Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Sweden Democrats leader says terrorism is ‘a form of Islamic tactic’ and calls for fight against ‘Islamism as a political ideology’

Sweden’s far-right leader on Wednesday called for a fight against Islamic extremism at a parliamentary debate in connection with the December suicide attack in Stockholm.

“Terrorism is not an isolated threat. It is a form of Islamic tactic and it is Islamism as a political ideology that needs to be fought and mapped out,” Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson said.

Åkesson, whose anti-immigration party burst onto the Swedishpolitical scene after the September election, acknowledged that only an extremely small portion of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims committed terrorist acts, but said many more “sympathise with Islamism.”

Åkesson, whose Sweden Democrats’ requested Wednesday’s parliamentary debate following the country’s first-ever suicide attack, insisted an important debate had been stifled in Sweden by “a fear of being branded Islamophobic.”

Green Party parliamentarian Maria Ferm blasted Åkesson for “trying to connect the typical picture of a terrorist to the Muslim man,” insisting that only 0.34 percent of all terror attacks in Europe are committed by Islamic extremists. Most attacks, she said, were carried out by rightwing and leftwing extremists.

Swedish Wire, 26 January 2011

Original post: Sweden Democrats leader says terrorism is ‘a form of Islamic tactic’ and calls for fight against ‘Islamism as a political ideology’


  1. This guy is either out of his mind or I guess he
    is suffering from prejudism. I have read Qur’an myself and I haven’t
    found anything wrong in it. Their is a clear verse in the Qur’an which
    says that
    “If you kill a man,it is as if you have killed the entire mankind, and if you save the life of a man,it is as if you have saved the life of entire mankind”

    I have done research myself on different religions and I cannot understand how can such a religion which cares so much for humanity could really take life of humanity and could preach terrorism?

  2. Frank you should probably read the Quran again and it would be helpful if you were awake this time because there are coutless verses in it that make the killing of non muslims a good thing. Just because you tried hard and found one line that didn’t go down that road does not mean a thing.

  3. Frank Wallis, what are you talking about.
    It clearly says that a Jihad must be waged against all non-believers. I mean it is one thing for the interpretation to mean a jihad against ones own personal weakness or immorality, a sort of inner inquisition against ones demons, but it is clear that the quaran clearly calls for a war against other religions.

    I find those white liberal Islamic revisionists, like yourself, claiming Islam is a religion of love and peace, to be so perverted.

  4. John Bernard,
    With 1.7 billion Muslims on Earth if what you are saying is true, then surely we should be victorious as we should have enough people to finish all other races. I am glad what Islam teach us love and Patience instead of Hatred and killing of innocent people.
    Islam is a religion of peace just as Islam teaches peace, and for your information Allah ordered us to more than nice. I am not saying there are not some ignorant once on our side just as you have yours on your side.

    Now with regards to Religion Frank is right. Allah created all the souls, and we are allowed to kill it just under prescribed islamic laws (other than terrorism) note that there had been two executions on inmates on death row in Texas last week so does that make Texas law a terrorist state?), and I say Allah, because Allah is the god the Christians Call the father of Jesus. except that we don’t say he is his father. So for those who insult Allah, they are simply insulting the father of Jesus is that is what they believe and that does not really make sense.
    John Please take a copy of Koran and read it. You knowledge about Islam seems to be quite microscopic.

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