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Jingle Bells…Jihad Bells?

29 January 2011 IslamophobiaToday One Comment Email This Post Email This Post

Satire is a great technique. Satire is not only used for humor, but to criticize social norms.  But what happens when satire goes wrong?

Jingle Bells – The Bethlehem Version

We produced a clip in English featuring a version of Jingle Bells that depicts the lives of Christians who live in the Muslim world as seen by Tawil Fadiha, the Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage.

Here it is. Please spread it far and wide.

Who was behind this video? Caroline Glick.  According to Wikipedia she has done similar projects in the past, and has been ridiculed for it, even called a racist:

In June 2010, Glick co-produced and appeared in We Con the World, a satirical video by Latma TV about the Gaza flotilla attempt to breach the Israeli blockade of Gaza. The video clip quickly garnered over 3,000,000 hits from YouTube viewers before being abruptly removed by the online hosting site due to alleged copyright concerns, though some[11][12] have speculated that its removal was prompted by considerations other than legitimate copyright concerns.[13] The video drew both criticism[14] and praise.[15][16] Writing for the Guardian, Meron Rapoport said the video was “anti-Muslim,”[17] while Eileen Read, in The Huffington Post described the mocking of flotilla victims as “tasteless and blatantly racist.”[14] Glick has dismissed claims that the video is offensive, saying “The point of satire is to make people uncomfortable. We’re not trying to be fair and balanced, we’re trying to make a point.”[18]

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  1. Definitely hate mongering and at Christmas! The hypocrisy is just dripping.

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