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Fisher Price: Islam is the Light Baby Doll?

17 January 2011 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Fisher Price: Islam is the Light Baby Doll?

A blast from the past. Around Christmas time 2008 a doll was being sold by Fisher Price that cooed and gaga’d but through the power of suggestion some started to believe that the doll was saying, “Islam is the light,” but if you listen closely you could make it out to say anything:

Spencer and other Islamophobes jumped on this at the time and put it forward as another instance of the insidious creeping Jihad. One of Texas’s finest, Pastor David Grice extrapolated that the doll was a sign of “us” being “under attack religiously,” strangely he also saw a foreign Chinese conspiracy involved as well:


  1. This is ridiculous. Hey Pastor Grice…… how about “Be not afraid”. Also, take a look at Aquinas’ take on Gluttony regarding the deadly sins. Also, take a closer look at Matthew 7:5 – “You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother’s eye.”

    I see a fat, self-righteous, narrow-minded, megalomaniac, Grand Prairie Texas, “pastor” stirring his flock with fear and mistrust. Proverbs 16:18 fits Grice well: “Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

    Keep in mind… Christ would NEVER have made this a sermon.

  2. I think it says, “follow islam or I will cut your freaken head off.”

  3. Note the nonsense:

    All who fail to embrace Islam are islamophobes because one cannot dislike Islam, to dislike Islam can only come from fear and for no other reason. There are no legitimate reasons (for non-Muslims) to not embrace Islam and all its teaching and customs. Anyone doing so, must therefore be phobic and one cannot be phobic of anything.

    Fear is a natural human reaction that comes about automatically when we encounter anything that is not natural (like Islam) in our lives. So this Islamic phobia is quite natural and normal and should actually be encouraged. We must all try and do our best to diminish and marginalize this so called religion at every opportunity until its relegated back to the cave it grew from.

    Yes my friends if it were up to me, this cancer would be isolated and relentlessly critiqued for the lie that it is. And I am just getting started.

    Phobic & Proud !

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