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The Daily Show: Jewish Speaker of Texas State House

4 February 2011 IslamophobiaToday 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Jon Stewart

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Jewish Speaker of Texas State House
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John Oliver celebrates a new high holiday with the people of Texas after a Jewish Republican is re-elected. (05:28)

At the 3 minute mark when John Oliver asks David Welch, from the Texas Pastor Council, “Can we at least agree that we do not want a Muslim speaker?”, his  response was “I would say right now, yes, for a variety of reasons again of deep concerns of the loyalty of Muslims to the constitution.”

Then Oliver responds “So you say to your congregation you can vote for whoever you want, regardless of their denomination, apart from  a Muslim.”

And Welch responded “Yes.”


  1. Used to be, if you were a Jew, you were asked, “Are you an American, or are you a Jew? Where do your loyalties lie?” and if you said you were both you were told you couldn’t answer that way. Now, if you’re a Muslim, you are asked, “Are you an American, or are you a Muslim? Where do your loyalties lie?” and if you say you are both you are told you can’t answer that way. Meanwhile if you say you’re both an American and you’re a Jew … hey, that’s fine. Can we say DOUBLE STANDARD!?

  2. Yes,sadly, I live among these people. It is appalling how many people fail to see the parallels with the extremists the are so afriad of.

  3. In the 19th Century, Catholic immigrants were commonly questioned about their loyalties. Many believed their ties to a foreign Pope left room for doubt. The “Know Nothing” political movement (later rebranded as the American Party) included limiting immigration of Catholics in their platform based on this very assumption. Today it is the “Tea Party” movement and Muslims.

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