Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Glenn Beck: Some Muslims Want To Bring About The Antichrist (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck theorized that some Muslims are trying to bring about the equivalent of the Antichrist on his Thursday show.

Beck claimed that he was bringing the issue up because Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt both believe in the Twelfth Imam–a figure in Shia Islam who Beck and his guest, author Joel Richardson, said bore a disturbing resemblance to the Biblical Antichrist.

Beck and Richardson (who has written a book called “The Islamic Antichrist” that “makes the case that the biblical Antichrist is one and the same as the Quran’s Muslim Mahdi”), cast the Twelfth Imam as a messiah (or Mahdi) who would bring about Judgment Day–but not before years of bloodshed and chaos which Beck told his audience people like the Iranian regime and the Muslim Brotherhood were trying to hasten.

“Do you know any Christian sects who believe they can hasten the return of Jesus by creating chaos?” Beck asked Richardson.

“No, they can pray,” Richardson said.

Beck then wrote a side-by-side comparison of the Twelfth Imam and the Antichrist on his chalkboard.

For that comparison, jump to 1:00 in the video below. For more video, click here.

Watch (jump to 1:00 for Antichrist comparisons):

Original post: Glenn Beck: Some Muslims Want To Bring About The Antichrist (VIDEO)


  1. I am a Muslim and i have never heard of the 12 imam. Maybe its a Shiites Muslim thing. But I am a Sunni. We do believe in a being that resembles the bible’s Antichrist but he is seen as evil, not good. We believe that he will come and have supernatural powers. Many none believers of God will think that he is God. Only God’s true worshipers will recognize this man. Then Jesus ( yes we Muslims believe in him too) will come down from heaven and fight the man. Jesus will win and destroy him. After the battle Jesus will blow a horn that, when sounded will end all life on earth.

  2. You know, what frustrates me the most, is that a paper called Islamaphobia Today doesn’t have information for people ignorant of Islam to read that debunks this. Even a summary with links would be nice. Why don’t you guys have this? When you try to protest what someone is saying, but can’t argue with them, you just give the opposition ammo. This is what happens with many people who would like to show Beck fans that he is wrong…

  3. Beck is an embarrassment, nothing more than entertainment at its shoddiest.

  4. “Do you know any Christian sects who believe they can hasten the return of Jesus by creating chaos?” Beck asked Richardson.

  5. @david:

    Seeing as a large portion of the readership is Muslim, we can answer points about our religion ourselves. Which I will do now. What Joel Richardson, the Christian fundamentalist author (with no Islamic scholarship, lol), has done, is take each Islamic sect’s views about the Mahdi and paste them into one, then try to portray him as the Antichrist. What Joel so conveniently forgets is 1) the Mahdi is not in the Qur’an, and all knowledge about him is derived from the hadiths, the Islamic traditions, and 2) Because Sunni Muslims, Shi’a Muslims, and even different Sunni groups and Shi’a sects use DIFFERENT hadith collections, different Muslims have varying views about the Mahdi. In fact, the Shaykh al Azhar (a Sunni) and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (a Twelver Shi’a) both have significantly different views about the Mahdi because their religious denominations use differents sets of hadith. Nevertheless, I will continue to blast Joel’s garbage. First I will explain who the Mahdi is. In Islam, we believe that there will be certain signs of the end of the world. Near the end, natural disasters, famine, poverty, war, moral degeneration, etc. will create the conditions for a man called Darjaal al Massih (the False Messiah) to come to power. He will first claim to be the Messaih and then God Himself. He will begin a cult-like movement in which Christians, Jews, and even many Muslims will join. He will destroy entire cities, bring disaster wherever he goes, and will kill millions, and will do so for seven years. This figure, the False Messiah is the Christian Antichrist and the Jewish Armilus (who is not in the Torah but is mentioned in ancient rabbinical writings). But then, a figure called the Mahdi (Arabic for “Rightly Guided One”) will stand up to the Darjaal and will fight his tyranny. He will not kill Jews and Christians, except for those who kill innocents in the cause of Darjaal. In fact, many Jews and Christians will not be on the side of Darjaal. The Mahdi will not kill those Jews and Christians who do not kill innocents and side with Darjaal, contrary to Joel’s claims. Also, because the Mahdi will fight against Darjaal/the Antichrist, clearly they are not the same person and instead fight against each other, contrary to Joel’s claims. The Mahdi will not succeed in killing Darjaal and will instead fight him until Jesus, peace be upon him, reappears. Jesus will kill the Antichrist. Then he will prove to the remaining Christians (those who didn’t fight in the cause of Darjaal) and that he is not God, and he will prove to the remaining Jews (those who didn’t fight in the cause of Darjaal) that he is the Messiah. He will convert them to Islam PEACEFULLY, and not by force as Joel suggests. He will rule the world for 40 years in which there will be complete world peace. As you can see, Joel’s depiction of Islamic eschatology is flawed and intellectually dishonest.

    Now, there are significant differences between the Sunni and Shi’a views of the Mahdi. However, these differences are simply issues of the Mahdi’s identity. Sunnis and Zaydis, or Fivers, (Zaydis are the oldest sect of Shi’a) believe that the Mahdi will be born in the future. Isma’ilis, or Seveners, are a sect of Shi’a who believe that Isma’il ibn Jafar (721A.D.-755A.D.), who mysteriously disappeared, is actually in occultation (hiding in a hidden realm) and will return in the future, reincarnated in the form of the Mahdi. Ithn Ashari Shi’a, or Twelvers (the sect which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran’s Supreme Leader belong to), believe that Muhammad ibn al Hasan (869A.D.-???), the 12th Imam (who also mysteriously disappeared), is in occultation and will return as the Mahdi. The Mahdi is called the “12th Imam” only in Ithn Ashari “Twelver” Shi’ism, the largest sect of Shi’as, and not in Zaydi Shi’ism, Isma’ili Shi’ism, or Sunni Islam. The fact that Joel would say the terms “12th Imam” and “Mahdi” are interchangeable, shows his own lack of knowledge on this topic.

    This is my response to Joel Richardson’s outlandish claims about Islamic eschatology. [Note: I am Sunni. My knowledge of the Sunni view of the Mahdi comes from Shaykh Yasir Qahdi’s lectures, and my knowledge of the Shi’a viewpoint comes from Reza Aslan’s book “No god but God” and …ehm…the time I spend reading forums :P. Shi’as, if I have misrepresented your view of the Mahdi, please feel free to correct me.]

    Allahu ‘Alam

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