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Glenn Beck To O’Reilly: Egypt Uprising Led By Communists, Jihadists

2 February 2011 Huffington Post 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

The Huffington Post Jack Mirkinson

First Posted: 02/ 1/11 08:39 AM Updated: 02/ 1/11 08:39 AM

Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly clashed over history, American hegemony and the Egypt uprisings on O’Reilly’s Monday show.

Both agreed that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is a “bad guy” who the U.S. is “in bed with.” But that was about the only thing the two agreed on.

Beck was very pessimistic about the uprisings, saying that they reminded him of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 which kicked off World War I. He also said that the antipathy of many Egyptians to the U.S. was proof that people didn’t hate America “for our freedoms,” but rather because of American meddling in the rest of the world. O’Reilly asked him what the U.S. should do about that. “Be like Switzerland!” he said.

“We tried to stay out of World War II…and it was a disaster,” O’Reilly said. Beck seemed to want to stay on the topic of World War I, though, talking about Woodrow Wilson repeatedly.

The two then moved on to the protesters themselves. Beck said he was sure that the uprising “is being orchestrated by the Marxist Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood,” something which O’Reilly seemed skeptical about. Beck also said that, if the Egyptian government fell, it could lead to a caliphate across the Islamic world.

Beck then returned to the subject of American foreign policy. “We have to stand for something,” he said. “[Mubarak] is torturing people with our money!”

Original post: Glenn Beck To O’Reilly: Egypt Uprising Led By Communists, Jihadists


  1. What’s there to say about Beck?

    Next, he’ll say that the same beings from outer space that built the pyramids and the sphinx are now back……leading the Egyptian revolt and want to install their space cadet as Egypt’s new president…..!!


  2. Will someone give O’Reilly credit for NOT jumping on the bandwagon instead of just conservative-bashing?

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