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It’s Official: Bill Maher is a Racist

23 February 2011 13 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

It’s Official: Bill Maher is a Racist

How long will Bill Maher get a pass on his racism and anti-Muslim Islamophobia? Is it acceptable because the targets are Arabs and Muslims and because Maher is a comedian from whom outrageous things are expected?

On his last show Bill Maher went on a spiel undermining the Democratic character of Revolutions sweeping across the Arab world. Amongst his ludicrous statements he claimed “women can’t vote in 19 of 22 Arab countries,” that “women who have dated an Arab man, the results aren’t good,” that “Arab men have a sense of “entitlement,” etc. He also went onto forward the argument that “we are better than them,” justifying it by implying he is not a “cultural relativist.”

No, Bill might not be a “cultural relativist” but he sure sounds like a “cultural supremacist.” His factual accuracy about the Islamic and Arab world is akin to Robert Spencer’s. It is patently false that “19 of 22″ Arab states don’t allow for women to vote, a brief trip to Wikipidea would have disabused him of that false fact:

Women were granted the right to vote on a universal and equal basis in Lebanon in 1952[46]Syria (to vote) in 1949 [47] (Restrictions or conditions lifted) in 1953 [48]Egypt in 1956[49]Tunisia in 1959 [50]Mauritania in 1961[51]Algeria in 1962 [52]Morocco in 1963 [53]Libya [54] and Sudan in 1964 [55],Yemen (Partly)in 1967 [47] (full right) in 1970 [56]Bahrain in 1973 [57]Jordan in 1974 [58]Iraq (Full right) 1980 [57] Oman (Partly) in 1994 and (Fully granted) 2003 [59], and Kuwait in 2005 [57].

The reality, (what is lost on Maher) is that even though nearly all Arab states allow for voting for men and women, their votes didn’t matter in the autocratic kleptocracies that littered the Middle East, and this is what Arabs — men and women — have been fighting against these past few months. It seems Maher just can’t handle all the myths he’s been pushing being shattered.

Bill Maher goes onto talk about how Arab men are bad spouses and boyfriends, to buttress his points he brings up “anecdotal” evidence and his opinion that Arabs have a “sense of entitlement.” How does Bill know? Has he dated Arab men? This is one of those things that is so ridiculous and patently unsubstantiated that it is beyond being laughable, you almost cringe with embarrassment for how stupid it makes Maher look.

Maher also seemed to use “Arab” and “Muslim” interchangeably, perhaps not knowing that a significant number of Arabs are not Muslims. While there are certainly problems in the Middle East and the Muslim world regarding the treatment of women, Maher judges Arabs and Muslims by their lowest common denominator. Ignoring countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan and others that have progressive legislation regarding women and which have had women presidents, prime ministers, parliamentarians, business leaders, sports icons, journalists, etc.

At the end of the day Maher needs to have someone on his show who can push back against the myths that he indulges in and propagates. Someone of the caliber of As’ad Abu Khalil or Juan Cole might be a good start.

You can watch the segment at Mediaite:

Bill Maher Slams Muslim Men’s Treatment Of Women, Gets Heckled By Audience Member


Maher was having it out with Smiley over relative treatment of women in Muslim countries and American society – Smiley didn’t argue that Muslim countries often exhibit poor attitudes toward women, but argued treatment of women in America has a long way to go, too. Maher called it a “false equivalency,” and it went on from there. Maher read off a list of the ways women are oppressed in Arab countries – in 19 of 22, they can’t vote; in Saudi Arabia they aren’t allowed to drive; etc.

Then, he got into slightly weirder territory. He asserted that “civilization begins with civilizing the men,” and then, after saying, “I know this is anecdotal” (not an auspicious way to start when you’re trying to make a convincing argument), unleashed this line:

“Talk to women who’ve ever dated an Arab man. The results are not good.”

Maher added they have a “sense of entitlement,” indeed quite the anecdotal piece of “evidence,” and one to which guest Michelle Caruso-Cabrera shot back, “Every man I’ve ever dated has a sense of entitlement.” And Maher kept on having none of Smiley’s argument that Americans shouldn’t act superior about treatment of women and rejected the notion he was “demonizing” anyone by saying Americans’ treatment of women is better:

“They’re worse. What’s wrong with just saying that?”

And it continued on like that until a guy in the crowd started yelling about Hellfire missiles…and yelling, and yelling. He rattled off so much so quickly (though most of it was tough to hear) that Maher guessed it was a prepared speech…a guess buoyed by the fact that the rant, as Maher also pointed out, indeed didn’t have a whole lot to do with what the panel was talking about. Video of the segment below – the interruption begins at the 5:32 mark.


  1. I saw the show..and I think he was showing the sterotypical attitude of many americans, and how they have facts (although not accurate to make their thoughts creditable) not really speaking for himself or his personal views.

    I have lived in the southern part of the country and there are really people who believe the things he was stating and believe them to be fact.

    I have watched him for years and feel that he treats all situation with the same..sour humor and jabs, to show how ignorant the thinking of many people, truly is their reality.

    Just my thoughts, since I did see the show.


  2. Consider the source!

  3. What Maher said is 100% true. And it’s a lot nicer then the way the Islamic and Arab media talk about Jews. Why don’t you address Muslim and Arab anti-Jewish bigotry for a change?

  4. You need to realize that Bill Maher thinks that anyone who believes in a god is crazy,irrational, or just plain dumb. He thinks this of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus ect… He will tell you this straight up. I am a Christian and this man is not worth reading or listening to. If he were any more full of himself he would explode on National TV.

  5. This man has lost his mind and the way he attacks Muslims and Arabs based on reckless evidences just relying on “anecdotal” justifications. I don’t want to see his supreme outrageous darts toward Arabs as he lies unjustified aversion for people who are on progressive stage and has been always respecting their women on dignity and equality basis. I challenge him and say : Please, ask any woman who dated an Arab guy? Ask Arab women how do they feel being citizens in Arab World?
    He’s so pathetic self-centered-sick-ego being who has no purpose more than harming others to feel better which is entirely childish. Jane You join his convey of evil and racism , don’t ignore the Israeli genocides and war crimes before you look up for such fragile selfish against Arabs. Remember the occupation in 1948 and review “war of extermination of Palestinians” history, where Israel turned mass graves into parks and museums to vanish all sorts of evidence to point out the truth about the human brutality. Arabs are muslims, christians, jews and other creeds followers, its a nation its not just about Muslims. Bill is totally a devilish hearted hatred and all who’s akin to him.

  6. What an odd thing to say. Islam is not a race. Ergo he cannot be racist

  7. Typical Zionist freak that Bill Maher. His atheist act is a scam, when it comes to judefascism, he is all for it. Guess having Jewish mother made him partial to the tribe. Jane, why would Arabs hold a positive view of Jews when they’ve had to put up with decades of jewish terrorism? Zionist trash like you will post anything to distract.
    An yes Maher is a racist. To say that representations of Islam and Muslims can’t be racist because Muslims arent a race is nonsense. We see examples of it everyday by scum who treat Muslims like a “race.”

  8. I have no problem with Bill Maher questioning Islam or criticizing it, thats his right. What irks me however is his lack of research and general knowledge of Islam and the Middle East. Also what further annoys is that he when he talks about Islam or the Middle East he has no one on the panel that has the right caliber to debate him. Either he has no one knowledgeable on the subject on the panel or he has people who agree with him a 100 percent.

    At times watching this show when it comes to religion, its like watching Fox News insomuch as his tactics. He shuts people up and tells them their wrong and has large theories he cant really back up. A nice combo of Glenn and O’riley

    Once again I am not saying that he should not criticize religion, by all means, but if you are going to do so on a panel at least have people who can argue with you on an intellectual level.

  9. Bill Maher may as well be a neocon when it comes to the middle east. It’s also ironic to hear him talk about how Arab women are mistreated when he has been called a sexist by feminists in the US. Besides that, if you watch his show you can’t help but notice an arrogance he shows toward his female guests. He’s a total hypocrite.

  10. @Jane:
    “What Maher said is 100% true. And it’s a lot nicer then the way the Islamic and Arab media talk about Jews. Why don’t you address Muslim and Arab anti-Jewish bigotry for a change?”

    You have absolutely no source to prove that drivel you seem have written above. You need to get a passport and do some serious travelling and ignore what’s on that horrendous box they call a television. For something to be factual has to be backed by research and Bill hasn’t got any research and nor have you.

  11. Bill Maher is a Judeo-Supremacist, Zionist scumbag and hypocrite. During one of his shows, he actually said that he was very alarmed to find out that Muhammad is now the most popular name for boys being born in England. In fact, he even asked his so-called panel and his audience if that statement is racist immediately after making it (with mixed results from the audience). Then, he said, well I don’t care if anyone does (think that its racist), I stand by my statement. But here is where the hypocrisy and ignorance really comes into play. First of all, he often calls Americans, particularly white Americans, racist for merely opposing ILLEGAL immigration into the United States. So, lets get this straight! According to Bill, it’s racist if someone says “I’m worried that Jose is now the most popular name for boys being born in the U.S. these days” (and remember many of those parents are illegal aliens), but it’s not racist to say the same thing about Arabs (nearly 100% legal immigrant parents) naming their children Muhammad in England? And why is he worried more about England than the U.S. (can you say traitor?)? Furthermore, it is his people, the Jews, that forced “diversity” (i.e. mass immigration) upon both Europe and the U.S. in the first place. (Yea, they love diversity, except in their camp!) Conclusion: The man is not only a arrogant bigot, but an ignorant idiot as well! DAGGER!

  12. […] the gun in his pants.” Maher also has been taken to task for his caricatured statements about the Arab-American community, including the comment that “women who have dated an Arab man, the results aren’t […]

  13. […] you’re not convinced of Maher’s race problem, it’s been well-documented and not gone unnoticed in anti-racist circles. People like Maher and those who watch and support […]

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