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Rep. Peter King to Call Walid Phares, Former Lebanese Forces Militiamen at Muslim Hearings

16 February 2011 3 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Walid Phares, ex-Terrorist

Rep. Peter King to Call Walid Phares, Former Lebanese Forces Militiamen at Muslim Hearings

Rep. Peter King, slated to hold hearings on the threat of “terrorism in the American Muslim community” is well known for his checkered past in regards to terrorism as well as outlandish and overtly bigoted statements against Muslims.

For instance Peter King has claimed that “85% of Muslim leadership in America are enemies among us,” though when pressed he has not provided one shred of evidence on how he arrived at this number. King has also expressed his belief that there are “too many mosques in America.” This is on top of the fact that Rep. King was one of the staunchest supporters of the IRA at a time when they were targeting non-combatants in bombing campaigns, kidnappings and shootings.

Now it has come to light that amongst those expected to address the “Muslim hearings” will be a former Lebanese Forces militiaman and spokesman, Walid Phares. The Lebanese Forces were responsible for some of the most horrific slaughters and pogroms during the Civil War in Lebanon, amongst them the Sabra and Shatila massacres.

As’ad Abu Khalil of reported on Phares’ involvement with the Lebanese Forces as well as the Guardians of the Cedar whose slogan during the civil war was, “Kill a Palestinian and you Shall Enter Paradise,” way back in 2007. (hat tip: Akkad)

Walid Phares and the Lebanese Forces


by As’ad Abu Khalil

I am aware that Phares now likes to deny his past role with the Lebanese Forces (the right-wing, sectarian Christian militia that–among other war crimes–perpetrated the Sabra and Shatila massacres). Somebody yesterday posted a comment challenging my statement about Phares and his association with the Lebanese Forces. These are only two of many newspaper clips that I have in which his affiliation is clearly noted. In the top one, (As-Safir, 12/6/1987), it said that “Member of the Command Council of the Lebanese Forces, [and] head of the Lebanese Immigration Apparatus in the Lebanese Forces, Walid Phares, lectured on “the Role of Free Christianity in Lebanon and the Middle East.” In the lecture, he also “criticized the mechanism of the development of Lebanse Christian resistance over 12 years.” In the second one above, (As-Safir, 27/8/1991), Phares was identified as the “vice-chair” of the Extraordinary Emergency Committee for the Lebanese Front (the political leadership committee of the Lebanese Forces) (the chairperson was Etienne Saqr (who founded the Guardians of the Cedar, which during the civil war raised the slogan “Kill a Palestinian and you Shall enter heaven,” and he now resides in Israel). And it has to be said that his rise in the Lebanese Forces took place at a time when it was aligned with the regime of….Saddam Husayn. (emphasis mine)

Even before Abu Khalil’s revelatory post, reported on Walid Phares’ activities and association with Etienne Saqr, founder of Guardians of the Cedar in 1999. In a piece about ties between an American Jewish Organization and Lebanese Terrorists that is well worth the complete read we learn that:

Walid Phares, who founded the WLO and is now a professor at Florida Atlantic University left Lebanon for the United States in 1990. But during the Lebanese civil war he was himself a Christian militiaman. (12) Phares told that he was in charge of foreign affairs for the Lebanese Front, the political directorate of the Lebanese Forces. The Lebanese Forces was an umbrella coalition of several right wing militias, including Saqr’s Guardians of the Cedar and the Phalange, perpetrators of the Sabra and Shatila massacre. The current chairman of the Lebanese Front is Etienne Saqr. (13)

Asked about the atrocities attributed to Saqr, Phares replied, “Everybody did silly stuff, on both hands…but amazingly enough, the Guardians of the Cedars have been the most moral fighters.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that Saqr is a “leading member” of the WLO, (14) but Phares denies this. “The WLO had a strong alliance with Saqr, not anymore though, because Saqr had been advocating extreme positions, asking the Israelis to intervene directly in Lebanese affairs,” said Phares. Asked when the WLO cut off ties with Saqr, Phares replied, “No, there’s no cut-off, but I would say about six months ago, seven months ago.”

But in June of this year, Phares joined Saqr, Baraket, and an Israeli professor at a symposium in Israel to do just what he says caused him to end his “strong alliance” with Saqr. (15) The four urged Israel to set up an independent Lebanese Christian “entity” in South Lebanon, to be controlled by a “vastly expanded and strengthened [Lebanese Christian] militia.” (16) The aim, they said, was to “revitalize ties with Israel at a time when there is a trend of loosening those bonds.”

“If Israel leaves Lebanon, it has an obligation towards us, we have been faithful allies,” Phares said at the symposium. (emphasis mine)

These are not small revelations, they highlight the fact that this hearing is an absurdity. Led by someone whose own hands are muddied in support of foreign terrorists, we are now expected to hear from a so-called expert, Walid Phares, a former member of a terrorist militia that slaughtered thousands of innocents.

The profound irony should not be lost on anyone, these hearings are going to be McCarthyist to its core. The point will not be to effectively combat extremism or domestic terrorist threats, but to intimidate the American Muslim community while inspiring fear amongst the general population. It has all the recipes of a disaster waiting to happen. I call on Loonwatchers to contact their local congressmen, representatives or embassies to expose the sham that this hearing is going to be.


  1. How inconsiderate! The american government infrastructure is contaminated with fear, and hate! The US government staged 9/11 and took it out on islam. The religion of peace, and surrebdering to god.

  2. I think Rep King makes an excellent point about “terrorism is the Muslim American Community.” After all, look at what the “Muslim American Community” did to the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, the Centennial Park Bombing at the 1996 Olympics, the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham–in fact, the fifty “unsolved” bombings in Birmingham…

  3. First of all..Mohamad, statements like yours have completely delegitimized this thread from the get-go. Thanks.

    Now, as for the article on Walid Phares, the links made and cited in this piece have some serious flaws. The major one being the following all-too-often repeated statement: “the Lebanese Forces (the right-wing, sectarian Christian militia that–among other war crimes–perpetrated the Sabra and Shatila massacres).” Please do some research on Elie Hobeika, the leader of the group of men from within the Lebanese Forces who perpetrated these horrible crimes.

    The Lebanese Forces was right-wing, and was sectarian Christian, and was a militia. The truth ends there. In the makeup of the Lebanese Civil War, every communal-religious group had their own militia, half these groups were right-wing, and the other half were left-wing (and by left-wing I mean faux socialist and faux communist). The Lebanese Forces had more legitimacy and was larger and more organized than the Lebanese Armed Forces (national army): it was the largest of these militas.

    With that background, we can look at Sabra and Shatila. I’m not going to go into the details of events leading up to the massacre because of their complexity and their number, but the one commonly cited as the main reason was the assassination of Lebanese Forces leader and newly-chosen president of Lebanon, Bachir Gemayel. Many see the massacre as revenge undertaken by the Lebanese Forces on the Palestinians, who were believed to be responsible.

    Here is where I make my point: Vaguely claiming the Lebanese Forces was responsible for the Sabra and Shatila massacre is the same as anyone vaguely claiming the Palestinians were responsible for the assassination. A small group of extrimists and hard-liners were responsible for each: these men were NOT representative of their ENTIRE respective faction. Elie Hobeika was a fringe commander who had been radicalized by his family’s murder by men of Palestinian background in the ’70’s. As a commander, he independently led a group of men who committed several massacres of Palestinians througout Lebanon, including the one at Sabra and Shatila (with the help and permission of the Israel Defense Forces, who controlled and monitored the camp). Knowing this man’s past and history of rogue actions, and being knowledgeable enough to know that he was later foreceably expelled from the Lebanese Forces by its leadership (only to return to Lebanon in 1990 and form his own small fringe faction), one would be analytically sound enough to refrain from making statments like “The Lebanese Forces (or Christians for that matter, as I’ve heard others say) were terrorists and responsible for the massacre at Sabra and Shatila.” This would be the same as someone saying “Palestinians are Terrorists” or “Muslims are responsible for 9/11.” So in conclusion, please, realize the HYPOCRACY within your post in relation to the NAME OF THIS WEBSITE.

    – Only knowledge brings truth.

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