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Pamela Geller Watch: Loonwatch is Libelous Smear Machine and Hate Site

29 January 2011 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Pamela Geller Watch: Loonwatch is Libelous Smear Machine and Hate Site

Loon extraordinaire, Pamela Geller and likewise her bosom buddy Robert Spencer have been staying mum on Loonwatch as much as they can. After initially crying about us being some insidious plot of the famed George Soros (we’re still waiting for our check), or a Liberal-Islamist conspiracy, for the most part Pamela and Spencer have fled from debate or addressing any number of our fact-based refutations and exposes of their bigoted and shallow view of Islam and Muslims.

Occasionally they have been forced, due to LW being cited in the mainstream media or by activists challenging their assertions to spew their vitriolic ad hominem attacks at LW, and it is no different this time.

In a post carrying her usual hyperbolic style titled, “ONSLAUGHT OF ACADEMIC ISLAMIZATION: BROOKLYN COLLEGE HIRES PRO-HOMICIDE BOMBER PROFESSOR” Geller writes:

The onslaught of the islamization of our universities and the indoctrination of our most precious resource, America’s young minds, continues apace.

Everything Geller writes about is some sort of fantastical conspiracy theory, she is like some Alex Jones wannabe on steroids. In fact this is more projection by Geller, as in reality it is her, Spencer and Spencer’s boss David Horowitz who are truly attempting to indoctrinate the minds of America’s youth…(all be it not as successfully as Snookie from Jersey Shore.)

Horowitz for instance is the founder and president of Students for Academic Freedom (SAF), an Orwellian organization that aims to fire professors who he feels are too “liberal” or who don’t provide a Conservative view of things…perhaps like teaching Creationism  in Biology class?

Horowitz also is the founder of the anti-Muslim Islamo-fascism Awareness Week, which if viewed or attended is like a highlight reel of the most ardent anti-Muslim Islamophobes on the scene today.

Geller continues:

I am not talking about the Edward Said chairs, the oppression of Jewish students on campus, the historically inaccurate textbooks and whitewashing of Islam, the millions from the Saudis to Harvard, Georgetown et al, the blacklisting of former Muslims and Islamic scholars from speaking at universities and colleges, etc.

We are far beyond that. I am fielding questions from a student at OSU who is taking a class in “islamophobia.” I kid you not. And the University of Toronto is using the notorious libelous smear machine and hate site, Loonwatch, as a source. A source.

We are witnessing a virtual tsunami of propaganda, oppression of free speech and clampdown on the free exchange of ideas — in other words, we are witnessing the enforcing of Islamic law (sharia).

A little over the top there Pam? She informs us that the University of Toronto is using Loonwatch as a source. They are probably doing this because though we are a satirical site we are a fact based one that analyzes the broad and small of Islamophobia and and anti-Muslim bigotry.  She responds to this with horror and goes on to call us a “notorious libelous smear machine and hate site.” We have to remind Pamela that we are not the ones being sued for libel, that happens to be you at the moment.

Coming from Geller this is like a profound badge of honor because the slander with which she describes us is really a projection. Geller must know that she is a liar who invents things whole clothe and routinely borders on the insane with her (retracted) proclamation of Obama being the love child of Malcolm X or Campbell soup aiding in the secret stealth creeping Jihad take over of the United States.


  1. I totally missed Obama being the love child of Malcolm X, who was the mother?

  2. This is CLEARLY a case of the pot calling the clean snow black!! Pam Geller goes BEYOND hypocrisy here.

    First, she complains about a class being taught called “Islamaphobia”….as if it were a class called “unicornphobia“. Islamaphobia is REAL and she (along with Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and many others) demonstrate it constantly. They’re living walking case studies of Islamaphobia! Then she complains about Loonwatch being used as a source for the class on Islamaphobia being taught at the Univ. of Toronto. While she attempts to discredit Loonwatch (chalk up a #FAIL for her), she cannot refute (or, as Sarah “the I quit half-governor” Palin would say, “refudiate” –LOL) any of the facts that Loonwatch has presented that refute everything that she and Spencer and the rest of their ilk spew when they lie against Islam.

    She’s just like Sarah Palin. The more she rants, the more you learn of her craziness.

    That’s why she’s EARNED her spot on the Loonwatch!!

  3. I read this stuff for the same reason I watch Daily Show over any other News network. Like Daily Show, this website covers pretty much everything you would see on Fox News (head of 9/11 Muslim Conspiracies) and I get a good laugh at it all at the same time.

    If there was enough funding involved (and enough people not completely brainwashed prior to it happening) I would actually like to see a News Show just for this kind of thing. I would actually watch it.

  4. You know as a former Brooklyn College student I know better than to give any weight to this BS. What bothers me the most is the play that these two-posing as serious commentators of culture and journalist’s.

    Did they go to the Bachmann school of Journalism? I mean WTF!!

  5. As a proud resident of the great state of Minnesota, I appeal to you to stop besmirching our remarkable state bird, the loon, by associating it with people who are creating their 15 minutes of fame, or perhaps some paltry fortune, by selling dangerous falsehoods to the media. Hatespeech is more dangerous than any belief, especially when it is in the form of a call to action.

  6. “all be it” is actually one word: albeit

  7. Death is too good for people like Pam Geller (zionist) and her buddies. They should be imprisoned in a Mosque.

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