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Michael Bloomberg Splits with Peter King Over Muslim Hearings

22 December 2010 One Comment Email This Post Email This Post

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg who has been a pinnacle of support for religious tolerance has come out against fellow republican, Peter King on the Congressional hearings on American Muslims.

Bloomberg Splits With Peter King Over Muslim ‘Radicalization’ Hearings

By Jill Colvin and Julie Shapiro

DNAinfo Reporter/Producers

MANHATTAN — Mayor Michael Bloomberg distanced himself Monday from a Republican Congressman’s plans to hold hearings on Muslim “radicalization.”

In an op-ed published in Newsday, Long Island Rep. Peter King, who is set to become chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said that as part of his duties, he intends to hold hearings on topics including the “radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism.”

“As chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, I will do all I can to break down the wall of political correctness and drive the public debate on Islamic radicalization,” he wrote, adding that the hearings are “what democracy is all about.”

Asked about the remarks during a press conference at City Hall urging Congress to pass the 9/11 health bill, Bloomberg told reporters that while he agreed with King on many topics, this time around, “I think we probably part company quite severely.”

“I don’t happen to agree with him that that’s necessary, said Bloomberg, who has been a vocal proponent of religious tolerance in the past, including supporting the right of Park 51 to build an Islamic center near Ground Zero — a plan King has vehemently opposed.

King has been criticized for his views on Islam. He even referenced the litany of criticism he’s received from groups accusing him of religious intolerance in the op-ed, which ran in print sections on Monday.

“This crowd sees me as an anti-Musim bigot,” he said, calling out everyone from the Committee on American Islamic Relations to CNN. King denied the claims in his op-ed and added that he knows the “majority of Muslims in our country are hardworking, dedicated Americans.”

Still, he said, with 15 percent of Muslims in America still thinking that suicide bombing is justified, he said, the alienation between Muslims and non-Muslims remains.

“We need to find the reasons for this alienation.”

Original post: Michael Bloomberg Splits with Peter King Over Muslim Hearings

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  1. None of the religion has room for extremism.
    “Religious extremism” this term is wrong and can confuse and make the religious people afraid of being religious. That could benefit the Power Syndicate in the world.
    Extremism itself is viral and affect the human brain with functional disorder, the outcome is the social animal transformed into the wild animal. Violence is the common symptom. Treatment for this varies in different geographic boundaries of the earth.

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