Wednesday, April 21, 2021   

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Dutch senator’s call for ban on sharia law is enthusiastically welcomed by Wilders

Christian Union Senator Roel Kuiper wants to amend the Dutch constitution to include a ban on Sharia, Islamic law. Senator Kuiper made his statement in an interview with newspaper Trouw.

The Christian Union politician wants to ban Islamic law because it is “not rooted in principles which form part of Dutch culture. Our rights, the way we treat each other, our norms of good and evil have all been molded by Christianity.”

Mr Kuiper argues that Islamic law is still grounded in retaliation, while the laws of a democratic constitutional state are geared toward forgiveness, correction and reconciliation. “Our laws are not based on ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. Our legal system applies the law, but knows reconciliation must follow.” Senator Kuiper also wants to regulate the flow of money from Arab countries to Dutch mosques. The Christian Union politician says these measures are necessary “to take the Islam debate in the Netherlands a step forward”.

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has enthusiastically welcomed Senator Kuiper’s proposal. “Sharia is based on the Qur’an. So this means an end to head scarves, halal food, the Qur’an etc.”

RNW, 21 February 2011


  1. The Christian Union politician wants to ban Islamic law because it is “not rooted in principles which form part of Dutch culture. Our rights, the way we treat each other, our norms of good and evil have all been molded by Christianity.

    This sounds like the same tripe that the American far-right Christian wingnuts push here. “America was founded on Judeao-Christian values“, they trumpet from the rooftops. But it’s a self-endorsing lie.

    When asked to name characteristics only known in Christianity and/or Judaism that inspired the founding of this country that are not promoted in other faiths, they cannot name ONE!

    These Islamaphobes always cherry-pick the Qur’an (as to terrorists and extremists) and cite certain verses as an excuse to justify their mindset.

  2. @lovethemoonvbats,

    Love to burst your bubble, but their is no such thing as “judeo-Christian” values. Thats just a political term highlighting the total subservience of Christians to Jewish Zionism. What wonder things judeofascists have said about the blessed son of Mary(a.s.), bet the Christians are ecstatic about that.
    The “American Thinker” blog is nothing but a cesspool of neocon pro-israeli garbage.

  3. american was most likely founded on christian values, because it was founded by christians. don’t think there where any jews at the continental congress. but luckily our laws where written my men and open to change. (jews/christians/muslims much like early americans allow for the enslavement of people. the koran also says male masters can have sex with their female slaves, “that which your right hand posses”.) but the koran being ‘divine writ” is not open to amending, unlike the constitution of america. the koran/sharia allows, actually calls for the beating of women. also women are to inherit half as much as men. a 9 year old girl can consent to marraige. are these really the basis for modern law?

    deuceprez, you say people cherry pick from the koran, yet isn’t that what muslims do all the time to try an prove islam’s peaceful nature,. “to kill one man is like killing all mandkind, and to save one is to save all mandkind” (or something like that) yet god commanded, “cut of their heads and every fingertip, and lie in ambush.” (oslt) that might be the one as well as others that the terrorist gravitate to. how can those two lines be reconciled?

  4. Mike, cam I buy some grammar? Reading verses in isolation out of context is the hallmark of an idiot.
    As for this Dutch lunatic, what exactly is “Dutch culture” anyway? Inbred politicians terrified of anyone who isn’t white? Only an utter buffoon would insist that it’s “culture” based on any form of Christianity, considering that majority of them are Godless atheists and sexual anarchy in force. The Netherlands is a joke.

  5. ATT: Frankly, I don’t know who’s going to get the nomination. Romney would prbaboly have the best chance to beat Obama, but he’s distrusted by the Tea Party folks, whose support would be indispensible in the general election. He still faces a very tough task just to win the GOP nod.I think Perry is damaged goods and would be eminently beatable in November of next year. He’s hurt himself among the far right with his position on education aid to illegal immigrants and that stuff about the vaccine mandate. He’s unacceptable to the GOP elite because of his reckless rhetoric about Social Security. I don’t know. I don’t see him lasting long once the primary season begins.The rest of the Republican field is pretty much irrelevant at this point.So, your guess is as good as mine.

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