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Anger as pigs’ heads are found at mosque

21 February 2011 General 11 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

OFFENSIVE: Muslim worshippers were disgusted to find pigs' heads on their mosque property Picture: SUPPLIED

Worshippers attending morning prayer at a Mpumalanga mosque were startled by the sight of two pigs’ heads buried on the property.

The heads were found buried at the construction site of the Emalahleni Jumma Musjid in Emalahleni, formerly Witbank, on Tuesday morning.

Contact in any way with the animal is forbidden in Islam as it is considered unclean.

The mosque is presently housed in a temporary steel structure in the town centre. Construction of a permanent building is due to begin mid-year.

Farouk Arbee, secretary of the Witbank Muslim Jamaat – which owns the mosque – said the Muslim community were dismayed by the deplorable act by people attempting to desecrate the site.

“Such contempt for an intended place of worship is an act of barbarism which cannot be condoned in a diverse society like ours that is built on mutual respect and understanding.

“All Muslims in Emalahleni in particular and everywhere else in the country should act with restraint to such a provocation. We are confident that this act of provocation originating from a disgruntled minority will not be condoned by all peace-loving residents of Emalahleni,” said Arbee.

Alongside the swine heads was a board with the words: “People from all over the world need to take a lesson from the Spanish! In Seville local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town.

“They buried a pig on the site, and made sure this would be known by the local press. Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a mosque on ‘pig-soiled ground’. The Muslims had to cancel the project. This land was sold to them by government officials. No protests were needed by the local people… and it worked!”

Arbee said they had been praying at the site for a year.

“This used to be a park and council subdivided the land. Part of it was rezoned as a religious site. There was a tender process, which we won. People in the area objected but council ruled against them. We were awarded the land in 2007, but it was only transferred to us in December 2009.

“We had used two tents and only recently erected steel structures.”

He said there was only one mosque in Pine Ridge – a predominantly Indian community.

Original post: Anger as pigs’ heads are found at mosque


  1. why are pigs “unclean”?

  2. Ever been to a pig sty, Mike? Tape worm got you down?

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  4. So did it work?

  5. Glad to see it happen, hope it worked and they bury two more at the site where the building is to be erected…

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  7. LOL so thats all it takes to stop the barracks from being built!

    spread the word!

  8. are muslims not allowed to enter places where pigs have been killed?

  9. With millions of feral hogs in the deep south US being caught and those rednecks looking for something to do with them, this might not be good. I’ve seen several blog posts by rednecks stating that they are lubricating all of their ammunition (and apparently they have a lot of it) with hog fat to defend their communities against “radical islamists.” Is it possible to change the rule and make it no big deal if hog fat is inside our bodies?

  10. I wish they’d plant more pigs. Maybe some bacon would grow

  11. Tapeworm? So do you muslims also avoid eating fish, too? MANY MORE tapeworms there, you losers!

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