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Fareed vs. Glenn Beck – the ‘Muslim’ claim

12 December 2010 General 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Fareed Zakaria GPS” is once again taking on Glenn Beck — this time over his recent reiteration that “ten percent” of all Muslims in the world are “terrorists” wanting to take down the United States in some shape or form.

During a segment on his CNN show (which you can see to the left), Fareed’s rebuttal was simply that the facts to not adequately back up any of Beck’s claims:

“And this guy cited some polls to support the claim that many in the Muslim world don’t like us and wish us harm. Uhh, yes, many of us have been pointing that out for over a decade now … But hating America is not the same thing as being a terrorist.

“Believe me, if we had one hundred and fifty seven million Muslim terrorists active across the world, we would be hearing more about it.”

Fareed later took on Beck’s claim that “one percent [or] half a percent” of the populated wanted to overthrow the government, citing that he could not “find any poll or study or shred of data that suggests that one and a half million Americans – which is what that number would work out to – want to violently overthrow their government.”

Do you think that Beck’s passionate claim has any merit to it, or is Fareed right to take it on?

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Original post: Fareed vs. Glenn Beck – the ‘Muslim’ claim


  1. Glenn Beck is an idiot who has made his career by skirting America’s libel and slander laws. He doesn’t make a claim, he claims that someone else made a claim. It’s even more cowardly that he can’t stand behind his own hateful statements.

  2. The world needs to be AWARE of what is fact and what is said for a hidden agenda. Thank you so much.

  3. Glen Beck flown people in Helicopter from New York to his wife’s bedroom to raise money for his personal agenda.

  4. Glenn Beck is not an idiot, he’s insane! He is the whining mouthpiece for the intellectually challenged, and I attribute his current condition to his former self-admitted drug and alcohol abuse. That, and Rupert Murdoc offered him a fat load of money to act like a whiney sociopathic monkey with a dry erase board and a picture of Jefferson. He doesn’t stand a prayer against reason and fact. Show the world that not only is the emperor naked, but so is his court jester.

  5. Mental midgets like Beck & Limbaugh never have any debates or dialogue on their shows with anyone who don’t share their unsubstantiated & radical beliefs. They are, simply put, cowards. Intellectually & emotionally, they also lack credibility & integrity. I’ve actually sent messages to Beck challenging him to a one on one debate. There’s never any response because his is too full of himself (ie; chicken-sh*t).

  6. Don’t underestimate the power of these guys (Beck & Limbaugh)to influence public opinion. There is a rising tide of irrational political hatred in this country and these guys are fanning the flames. I had an extended conversation online with a self-professed tea party member who referred regularly to what “Glenn and Sarah are trying to do” and it was a ridiculous but unnerving mash of American homegrown Fascism presenting itself as divinely ordained war against the demonic forces of evil: Obama and”socialism.” The guy actually told me he knew what God thinks, and also what I think, that I am “literally” damned, and that Obama is “evil.” (I would take this guy as a irrelevant crank except now there is army of them repeating the same mindless propaganda in tones of holy war and hatred.) He did not express one original idea or in fact anything but warmed over twaddle from “Glenn and Sarah.” Masses of people are absorbing this bilge, it feeds on their sense of helplessness and frustration and gives them a target to focus their anxiety and hate on.
    Remember, Hitler was ridiculous too

  7. […] apparently read the tea leaves and toned down his Cassandra-like wailing over Sharia. Glenn Beck, who loved to stoke the Islamophobic fires on his once wildly-popular Fox News television program, is barely mentionable in Republican Party […]

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