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Allen West Engages in Double Speak on Islam

1 February 2011 General 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

BOYNTON BEACH — An overwhelmingly supportive crowd of 400 or more greeted new U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Plantation, at his first public meeting with Palm Beach County constituents tonight, but he still faced some tough questions.

It was the second packed house in four nights for West, who also drew about 400 people to a town hall meeting with Broward County constituents last week in Deerfield Beach.

Tonight’s standing-room-only crowd at St. Mark’s Catholic School applauded when West announced where his district offices are and when he said Congress needs to spend more days working in Washington.

There was applause and even a “whoo-hoo” from the audience when West announced he’ll be on the House Small Business Committee.

When West opened the floor for about an hour of questions, however, he said he wanted to hear first from people who didn’t vote for him.

His first questioner, Anole Halper of Lake Worth, brought up the 2003 incident in which West, then a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel serving in Iraq, fired a pistol near the head of an Iraqi detainee to get him to divulge information about a suspected ambush.

Halper mentioned “torture” before much of her question was drowned out by boos and groans from the audience.

“Having been a commander in combat, if you were one of my soldiers, I would have done the exact same action to protect you,” West responded.

“Obviously people want to continue to bring up something that happened almost eight years ago. I was taken out of command, I was fined $5,000, the matter is over,” said West, who was allowed to retire with a full pension after the incident.

West was also confronted by Nezar Hamze, executive director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, who brought up West’s past criticisms of Islam.

“You have consistently demonized and insulted my religion. … You’ve insulted the prophet,” Hamze said.

“I will always defend your right to practice a true religion under the First Amendment,” West said. But, West added, “I’m not going to stop speaking the truth,” and he began reciting violent incidents from Islamic history.

“Your version of Islam is exactly what the anti-Islam people are teaching you,” said Hamze, who said acts of violence “have nothing to do with Islam.”

Afterward, Hamze gave West some credit.

“It’s good that he’s opening the floor,” said Hamze. “He’s not afraid to take any questions.”

As in Deerfield Beach last week, West began the meeting by presenting a series of slides showing America’s long-term deficit and debt issues. He said changes are needed to the “big three” entitlement programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but didn’t go into specifics.

West got 54.4 percent in November to unseat two-term Democratic incumbent Ron Klein in a district that’s nearly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans and was carried by Barack Obama in 2008.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched radio ads and automated phone calls aimed at West and 18 other House Republicans around the U.S. who have been targeted for defeat in 2012.

“I couldn’t even have this job for 30 days and they’re already running attack ads on me,” West told the crowd. He added: “Never pick a fight with a guy that knows how to fight.”

Original post: Allen West Engages in Double Speak on Islam


  1. As long as he’s not afraid to talk about it, there is hope. Let’s not forget, he was in a war where the enemy was comprised of mainly Muslims and his side was mainly non-muslim. That’ll etch itself in your mind, to be sure.

  2. Yes, Allen West understands Islam alright! So what is it and what exactly what does sharia law entail? One of the aims of Islam is to REPLACE man-made law with sharia law (Allah’s law). Sharia law is based on the Qu’ran and the hadith. No matter what anyone tells you.. just alittle bit of halal slaughter there.. maybe a bit of sharia jurisdiction there concerning divorce.. there is NO such thing as “Sharia Lite”!

    Here are a whole bunch of answers:

  3. Oh, I will be nice & I will be on topic. But you will not like what you read. Surprise me & post please.

    Your representation of what happened that night is completely skewed & out of touch with reality just as Mr. Hamze was. Why don’t you post the video on YOU TUBE? This site is a scam to make freedom loving people feel guilty for fearing legitimate things such as muslims strapping bombs to themselves in airports / public places … Here’s a question: do you avoid & fear pee & poop covered toilet seats? Obviously, yes. It is called common sense. Most people see the current power brokers in Islam for what they are: Killers. PLEASE, change that by removing their power! So — It is not a PHOBIA when it is real and there is a 1000 year track record of violence and 50 year track record of terrorism all over the world AND IT IS ALWAYS Islam … Time to wake up and shut this site down as all your dealing in is political crap.

    The problem here in the states is not Islamophobia, it is a will to speak truth & defeat the terrorist being undercut by a liberal progressive world view that cannot identify anything as evil — unless it is the tea-party. There was no Islamophobia at all with Mr. West … watch the video that is available to the WHOLE world & you … but you do not post a link — wonder why???

    Mr Hamze was taken to school and given a history lesson. The man is out of touch with relaity and truth. Isalm is a deadly philosophy(not a religion when one actually studies their tenets) … yes, many adherents are not violent, BUT until they take a solid stand against all their brothers killing in THEIR name, freedom loving countries as the USA have little choice but to defend ourselves and seek out the lawless killers … it needs to continue until they are caught and the power removed from them & given to the peace loving muslims … though I must wonder if they really, in their hearts do not believe the same?? Or else why would they not ACT now to protect their innocent neighbors and call evil “evil”?

    All that to say, you ought be ashamed of this site.
    If you do not post this — that alone will only confirm your reality-less presuppositions & agenda.
    Sincerely, Newport

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