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Lord’s Resistance Army Murders Nun in Sudan, What if they Were Muslim?

8 March 2011 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Lord’s Resistance Army Murders Nun in Sudan, What if they Were Muslim?

It looks the LRA, a Christian terrorist militia which is seeking to structure society based on the Ten Commandments is becoming more active in South Sudan. Imagine if they were Muslims? You can be assured that the Islamophobes would be covering this in depth.

Sudan: Lord’s Resistance Army murders nun

The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a brutal group that has moved into southern Sudan after compiling a bloody record of human-rights abuses in northern Uganda, has murdered a 37-year-old nun, according to Bishop Edward Hiiboro Kussala of Tombura-Yambio.

“Each day that goes by without a solution to the LRA problem is another day of terror and pain for those of us living under constant threat of renewed attacks,” the bishop told Aid to the Church in Need, as he discussed a recent rash of kidnappings and murders in recent weeks. “The threat of violence widening could stress any new government in South Sudan, ruining the resources of a young nation as it fights to protect its citizens and prevent others from being drawn into the struggle.”


  1. seriously? they want to base a society on the ten commandments by killing people? it’s been a while since i read the bible but isn’t “thou shall not kill” is in the top 7? are you a supporter of sharia?

  2. I believe that the correct translation is thou shall not murder.

  3. Not to mention the countless atrocities of the LRA in Uganda, with forced child soldiers and rape and murder etc.

  4. Hmmm…when is (R)Peter King going to hold hearings about the “christian extremist” threat?

  5. These guys may be a lot of things but Christians they are not. Their actions demonstrate that they in no way understand or follow the teachings of the bible and that they have no understanding of the 10 commandments.

  6. I was thinking as I posted, maybe this is what the majority of Muslims need to do. If these “Muslim terrorists” do not represent the views of Islam then denounce them as non Muslim, seperate them from your religion. Make it public and world wide so some of these impressionable youths cannot be persuaded to strap on some bombs. Placing a divide between correct Muslim beliefs and what I am understanding to be perverted Muslim beliefs may go a long way to improving the Islamic Image.

  7. May Allah help us. Sooner or later, truth shall prevail over faleshood.

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