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America’s Pain, Pamela Geller’s Gain

15 January 2011 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Pamela Geller

America’s Pain, Pamela Geller’s Gain

The more Geller gets attention, the more her looniness is exposed

The first piece from our newest Geller-watcher and EDL specialist Remora

America is experiencing a painful period of social disharmony and political discourse, yet the vomitous Islamophobic hatemonger, Pamela Geller is desperately finding amoral, unethical, and distasteful ways of keeping the spotlight firmly fixed on her fascist cause, by making false and ludicrous claims.

America is grieving, and Geller pounces on this opportunity to promote her usual anti-Islamic, extreme Zionist rhetoric, yet again blaming Muslims, but this time for the tragic Arizona Massacre.

Muslim Basher Pamela Geller, cannot make her mind up about the political leanings of the deranged sociopath who murdered so many, including a 9- year girl, so she has accused him of everything’ left-wing’ and ‘jihadist’ so far.

Geller is claiming that Arizona shooter, Jared Loughner was secretly a left wing, radical socialist, anti-Semitic, Hitler loving Muslim, who subscribed to communist manifestos and Hitler’s Mein Kampf book, and not to mention, his apparent link to white supremacist publication ‘American Renaissance’. Is it possible to be so many political extremist ideologies in one? Is that not usually referred to as schizophrenia?

Pointing out his mental health is interesting and paramount, since there have been widespread media reports detailing his mental/psychological decline.

Mein Kampf material is usually not a liberal trait, quite the opposite actually, Pamela. Where is thelogic to state, that just because Loughner possessed books on the ideologies of Hitler, and communist manifesto’s, he is immediately a Taliban supporting extremist?

Dangerous, delusional misleadings, by a dangerous delusional woman. Pamela Geller is desperate to spark an Islamophobic race war.

Geller is smugly parading the controversial video ‘America: Your Last Memory in a Terrorist Country,’ on her blog, as evidence of victory over her claims of Loughner’s apparent ‘Muslim’ links.

The video does not outline any political convictions of the shooter; it is merely a product of Loughner’s anger at the political, judicial establishment, and his own general failure in life, a fact he blamed on external forces. If anything, Loughner’s political leanings appear coded, and ambiguous.

Let us analyse the grotesque and outlandish world of Jared Lee Loughner, which led him to engage in this heinous crime, and freeze a nation in state of horror.

‘Nihilistic Atheist’

Loughner, was a 22 year old drop out, described by former classmates as an ‘nihilistic atheist’. This would mean that he belonged to no religion, no beliefs, no cause and no God. He deemed human existence and living life as insignificant. This repudiates the claim of Geller that Loughner apparently demonstrated support for ‘Islamism’ in his flag burning video:

‘The friends’ comments paint a picture bolstered by other former classmates and Loughner’s own Internet postings: That of a social outcast with nihilistic, almost indecipherable beliefs steeped in mistrust and paranoia.’

There is much speculation about Loughner’s previous ‘liberal’ convictions that many right-wing institutions and figures such as Geller, have tried to use as a political means of exploitation to justify his actions.

Former classmates cite that Loughner was ‘very liberal’, as detailed by a former class fellow Caitie Parker. She recollects her memories of Loughner, and his then political leanings.

What is clear is that Loughner was never a character who favoured human interaction, and was a famed loner at his high school. His obsessions were an indication of his philosophy, which were anti-authoritarian, from the beginning.

‘@antderosa As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy. @antderosa he was a pot head & into rock like Hendrix,The Doors, Anti-Flag. I haven’t seen him in person since ’07 in a sign language class @antderosa He was a political radical & met Giffords once before in ’07, asked her a question & he told me she was “stupid & unintelligent.’

It is also stated that Loughner mentioned his intense dislike for Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.He labelled her ‘stupid’, and ‘unintelligent’.This is a classic case of a failure demeaning those in power, in order to make their own self worth appear relevant.

Washington Post reported that Loughner was a registered Independent voter in 2006, according to the Pima County Registrar of Voters. He also voted in 2006 and 2008 but did not vote in last November’s mid-term elections, which also is indicative of his political stance. The fact that he is not a registered Republican or Democrat suggests a clear breakdown of trust in the mainstream governmental system, seeking answers in alternative political elements, which can always be a cause for concern.

Pam Geller manages to mention that on Atlas Shrugs:

‘Loughner’s decision to affiliate as an independent rather than a Republican or Democrat would seem to affirm the sense that while he targeted Giffords in the attack, it was not a decision born of a set of deeply held political beliefs that fit neatly into either party.’

How very irresponsible of Pam Geller? Backtracking are we?? First she labels Loughner a ‘certified left wing nut’, and then she insinuates that Loughner has Islamist ties, and then she states that he was apolitical. It really would have been easier to just not say anything at all, but hey, who am I kidding, its Pam Geller, she thrives on spreading propaganda and lies.

Liberal or not, it is very possible for an individual to retract from their beliefs and adopt the opposite views, or engage in a 360 degree turn in terms of political ideology.

Ultra rightwing racist, extreme Zionist radio host, Michael Savage, is a famous case in point. Savage himself stated he was once a ‘liberal’, who shifted in his beliefs, due to disillusions with the welfare system when he was a social worker. Witnessing an incident, how he delivered checks to welfare recipients who were given funds to furnish their apartments, while his own abode was empty with nothing but card boxes, was the final nail in the coffin for him to convert. Savage went from partially sane to, spewing hatred against blacks, immigrants, gays, liberals, Muslims, and inciting murder and ethnic violence. Yup, it is possible.

Loughner simply converted to other extremist beliefs, possibly triggered by his lack of success in life, and a lack of answers in the mainstream. Again, there is no ‘Islamist’ connection. The attack was apparently not religiously motivated, but an attack based on the killers personal conflictions and demons.

Pam you got that?

Descent into madness:

Unemployed Loughner, was fired and dismissed from many jobs, due to erratic behavior and a refusal to take orders from the top of the hierarchy. This was also the time his mental health began to wither away.

It has also emerged that; the end of his relationship with his high school sweetheart may have snapped rationality within Loughner. Kelsey Hawkes stated that this love split may have caused Loughner to psychologically deteriorate:

‘The high school sweetheart of the Arizona gunman has said his descent into madness began after she broke up with him.

Kelsey Hawkes described how Jared Loughner, whom she dated for a year in 2005 when she was 15, turned from a normal person into a ‘psycho’ when she ended their relationship.

Many of the people who interacted and met Loughner, neighbors, classmates, and now former girlfriend, have stated that he was seemingly normal, and then turned into a crazed deviant.

Other factors also may have contributed to the insanity of Loughner.He tried to enlist in the Military in 2008, however, due to a failed drug test which is mandatory, he was rejected. This was evidently an unprecedented blow to his ego, and could possibly have been motivation, to rage against, and blame the upper governmental system,

Loughner was also suspended from Pima Community college, after a series of disruptive events:

‘Jared Loughner, the suspected gunman in a Tucson shooting rampage, had five run-ins with Pima Community College campus police and was placed on suspension for violating the student code of conduct, which later led to his withdrawal from the school.’

This included campus, classroom and library disruptions. All this behavior was not at any time sparked by religion or political beliefs. Those who knew Loughner state that he was averse to religion in all its forms.

According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a leaked memo has stated that there may be a white supremacist connection in this case.

It is reported that Loughner may have had links to the extreme right wing publication ‘American Renaissance’, a white survivalist magazine that has argued in the past, that not all races have the same intelligence, and mental wavelength, and has described the recent success within the Republican Party as the ‘Great white wave.’ It has also been accused of Anti-Semitism.

This has been strongly denied by the founder of the magazine, Jared Taylor, who has denied any involvement with Loughner.

Paranoia, it seems also played its part. It is reported that Loughner believed that the US government was responsible for the 9/11 atrocities, believed in a New World Order, was obsessed with the 2012 Prophecy, believed that Banks and bankers were responsible for the war on terror, and was staunchly anti-government.

This is clearly a case of a mentally disturbed, discombobulated and disillusioned young man, unable to control his own life, and behavioral problems. Blaming the failures on the upper establishment was a means of justification to Loughner, reasoning for his deranged mental state.

The metamorphosis of Loughner would prove deadly.

Sinister Youtube rants:

The many blurred and philosophically vague video posts by Loughner, beg many to question the actions that occurred in the massacre.

In a series of YouTube posts, Loughner makes startling and sweeping statements that are still obscure, to say the least. Loughner emphasizes his distrust of the government and their ‘oppressive’ agenda.

The other videos also have an anti government, anti American undertone to them:

“This video is my introduction to you! My favorite activity is conscience dreaming; the greatest inspiration for my political business information. Some of you don’t dream – sadly.” “The majority of citizens in the united states of America [sic] have never read the United States of America’s constitution. You don’t have to accept the federalist laws,”

“In conclusion, reading the second United States constitution, I can’t trust the current government because of the ratifications: the government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar. No! I won’t pay debt with a currency that’s not backed by gold and silver! No! I won’t trust in God!”

The bizarre rants do not have any political undertones, actually, what the rants and rebelling demonstrate is a lack of political convictions, anti-religion, anti-establishment, anti-currency, anti-constitution, it is pattern to reject the system that is handed to us as citizens, to assert individual power over the very institution that governs us. Loughner’s specific rant about the illiteracy rates, brainwashing and currency suggest that he was locked in a mental battle of fallacy and isolation.

Loughner’s emphasis on ‘conscience dreaming’, elaborates on his detachment and rejection of reality, and the formation of an alternative world, his own world, functioned by his own control and emotions.

Geller points out that Loughner in his last video, ‘America: Your Last Memory in a Terrorist Country’, is wearing a ‘Burka’ like outfit, and burning the American Flag, so BANG! He is a Mooslim!

Geller writes:

‘UPDATE: This is Jared’s “music video” — this flag burning madness. This is Jared, dressed as a terrorist in the video burning the flag. (FOX confirmed this is Jared in the burka-like get-up.)’

I will explain what I see. A psychopath, wearing a mask and a garbage bag to conceal his identity. Simple. How Geller interprets this as remotely ‘Islamic’ is a pure wonder.

Interpretation and Symbolism sure are not Geller’s strongest intellectual qualities, but thankfully they are mine.

Loughner intended this video to shock and perplex its viewers, and he employs tactics that would inflame the left and the right, from his preference for communist manifesto’s to his link with supremacy, and then eerie hidden video messages.

The video symbolizes barren land, which Loughner is trying to present as the USA, himself as the faceless skeleton, and the burning flag as his response to the concept of America and the Constitution. Flag burning is a very contentious issue, and it is a clear message from Loughner about his position. Flag burning is viewed As Un-American, disloyal, an absence of respect, and that is exactly what Loughner intended. The faceless, silent, skeleton is symbolic of the masses of Americans who abide by the Constitution and law, who do what they are told, and who trust in God and Government, in Capitalism and currency. It is a rejection of nationality, patriotism, and identity.

Shame on Pamela Geller:

The answer is simple: Jared Loughner encompasses a lack of humanity, possesses no moral conscience, and can be defined as a self entitled sociopath.

Loughner was frustrated with his failings in life, and lack of relevance to society, which led to deviance. He held a bitter grudge against Congresswoman Giffords, which translated into violence, a buildup of resentment, which was engineered towards the establishment. Giffords was attacked for being a powerful public figure, attacked for what she represented, not necessarily based on her Jewish faith, but a need for Loughner to exercise power and control.

Loughner is a terrorist. Not a “Jihadist,” or “Islamist,” “pro-medieval Sharia” supporting terrorist, but a crazed, vindictive, homegrown, terrorist. His obsession with Nazi and socialist material, frames his desperation to fit into an ideological mould, which proved to be ineffectual to him.

Geller is desperate to detract from Loughner’s ‘white’ American ethnicity, and somehow, in a weird and bigoted parallel universe, make him appear a ‘Muslim’, even though Islam has no correlation to Loughner, his irrationality, and the events that lead to the massacre. I have never crossed a right-wing nut so obsessed with Islam!

Terrorism comes in all forms, from all religious and political backgrounds, and Pam Geller is afraid that America will see that, it is not just Jihadists that create terrorism, America too can create terrorists.

Pamela Geller’s racist rhetoric and Islamophobic connotative tone, seeks to debase the situation at hand, the Arizona shootings, and promote her own violent agenda, making slanderous and gross assumptions, which are prejudiced and discriminatory. America’s pain, should not be Pam Geller’ gain.

It is appalling that during times of such national hardship, Geller is stirring the pot of fascism, in a typical self-serving manner.

Truly incorrigible.


  1. She is blind alright but she’s not stupid as long as people listen and give her attention ,she will keep doing this things over and over.So why not just ignore her …

  2. I appreciate any takedown of Pam Geller. But I have to take issue with one point in the story. You wrote:

    “The fact that he is not a registered Republican or Democrat suggests a clear breakdown of trust in the mainstream governmental system, seeking answers in alternative political elements, which can always be a cause for concern.”

    Why is seeking answers in “alternative political elements” a cause for concern? Why is lacking trust for the “mainstream governmental system” cause for concern? Who has any right to be concerned by this?

    With this one line, you are suggesting that the government, as well as the current two-party corporate system, are basically sound and functioning well, serving the interests of all, and that anyone who lacks trust in government or seeks alternatives is potentially trouble.

    What I regard as far more dangerous is this authoritarian view, the suggestion that we have to look out for those who have issues with people in power.

    Someone looking outside mainstream, conventional ideas is not cause for concern. We must not assume the worst from those who have wide and varied tastes or interests, and we must not be troubled by people who act and think in ways that differ from elected officials – indeed, they are the ones who are almost always responsible for our progress.

    Please remove the offending line, or explain your thinking/purpose.

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