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Jordan Sekulow: WaPo Blogger “Proud” to Have Shared Stage with Geert Wilders

18 December 2010 Loonwatch.com 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

An interesting blogpost by Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches.

WaPo Blogger Jordan Sekulow is proud to stand with Geert Wilders, if Washington Post has any self-respect they will fire him.

Washington Post Blogger “Proud” To Have Shared Stage With Geert Wilders

by Sarah Posner (Religion Dispatches)

After Matt Duss called out new Washington Post blogger Jordan Sekulow at Think Progress and on Twitter for saying at a demonstration against the Park51 project, “Imam Rauf, America rejects you,” Sekulow responded by tweeting: “Enjoyed that speech!”

And in response to Duss pointing out that Sekulow shared the stage with far-right nationalist, anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Sekulow tweeted, “proud to.”

In one of the State Department cables released by WikiLeaks, a U.S. embassy official in the Netherlands summed up Wilders for President Obama as “no friend of the U.S.”:

The Wilders Factor: Golden-pompadoured, maverick parliamentarian Geert Wilders, anti-Islam, nationalist Freedom Party remains a thorn in the coalition’s side, capitalizing on the social stresses resulting from the failure to fully integrate almost a million Dutch Muslims, mostly of Moroccan or Turkish descent. In existence only since 2006, the Freedom Party, tightly controlled by Wilders, has grown to be the Netherlands second largest, and fastest growing, party. Recent polls suggest it could even replace Balkenende,s Christian Democrats as the top party in 2011 parliamentary elections. Wilders is no friend of the U.S.: he opposes Dutch military involvement in Afghanistan; he believes development assistance is money wasted; he opposes NATO missions outside “allied” territory; he is against most EU initiatives; and, most troubling, he forments fear and hatred of immigrants.

Let’s sum up: the Post’s On Faith, which has a stated mission to promote “intelligent, informed, eclectic, respectful conversation,” has hired a blogger who describes himself as a “human rights attorney” yet is proud to share a stage with someone who “calls Islam ‘the ideology of a retarded culture’ and likens the Quran to ‘Mein Kampf.’”

Original post: Jordan Sekulow: WaPo Blogger “Proud” to Have Shared Stage with Geert Wilders


  1. How is it that a person hired to post blogs on the Washington Post’s “On Faith” section of their paper could possibly have any pride at sharing the stage with an anti-Islamic/Islamophobic bigot? Did Jordan Sekulow agree with the bigotry spewed by Wilders? On what topics did he agree and disagree that were promoted by Wilders?

    Did he know that Geert Wilders is a world-renown Islamophobe…supported by other such Islamophobes who promote similar lies against Islam, such as the ilk of Robert Spencer and Pam Geller, to name a few….?

  2. Islamophobia = fear of Islam. Islamophobia is only common sense, look around, who is it that not only keeps threatening to dominate or kill us all but is actually making all effort to achieve their goals? Is it Christians? Umm, noooo. Well then, perhaps it’s Jews. No, not the Jews. Buddhists? Janes? Rastafarians? Nope, nope, nope. It’s the Muslims. You bet I’m afraid of Islam. You should be too.

    About Geert Wilders. Every time I see an article that leaps on his hair color I know I’ve found yet one more writer who’s far more interested in making pointless personal attacks than dealing with the truth. Making fun of his hair is safe, it’s not politically incorrect. Ah, but what if he were really overweight instead and that was his only physical trait that stood out? You wouldn’t dare mention it, would you?

    Repeat after me: Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. Keep saying it until you understand.

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