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Peter King’s “Muslim Hearings” are Political Theater to Target Muslims

11 March 2011 8 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Peter King’s “Muslim Hearings” are Political Theater to Target Muslims

Loonwatch was live blogging the controversial (anti)-Muslim Hearings being chaired by bigoted ex-IRA terrorist supporter Peter King. It was a circus. It devolved along partisan lines with Republicans predictably falling behind the rhetoric and narrative of Peter King. Democratic Congressmen/women issued strong rebukes: Rep. Sheila J. Lee, Rep. Al Green, Rep. Keith Ellison, Rep. Andre Carson, Rep. Laura Richardson, Rep. Sanchez, and others delivered the message home that these Hearings were nothing more than political theater meant to castigate and intimidate a minority group and most importantly they were bereft of facts and therefore unbeneficial.

The leading witnesses for King were non-experts, Zuhdi Jasser, AbdiRizak Bihi and Melvin Bledsoe, all of these individuals were bereft of any credentials or expertise in the field of radicalization, terrorism or extremism. Zuhdi Jasser is considered an apologist for Neo-Cons and is viewed with suspicion amongst American Muslims for his close association with Islamophobes and war-mongerers. AbdiRizak was incomprehensible at times and much of what he and Bledsoe said were anecdotal and not factual evidence.

King began the hearings with what can only be classified as a bigoted comment, he said, “Moderate leadership must emerge from the Muslim community.” He said this to set up a straw man argument for what would become a recurring attack on CAIR, almost making it into a hearing about CAIR.

After getting its name wrong, calling it the “Committee of American Islamic Relations,” he and other Congressmen labeled CAIR a Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood group. This is the usual trope brought forth by Right-wingers and anti-Muslims such as Robert Spencer and co., the best response came from Sheriff Lee Baca (one of the anti-Loons of 2010) when he said, ‘If CAIR is this terrorist group or has terrorist links then why hasn’t the FBI prosecuted them? Why haven’t they charged them? They wouldn’t be around if they were terrorist or terrorist sympathizers.’

Some highlights included:

Keith Ellison made three important points: 1.) Security is important to all American Muslims, 2.) Hearings threaten our security and 3.) We need increased engagement with Muslims.

Ellison also got quite emotional while mentioning the story of a Muslim first responder who died saving people but was the victim of a smear campaign by Islamophobes who attempted to link him to the 9/11 attacks.

Andre Carson brought up an excellent point about the fact that cooperation between law enforcement and communities such as the American Muslim community is endangered by the backdoor actions and methodologies of  organizations such as the FBI when they send agent provocateurs into Muslim mosques. Such actions cause distrust and engender fear that Muslims’ civil rights and liberties are being violated. One really only has to look at the example in California of the criminal Craig Montielh who was later arrested and confessed that he was sent by the FBI on a fishing expedition to entrap Muslims.

There were also other quite interesting WTF moments: Such as when Peter King mentioned Kim Kardashian and CAIR in the same sentence. Or when non-expert witness Melvin Bledsoe told Rep. Al Green “you don’t know what these hearings are about.” There was also the earlier moment when Peter King denied making the comment that “there are too many mosques in America.” A blatant falsity.

We will have more in depth coverage but it is safe to say that American Muslims are in for a rocky Islamophobic time with these hearings.


  1. Does anyone EVER report HONESTLY at this site???

  2. The following are a major part of sharia law

    1.obligatory feeding the poor
    2.protecting the orphans
    3.punishment for misappropriating the wealth of the orphans
    4.fighting against the oppressors and those who chased people from their homes and lands, and social justice,
    6.laws of war such as protecting the women, children, sick, aged, not cutting down the fruit trees, forbidding mutilation,
    7.importance of patience, 8. warning those who lie, backbite and are arrogant, jealous and proud,
    8.importance of chastity,
    9.cancelling out the money lent to the poor who are unable to pay,
    10.solving matrimonial disputes by arbitration,
    11. protecting the places of worship of all religions,
    12. keeping close bond with blood relatives, keeping promises, recognising the unity of humanity and equality of human beings,
    13. respecting the parents and not even to say to them “Fie on you”, so on and so forth.

    Shariah is an essential compendium of laws based on moral code that every Govt has included in their constitutional laws, the substance is there but the form is different. Will anybody dare to say that there is no such thing as morality when a Government drafts laws and regulations.

  3. Islam being a universal submission to One True Almighty God, has no concept of a particular Covenant or a specially chosen people as Jews believe.

    It also differs from the Christian view of the kingdom of God in heaven and separate Kingdom of Caesar on earth.

    Islam is a faith, a law, a way of life , a nation and a state, with a system of jurisprudence that is continually evolving ( certainly not fixed) for the administration of this world and the satisfaction of human needs under the sovereignty of the creator of the world.

    Islam’s Kingdom of God on earth, with its faith, its laws, piety, rituals, society and state, is the prelude and the means to the afterlife.

    It is equally true that Muslims share many of the beliefs and precepts of other religions, particularly Judaism and Christianity. But Muslims have limited common ground with modern consumerism and materialistic ideologies.

    Islam may share a belief in the importance of this world, the kingdom on earth, but Muslims ask, “WHY WITHOUT GOD THE CREATOR?” and Why a life whose rituals are based solely on economics and sensuality

    With such ideologies Islam finds no possibility of compromise

    Islam stands firm on individual piety and individual freedom, a close knit family devoted to the welfare of every relative, and a class-less benevolent society

  4. [QUOTE] “6.laws of war such as protecting the women” [/QUOTE]

    Oh yes! By golly, there was a fine exemple of that just LAST WEEK in Egypt: Mobs of MUSLIM MEN, during the Women’s Day march, HITTING women, THROWING things at them, shouting out OBSCENITIES at them, SEXUALLY molesting them by GROPING at THEIR BODIES, telling them to go home where they “BELONGED”.

    Isolate incident? Hardly. Get real.

    [QUOTE] “8. warning those who lie” [/QUOTE]

    You mean like all the lies in your above list of wonderful Sharia laws and “beliefs”?
    Or the approved lies (taqqiya) when it serves a purpose such as hiding the real agenda?

    [QUOTE] “11. protecting the places of worship of all religions” [/QUOTE]

    You mean like the recent bombing at a Coptic church in Egypt that KILLED 29 and WOUNDED 96? And people immediately CELEBRATED by jumping-with-joy and LITERALLY stepping on BLOWN-UP BODY-PARTS, while shouting and chanting “ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Or maybe you mean ONE-OF-THE-DOZENS of other churches and Christian-schools that had been attacked just THIS PAST HOLIDAY SEASON, ALONE!!! And the subsequent death & injury toll in these incidents? And in EACH and EVERY incident, the attackers shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Or maybe I misunderstood. Maybe the attackers were screeching ‘Buddha Akbar!!!!’

    And the HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of Christians KILLED, and the THOUSANDS wounded, and the THOUSANDS more driven out of their homelands, with nothing but the clothes on their backs & their children in their arms… seeking protection in neighboring cities and countries. ALSO, ALL JUST THIS PAST HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Oh wait – you said protection of “places of worship”. So I guess Christians are fair-game when they’re not in church? But what about allb the church explosions. My my! This “religion of peace” is so confusing.

  5. It was a circus? Then bring on the clowns, there must have been clowns, Lee, Green, Richardson, and Sanchez?

    But Reps Ellison and Carson gave fairly respectable testimony.

  6. Angel, you do realize that self-professed Christians have and continue to kill more people than those of any other religion, right? I mean, this isn’t exactly a big secret. Educate yourself so that you can speak intelligently. You’re an embarrassment to educated Christians around the world.

    Stupidity makes baby Jesus cry.

  7. G[QUOTE] “Angel, you do realize that self-professed Christians have and continue to kill more people than those of any other religion, right? I mean, this isn’t exactly a big secret. Educate yourself so that you can speak intelligently. You’re an embarrassment to educated Christians around the world.
    Stupidity makes baby Jesus cry.” [/QUOTE]

    “Educate yourself so you can speak intelligently” ?? “Stupidity”?? Well, there’s some more of that kindness and respect from the “religion of peace and love”.

    Show me when/where I claimed to be a Christian.

    Show me when/where I suggested who/what is reponsible for the greatest death toll.

    Show me when/where I tried to make this about Muslims -VS- Christians. The only reason I mentioned the 1000’s of Christians in the above post is because Christians just happened to be a favorite target of brutal attacks JUST THIS PAST HOLIDAY SEASON… by ALLAHU AKBAR-screeching attackers.

    A lot of people killed in a short period of time. Its rather odd that you don’t see the significance of that. That you see nothing wrong with it at all. That rather than acknowledge it, you deflect by pointing to the misdeeds of others.

    War-zones and military strikes aside (no, I don’t condone war. Presidents don’t ask for my permission) how many attacks have been perpetrated by ANY other religious group in JUST THE PAST FEW MONTHS? No, not the random psychos that exist in all walks of life… but those who have killed in the name of their religion(s).

    In the past 4 months, How many non-military people bombed, shot, beheaded people while screeching…
    JESUS AKBAR!!! ?
    BUDDHA AKBAR!!!! ?
    GARUDA AKBAR!!!! ?
    DAVID AKBAR!!!! ?

    And how many people celebrated such things on Facebook? Are you going to answer my questions or are you going to just fling unwarranted insults as is your usual m.o.

  8. Angel, you’re assuming that I’m Muslim, which means you’re doing the exact same thing that you claim I did to you. Claiming that you aren’t making this about Muslims versus Christians is just laughable. All you’ve done here is claim that the poor, poor Christians are being victimized by Muslims. You still have yet to address the fact that Christians have killed more Muslims in the past ten years than there are Muslims who have killed Christians.

    For every attack on a Christian that you name, I could name more than one against a Muslim. If Christians were the favorite target, then there would be more Christians dead than Muslims. By the way, which past holiday season are you referring to? Ramadan?

    And whose talking about the misdeeds of others? You’re the one who started talking about who was getting killed. If you didn’t want to discuss Christians, then why did you? No one forced you to, but if you want to hold a conversation about significant numbers of death, then it would be silly to avoid pointing out who the majority of those victims were and who the majority of the perpetrators were. If you’re concerned about the problem of people killing those of different faith traditions, then why do you suddenly want to stop discussing Christians?

    The idea that we should avoid talking about “war zones and military strikes” makes it all but impossible to discuss the deaths of Christians at the hands of Muslims. Each group has its own ideas about what constitutes a war zone. To the Christian fighters and mercenaries, a war zone is anywhere they want to say it is, even including anywhere in the United States. To the Muslim fighters, a war zone is anywhere they want to say that it is, including their own countries.

    Just as there are Muslims who say religious stuff before and after they kill others, the Christians do the same. The Christian soldiers put on their crosses and carry their Gideon Bibles and get blessed by chaplains before and after they strike. You sure don’t see those chaplains saying “No, please don’t go out there and drop bombs or shoot your guns in urban environments where children, babies, women, and old people are just trying to live their lives!” You don’t see them saying “Ya’ know, on that crucifix you’re wearing, there’s a guy named Jesus depicted on there, who would reject everything you’re about to go out and do.” Instead, they have mass and sermons and prayers that the Christians will be successful in their bombing, shooting, torturing missions.

    And I started counting how many Facebook sites there are dedicated to praising actions of these Christian soldiers, but I couldn’t get to the end of them. There are just too many. All you have to do is look up “America”, “America soldier”, “America’s Soldier”, “US Patriot”, “American Patriot”, “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. There are literally thousands upon thousands of people in these groups. Are we supposed to believe that these groups are mostly full of Muslims who are supporting killing?

    Furthermore, if you understood statistics, you probably wouldn’t want an answer to how many people have killed others across the world and what religion the majority of those people were. Given the fact that Christianity is the largest religion in the world, there really isn’t ever a time when the number of Muslims who have killed others outnumbers the number of Christians who have done the same.

    Saying “Holy Mary, Mother of God…”, or “Lord willing” or “Thy will be done” or “in His name” is no better than saying “God is the greatest” right before you kill someone. The person you kill is still just as dead.

    Now that I’ve addressed your comments, are you going to address mine?

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