s hilarious to me that they would feel that way,” one man said. “But I’m not offended about it at all.”

Original post: A Store Owner posts A Sign ‘No Muslims Inside’


  1. i wonder if God will think it is funny when you stand before him…and He tells you, no haters allowed in heaven….

  2. Mari — I totally agree.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone….”

    I guess this guy missed Sunday school that day, as well as his supposed supporters.

  3. I’m afraid this perhaps stretches freedom of expression into an area that is questionably offensive and derogatory. What’s worse is that it isn’t funny in the least. Some people’s humor is piss poor.

  4. What a gluteus maximus!

  5. In my view, the point to be made is that these people (my own career military brothers included) really, really don’t see that this is offensive and racist. They’ll send me racist jokes and then THEY get deeply offended when I object. “I guess you’ve lost your sense of humor!” I have a feeling, and it distresses me, that this won’t go away until the older generation passes on. But then, there are a lot of ignorant bubbas out there who celebrate their own ignorant “independence,” and they’re too good at inculcating the same obsessive, offensive values in THEIR unfortunate (for us) children.

  6. Oh, brother. I’ve heard of this guy before. A newspaper did a story about a hateful sign he made a year or so ago, when he wrote something like, “Send all the Mexicans back,” or “Close the borders,” etc. He clearly hasn’t learned from the outcry that arose then, and he won’t learn now, I’m afraid. I think he gets a sick sense of glee from all the negative attention; maybe that’s because it’s the only kind of attention he’ll ever get. In situations like this, I think the only thing to do is what a group did back then when they learned about the sign: they went one night and changed the sign to “Open borders for everyone.” Anyone up for some civil disobedience?

  7. who cares?

  8. This guy was the kid in your elementary school class who figured out that he got a lot of attention from being obnoxious and disruptive, and decided that lots of negative attention was better than no positive attention. It’s sad that they really, deeply fail to recognize that their opinions are based on an irrational fear of people who are not like them.

  9. Here’s a clue for you all. Muslims are allowed to eat pork if it is the only food available and they are hungry. Read the Koran, stop listening to the news media, they lie to you to get your money.

  10. Dang, I was waiting for the pay off with a name and address, but there is no pay off.


  11. He’s created a paradox. By putting up a sign that says it is safer inside, he has made the restaurant less safe by drawing attention and pissing off Islamist extremists.

    The more correct he is about Muslims being violent, the less safe the BBQ place becomes.

  12. It is a known FACT that Christians/Jews/Muslims/Wiccans/Atheists have tried to commit crimes in this country.

  13. Damn what a maroon; had he threatened to burn some korans he could have gotten a free car out of it.

  14. It makes the world seem that much smaller when you StumbleUpon something such as this & know exactly where it is. I live in the East Lake neighborhood of Birmingham & that place is a few blocks away.

    Relax folks; it’s only one man’s opinion & doesn’t reflect the way most Alabamans view the world. At least I hope it doesn’t.

  15. Give him a break. There weasn’t enough room to fit all the letters of RESTAURANT in. That why it’s spelled the way it is on his sign (RESTURANT).

  16. […] can be found in the private sphere: "Whites Only" signs in the Jim and Jane Crow south and "No Muslims Inside" signs in 21st century Alabama, as well as mid-century housing covenants to prevent black home […]

  17. […] in the private sphere: “Whites Only” signs in the Jim and Jane Crow south and “No Muslims Inside” signs in 21st century Alabama, as well as mid-century housing covenants to prevent black […]

  18. […] in the private sphere: “Whites Only” signs in the Jim and Jane Crow south and “No Muslims Inside” signs in 21st century Alabama, as well as mid-century housing covenants to prevent black […]

  19. What a disgusting excuse for a human being, this Chuck Biddinger.

  20. Wow! Most of you call him a racist, a hater, or a bigot. Does that make you feel more righteous? The Muslims are the haters, lest we forget what they did to our country and our people. They are anti-Christian; anti-women’s rights, and anti-American. But you all would rather attack this buisness man’s freedom of speach and defend those who hate America!? What a sad country of cowards we have become.

  21. Let me remind you that Islam derives from the word Salaam, which means peace. I dont think it gets more peaceful than that. When many people like you were busy doing things like this, did anyone hear about the Muslims, yes, the MUSLIMS, that were handing out backpacks to the children in need, in Baltimore, MD. No. Because people like you only care about bringing one’s self-esteem down. But I promise you, this will only make us stronger at heart.

  22. As a good Jew, Jesus himself did not eat pork either. (:-)

  23. Im Muslim and I dont even feel offended, people need to continue with their lives and ignore small things like this or else you just wnd up angry stuck-up and wastingyour time.

    And im not anti-american,jew,christian, or women rights (alltough sitting next to my (american) girlfriend in the car i do sometimes feel that we should take away their driving rights, then again who am I to do that.

    I have my religion that I love and practice and hell i love being an international student in the USA best thing that happened to me !!

    One love yall

    wa aleikumsalam

    Peace upon you (you too bill shepherd)

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