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Roberta Moore: JDL’s New Pamela Geller

26 January 2011 5 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Roberta Moore: JDL’s New Pamela Geller

How long til Roberta is posing with Pamela Geller?

Just when you think that the bizzaro world of Islamophobia could not get any more loopy than the Geller/Spencer alliance there springs yet another vitriolic figure to make the lives of peaceful citizens that tad bit more intolerable.

Roberta Moore, the newly appointed head of the UK branch of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), a committed ally of the English Defence League (EDL).

How two such juxtaposing ideologies managed to align with each other is surprising but not difficult to comprehend. They have a common “enemy”: Islam and Muslims. The coalition aims to single out Muslims in Britain, scrutinize and suffocate their existence, and cause restless violence.

Little is known about Moore, but in an expose and interview with Israeli news giant Haaretz what is prominent are Moore’s hard-line Kahanist and radical Zionist views. She may not project Pam Geller’s ‘washed-out porn star’ look, but hey, do not be fooled, the lady is Britain’s answer to Geller.

Roberta Moore is a Brazilian born Jew, who joined the Israeli Army at the Age of 18, and reportedly carved a business career for herself in Israel. She describes herself as a non-practicing Jew, but an ‘unrestrained Kahanist’, (follower of racist JDL founder Rabbi Meir Kahane), and believes in engaging in a racial war with the Muslim world, especially Palestinians, in order to reclaim the Holy land of Israel in the name of ‘Kahanism’.

So, let us analyse the many ramblings of the JDL priestess:

‘We believe that if we call the enemy by his name, we will be able to fight him. We single out organizations that discriminate against Jews and anti-Zionist organizations, and try to explain there is no difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. We send them letters and wait for a response, and then we take action to expose them.”

Moore’s hatred of anything remotely Islamic is linked to her radical and neo-fascist beliefs. Roberta Moore really should not be quick to engage in Muslim bashing, seeming as though she herself has a very disputable agenda and political affiliations.

Let us delve deeper into the violent warmongering world of ‘Kahanism’.

‘Kahanism’ is a far-right, nationalist ideology, viewed by many as a radical, extremist fringe group. It is a fundamentalist theory that encourages acts of terrorism and violence against Muslims and Arabs.

Kahanism was the brain child of ultra-racist Rabbi Meir Kahane, founder of the USA Jewish Defence League (JDL). JDL is listed as a terrorist organisation by the United States of America, where the group is described by the FBI as a ‘right-wing terrorist group’ plotting terrorist attacks in the US, and is cited as a hate group engaging in ‘anti-Arab terrorism’, by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Kahanist offshoot parties, ‘Kach’ and ‘Kahane Chai’, are also listed as terrorist groups by the USA, Israel, Canada, and the European Union.

The JDL/Kahanist ideology was also responsible for the murder of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Regional Director, Alex Odeh in 1985, a plot to kill US Congressman Darrell Issa in 2001, and for the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre, where JDL member Baruch Goldstein, gunned and killed 29 Palestinian worshippers, and  left 125 wounded.

This act of murder was met with condemnation and support of Goldstein in the Jewish World.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, described Baruch Goldstein as, a ‘degenerate murderer’, and ‘a shame on Zionism and an embarrassment to Judaism’.

The JDL maintained that the act of murder by Goldstein was ”a preventative measure against yet another Arab attack on Jews”.

Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba praised the massacre, “Goldstein could not continue to bear all the cases he was seeing as a doctor; he might have gone insane from all he went through” further adding “since Goldstein did what he did in God’s name, he is to be regarded as a Righteous Man” and asserted that Goldstein was “a martyr of God”; “His hands are innocent, and his heart is pure.’

Mike Guzofsky, a Jewish militant and spokesperson for Kahane Chai in New York praised Goldstein,”He wanted to stop the peace process dead. He couldn’t have picked a better day – Purim, when Jews fight back.”

Does this make Moore a terrorist or a terrorist supporter?

“We are not anti-Muslim,” Moore emphasizes. “We are anti-Islam, as everyone should be. Islam is not a religion, but a cult. It has all the features of a cult, like the religions of Jim Jones and David Koresh. It’s exactly the same. But people don’t understand that.”

Moore echoes Wilders here, stating that Islam is not a religion, that it should not be afforded the status of religion. How exactly does “anti-Islam” translate itself into a practical idea? When it comes from the mouths of bigots and not critics it is nothing less than hate speech.

The reality is that Kahanism is in fact a cult which deliberately recruits Jews, brainwashes them to commit violent acts, uses them as tools for political gain, and then praises the murders and massacres of innocents in the name of God, sound familiar?

Moore clearly is subjective and selective in her approach to Islam, only highlighting the extremist interpretation, whilst completely neglecting the moderate and peaceful majority. However, what is most disconcerting is Moore’s hatred and religious stereotyping, which is responsible for the misinformation and moral panic that is spread by her hate group.

Moore goes on to continue her Islamophobic speel:

“In Britain we are critical of the Muslims because they come here and get government support and then have the temerity to hurt the country and its citizens. They say, ‘We will attack you, we will inflict a holocaust on you’ – all that rubbish. Why should I be silent?’

Moore’s constant use of the term ‘they’, to refer to Muslims, only confirms her isolationist mentality of apartheid and colonisation towards Islam.

So what about all the tax paying, law abiding, peaceful Muslim citizens who contribute billions in revenue to the UK? Are they merely a fairy tale or a hologram? Moore’s hatred of Muslims leads her to repeat the well worn charges leveled at immigrants and those despised as the “other” that they are “leeches on the State.”

If Roberta Moore is so concerned about British society and its security, she should care to mention the need to tackle drug gangs, knife gangs and crime, sex trafficking, the UK arms trade, gang warfare, child abuse and paedophile gangs, the broken judicial system, and the list could continue.

According to Roberta Moore, only Muslims are paedophiles and drug addicts, and commit crimes, no one else.

Roberta Moore claims that Muslims want to kill, destroy her, and eradicate Israel by inflicting a Holocaust on the Jews. Must I remind her who was really responsible for the Holocaust, the Nazis, White Supremacists who still scathingly despise the Jews and many of their adherents are in the EDL, the group she has decided to ally with.

“There is no solution. We have to do what we did with the Nazis – fight back! They are harming and insulting us, and we have to become stronger, to fight and that’s all. Then there will be peace. It has to be made clear that anyone who touches Israel will be attacked in return: an eye for an eye. When that happens, we will no longer be in the situation in which we find ourselves today.’

It really irks me when radicals such as Moore compare Islam  and Muslims to Nazism and Nazis. The difference is that Muslims did not create Jewish suffering and murder six million Jews; the Nazis committed the heinous crime and unbelievably she is now in bed with the cretins who are the progeny of the hateful ideology of Hitler.

It makes as much sense as Barney and Friends getting the lead role in Saw 4.

Completely illogical.

That Nazi elements are prevalent in the EDL has been well documented by many news outlets, activists, and commentators.

The EDL leader Tommy Robinson is a former member of the British National Party (BNP) an extreme racist and violent political group in the UK, famous for its anti-Semitic views and Holocaust denial. Robinson also was convicted for the assault of an off-duty police officer, and served a 12 month prison term.

Many of the EDL demonstrations have consisted of its supporters bearing Nazi salutes. Many of the EDL supporter hail from thug gangs and football hooliganism.

I wonder how long this EDL/JDL honeymoon alliance will last? I mean, when Kahanists and Nazis start working together, bad things are bound to happen.

In Early January, Rabbi Nekrich of Brandenburg, Germany, issued a warning to German Jews to stop wearing traditional Jewish clothing and symbols that would clearly identify them as Jews to fascists. This was due to the recent rise in Anti-Semitic attacks against Jews in Germany, and also from the Rabbi’s personal experience in a train, where he was harassed due to his identifiable clothing.

‘Formerly from Russia, Rabbi Nekrich said he had been accosted on a train in Brandenburg by drunks three years ago.

‘I’m not saying that they were neo-Nazis,’ he told a Berlin newspaper. ‘But they had very short hair.

‘I had started to read a prayer book when one of the men approached me, asked if it was written in Hebrew and then threw it on the ground.’ (Daily mail)

This proves that the neo-Nazis are still as dangerous and existential a threat to Jewish existence that they were in 1933, when the Holocaust began and instead of teaming up with them as Roberta Moore has done she should urge Jews and other concerned citizens to fight the threat they pose.

Roberta goes on to claim,

“I had a Muslim boyfriend for four years, but he wasn’t religious. He drank and ate pork like everyone else. I have many Muslim friends from Pakistan and Iraq, and also people with whom I have business connections. I get along with them very well because they do not try to impose anything. The problem is that they are being brainwashed and believe they are superior to everyone else. They have the right to think that, but don’t try to force your opinions on me and tell me the clothes I wear or the music I listen to are bad. Or that my beliefs are inferior and I must not do this or that. Why do we women have to cover anything?”

Roberta Moore is offering this revelation as a means of detracting from her racist ideologies. Her claims are a mass of contradictions.

She further claims that she has many friends from Muslim backgrounds, yet in her quotes she happily labels and stereotypes, referring to Muslims as ‘they’, criminals, Palestinians as her enemy, accusing all Muslims of being welfare scroungers, brainwashed, accusing all Muslims of wanting to kill her and spark a genocide, and some other really schizophrenic ramblings.

Why would any Muslim want to be her friend, when Roberta Moore views them as the scum on her shoe? It really defies basic human understanding.

In conclusion, Roberta Moore, an incredibly puzzled woman is a terrorist endorsing, media obsessed, attention seeking anti-Muslim Islamophobic sell-out, who is marred with fascist and xenophobic qualities, and has aligned with dangerous fringe extremist groups to further a warped agenda — a description that mirrors to a tee her American doppelgänger Pam Geller.


  1. Why does everything people like you say, just come out as a lame and falsely accusing and over exaggerated insult and lie. Like saying Geller said all muslims were trying to kill her and calling that schizophrenic. Are you trying to tell me that a huge majority of muslims DO want to kill jews, and anyone who insults them? Or did you forget things like, Egypt forcing all the jews out a mere 25 years ago? Taking their land, their businesses and selling it for profit.

    As it is right now, the copt christians in egypt have their daughters kidnapped by muslims, in conspiracy with the police (whom christians are not allowed to become) who state the girls ran away willingly. These teenage girls are then either forced married to a muslim and force converted, or as one 12 year old who escaped put it “I was gang raped by around 50 men over a period of a month” they told her if she tried to leave they would do the same to her mother and kill her siblings. During the ‘protests’ in Egypt female protesters were arrested and beaten, tortured, and given forced ‘virginity tests’ and then shock tortured if they allegedly weren’t. They took nude photographs of them and said they would charge them with prostitution. Which is an executable offense in most muslim countries. The muslims also used the chaos and confusion to break into their christian neighbors homes, murder them and their families down to infants, whose throats they cut, then stole all their belongings. The army bulldozed down a 14th century monastery; and a church was not allowed to make repairs to a staircase, to the cheering of mobs outside.

    This is just ONE country. I am a christian. I am saddened by the fact that you would rather call people CRAZY than acknowledge the deaths of millions of christians over the past 20 years at the hands of islam. YOU are the one who is wrong. I am not PHOBIC of islam. As a woman, I despise it, as I must. Forced marriages, women’s rights (none) honor killings, acid attacks, the rapes of christian girls as young as 2 years old; church burnings; the homes of christians burned; christians falsely accused of blasphemy when PROVEN innocent are shot and killed on the doorsteps of the courthouse. You make me sick.

  2. […] Americans Against Islamophobia reports that Moore is now the UK head of the right-wing Jewish Defence League (JDL) and a ”committed ally” of the EDL. Moore, who recognised me, refused to confirm this (or even speak to me) when I asked her. […]

  3. people really need to do their own research and NOT BE BRAIN WASHED… if u look into islam u will come to realise that what the relgion is about is totally the oposite of what its being made out to be.. ISLAM means peace, cleanliness and forgivness. people who are raping girls deserve to be punished no matter what their religion.. terroists are NOT muslims as in islam murder, suicide and adultry are the 3 biggest sins that will not be forgiven and they deserve to be punished.. forced marriages in NOT allowed in the quran, and people who force there daughters are not doing it because their muslims but because they themselves are not fully aware of the relgion and also because of their pride and honour which by the way is ‘haram’ in islam.. so can i ask why are all muslims being painted with the same brush..??? not all muslims are bad just like not all christians are good.. I for one think all this racisim is rubbish and will get you no where in life.. YES punish them who are doing wrong. infact am discusted by people like that who are given islam a bad name and will be happy to see them punished.. there is nothing wrong with the religion itself,its some muslims who are giving a reason to others to doubt the relgion.. we muslims belive that the punishment in the after life will be 1000 times sever/worse then any punishment that can be given on this world so thats why most of us are waiting for inevatable.

  4. “Roberta Moore claims that Muslims want to kill, destroy her, and eradicate Israel by inflicting a Holocaust on the Jews. Must I remind her who was really responsible for the Holocaust, the Nazis, White Supremacists who still scathingly despise the Jews and many of their adherents are in the EDL, the group she has decided to ally with.”

    “It really irks me when radicals such as Moore compare Islam and Muslims to Nazism and Nazis. The difference is that Muslims did not create Jewish suffering and murder six million Jews; the Nazis committed the heinous crime and unbelievably she is now in bed with the cretins who are the progeny of the hateful ideology of Hitler.”

    Dear anonymous writer/blogger,
    In your rush to condemn Mrs. Moore you didn’t do your homework sufficiently and succumbed to the usual ignorance that prevails among Westerners courtesy of your [plural] respective educational systems and media. Unfortunately I’m not really surprised.

    First of all, the *Muslim* Haj Amin al Husseini from the Land of Israel a.k.a. Palestine was rabidly pro-Nazi during WWII. He founded and directed *Muslim* SS units in the Balkans that murdered thousands of Jews, not to mention his egging on of the Nazis to be more zealous in their execution of the Final Solution (for example, to murder all the Jews of Iraq and Israel). When you claim with a straight face that Muslims (not “the Muslims” as in all Muslims) had no part in creating Jewish suffering in cahoots with the Nazis, you just expose your own ignorance.
    That non-Muslims were immeasurably more numerous than Muslim Nazis doesn’t detract from the guilt of the aforementioned Muslim Nazis and their supporters.

    Secondly, Mrs. Moore is correct in claiming Muslims want to murder, destroy, and eradicate Israel by inflicting a Holocaust on the Jews. Most people worldwide are unaware of this either through willful or unintended ignorance. Even if you belong to the latter, this ignorance is quite inexcusable in this day and age of omnipresent internet connection across the West, all the more considering you sound rather intelligent. Your attempt to divert attention away from this by pointing to the horrific events of WWII perpetrated by the non-Muslim Nazis do not change the fact that many Muslims want to commit genocide upon the Jews in the Land of Israel and everywhere else.

  5. That should be rabid dogs….got to stop typing while annoyed.

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