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Allen West: I Can’t Be Islamaphobic, I Brought ‘The Light Of Freedom Into The Islamic World’ When I Invaded Iraq

24 February 2011 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

At a townhall meeting Monday, tea party firebrand Rep. Allen West (R-FL) got into a shouting match with a Muslim attendee who confronted West about his history of highly Islamophobic comments. “Don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt and tell me [Islam] is all warm and fuzzy,” the congressman angrily responded to the questioner’s assertion that Islam is not a violent religion.

West appeared on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the incident. Propped up by Fox host Steve Doocy, West, a retired lieutenant colonel, said he couldn’t possibly be Islamaphobic because, “I have done my share to bring the light of freedom into the Islamic world” while serving with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan:

DOOCY: You stood up for the principles of the Muslim countries. You served abroad, and you tried to keep freedom alive in Muslim countries.

WEST: Absolutely. And I think that’s one of the things that we should understand. You know, we went into Kosovo to protect the Muslim population there. You know, I was there in Desert Storm and Desert Sheild to protect Kuwait. I served in Iraq, I’ve been in Afghanistan, I spent two and half years there.

So I think I’ve done my share to bring the light of freedom into the Islamic world. And for this young man to come up to me and try to castigate me as some enemy of Islam, I will not tolerate that.

Watch it:

Indeed, West served for 20 years in the military, but his career ended abruptly in 2003 when he resigned under a cloud while facing a court martial over the brutal interrogation of an unnamed Iraqi man. According to his own testimony during a military hearing, West watched four of his men beat the suspect, then West said hepersonally threatened to kill the man while holding a pistol. According to military prosecutors, West later took the detainee outside and fired a 9mm pistol inches from the man’s head, in order to make him believe he would be shot. West thought the man had information about an assassination plot against him.

It’s telling that West sees occupying another nation and then brutally mistreating one of their citizens as bringing “the light of freedom into the Islamic world.”

Original post: Allen West: I Can’t Be Islamaphobic, I Brought ‘The Light Of Freedom Into The Islamic World’ When I Invaded Iraq


  1. When the CAIR representative asked, “Can you show me ONE verser in the Qur’an where is says to attack America or Americans or innocent people?“, sneaky Allen West deflected the question by acknowledging the obvious, “The Qur’an was written (it was actually revealed) before there was a United States of America, so of course it doesn’t mention America in it“. But he FAILED to address or show the CAIR representative where the Qur’an says to attack innocent people.

    I’m sure that fact was not lost on the audience of drones, but they have the same mindset as West has: Islamaphobic.

    Many times before this, I’ve seen and heard Allen West castigate Islam as the “enemy to the freedoms of the United States”. Watch the YouTube video clip Allan West: Islam will destory Western civilisation.

  2. no the koran doesn’t say to kill “innocent” people. but it does say you can kill people for making mischief or sometimes translated as corruption in the land. god seemed to leave alot up to the imagination of men when reveling his “divine writ”. is an adulterer “innocent”? how about a revolutionary? so if gaddifi manages to but down this revolt will he behave as muhammad did? interesting you bring up captives. did not muhammad order the killing of 500 or so jews after they surrendered at the battle of ditch or sometimes called trench?

    also funny that deuceprez says west “sneaky” evaded the question. maybe so, but i see cair guys, especialy hooper avoid questions as deftly as any seasoned politician. what does the bible say about a spec in your brothers eye? also in ()s you “correct” him? was the koran not written down after it was supposedly reveled? actually were there not two written? one by ali and one by abu badkar? i think i misspelled that but i’m sure as a learned muslim you know who i’m talking about, the first caliphate.

    so i’ll ask a straightforward question of any muslim who would be so kind as to answer it. my copy of “the message of the koran” translated and explained by muhammad asad is huge and i’m only halfway through “the cow” and i’m a weak reader and i fear it will take me years to finish. is there a penalty in islam for fornication and if so what is it?

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