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Florida State Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Ban Sharia Law

12 March 2011 Huffington Post 13 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Republican lawmakers in Florida are taking after a number of states and trying their hands at a piece of legislation that would prohibit Sharia law from being considered in court.

As the Miami Herald reports, the bill’s two sponsors are pushing the measure despite their inability to come up with a precedent that would presumably warrant their concern.

Neither Sen. Alan Hays nor Rep. Larry Metz, though, could name a Florida case where international law or Islamic law has caused a problem in a state court. They said they weren’t targeting Sharia, a body of law primarily based on the Koran and the Hadith, the sayings of Islam’s founder, Mohammed.

“I filed a bill that says in the courts of Florida the laws of no other country can be used to influence the decisions of Florida,” Sen. Hays told the Herald. “If it’s Sharia law or any other law — I don’t care what law it is — if it’s not a Florida law and if it’s some foreign law, it doesn’t belong in our courts.”

Muslim leaders in Florida have been quick to state their opposition to the effort, due to worries that it is a thinly veiled display of Islamophobia, despite the fact that there is no specific mention of “Islam” or “Sharia.”

In November, Oklahoma voters passed a referendum that explicitly banned Islamic law. The measure was later stricken down by a federal judge who found that it infringed upon the constitutional rights of some practicing Muslims.

number of states introduced legislation similar to the Florida version shortly after the November elections. Others have since drafted bills with the same purpose.

Original post: Florida State Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Ban Sharia Law


  1. [QUOTE] “In November, Oklahoma voters passed a referendum that explicitly banned Islamic law. The measure was later strickendown by a federal judge who found that it infringed upon the constitutional rights of some practicing Muslims.” [/QUOTE]

    Ah yes… Judge Vicki Miles LaGrange, who clearly knows Jack Squat about the constitution. As she, apparently, believes that Oklahoma courts should continue to allow special privileges, exceptions and exemptions in court-proceedings, involving Muslims. Special privilages, exceptions and exemptions which don’t apply to me!

    Another so-called “liberal” who is only SELECTIVELY liberal.

  2. angel, if you don’t like it then get out of the country otherwise stfu!

  3. Angel is just a parrot. She can’t name any “special privileges, exceptions and exemptions” that Muslims are supposedly looking for. She is a prime example of what happens when America doesn’t adequately invest in educating its citizens.

  4. binalshamsa if muslims aren’t looking for “special privileges, exceptions and exemptions” than why worry about the proposed legislation. also you do know that according to the koran/sharia, that women are to inherit half as much as men. also, adulterers are to be lashed. one can kill someone for “making mischief” in the land according to the koran. these laws much like catholic law which disallows for divorce should not be introduced into american law.

    btw a judge in new jersey ruled against giving a woman a restaining order against her husband because she said he raped her, and he said he can’t rape his wife because in islam the husband is allowed to have sex with his wife whenever he wants, “plow into your wife as you plow into your fields”.

  5. mike is either an idiot or just plain ignorant.

    You use such flawed logic: instead of citing specific examples where muslims want “special privileges, exceptions and exemptions” you argue that by opposing the bill it must be true.

    No, in fact muslims want to be treated like EQUALS! The jewish community already have courts which use jewish law (beth din) in arbitration, marriage or divorce cases, so why can’t the muslim community do so too?

    so tell me what are these “special privileges, exceptions and exemptions”?

  6. “plow into your wife as you plow into your fields” – LOL

    just by putting “things inside quotation marks” doesn’t make it true apart from inside your twisted mind you goon.

  7. Mike, you still haven’t named any of these “special privileges, exceptions, and exemptions” that Muslims are supposedly looking for. The fact that y’all can’t back up your claims, is proof that you are lying. Dude, I’ve studied Middle Eastern and Maghrib culture for over a decade. I’ve read the Qu’ran dozens of times and the Bible more than 25 times. You obviously haven’t researched this stuff because you claim that the Qu’ran and shariah are the same thing. It’s the same as saying that the Bible and Talmudic law are the same thing. Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is?

    Do you really want to talk about what religions from that region have to say about women? Do you even understand why a woman was given half the inheritance of her brother? It’s because the brothers were obligated to use the money to care for the women of his family and the sister was guaranteed the private use of her money, with it being prohibited for her husband, brothers, father, children, mother (or any other relative) to make her use any of her money for her own up-keep. In other words, Islam obligates the man to use his inheritance for the family’s bills and debts and the woman is free to use her money for whatever the heck she wants to spend it on. This ensures that even if she has a rotten husband or a poor provider, she will still have some financial resources that can keep her from every being destitute. I have a daughter, if I could make it so that whatever we leave to her could never be taken from her (by a lousy boyfriend or a husband who decides to renege on his responsibilities, I’d do it in a heartbeat. You wouldn’t?

    According to Biblical law, adulterers could be killed. Heck, you could be killed simply for engaging in an inter-ethnic marriage. Are you familiar with the account in Numbers where one of Israelites took a spear and dug it into the body of a man and then through his wife’s stomach simply because she was from another tribe and had a different religion? In the Bible, if even one person was found to be worshipping a god other than the approved one, then Israelites were to kill everyone in the town and then burn it to the ground as a sacrifice to their God. How’s that for harsh?

    The idea that a man can have sex with his wife whenever he wants didn’t come from Islam. Do you know where that principle came from? Do you know that women are often denied restraining orders for their husbands for absolutely nothing more than the fact that the judge doesn’t consider the man a threat? Did you know that most of the folks seeking restraining orders in this country are not Muslim?

  8. The wearing of the hijab has come up a couple of times in the news in the last year. In one case a woman was arrested and refused to remove the scarf for the booking photos. The reason for such a request at the time of the booking should not even be questioned but of course it was. I am pretty sure the woman won this case. In another case a young woman playing basketball was asked to remove the hijab for safety reasons. The girl’s parents cried religious prejudice and she was allowed to continue.

    Those are just two cases of “special privileges, exceptions and exemptions” that I can think of right off the top of my head. Oh, the quotation marks were put around the preceding because I am quoting another posting.

  9. “After you have advised them (not to be disobedient) for a long, long time then you smack them, you beat them and, please, brothers, calm down, the beating the Mohammed showed is like the toothbrush that you use to brush your teeth.”

    -Samir Abu Hamza, on Wives

  10. Moonbat, you’re a dingbat. The best “special privilege” you’re so upset about it that a girl wanted to play basketball with a scarf on her head?? That threatens your security in some way? Gees, no wonder people think Americans are stupid, racist and uneducated. You give the rest of us a bad name.

  11. Just Food for Thought:
    Sharia in the Blogosphere –

  12. A “religion” that is ruled by foreign Law, Laws that break dozens, if not more, Laws of the United States, is not a “religion” it is a political ideology… Those Laws of Sharia are against the laws in the United States. We are not mutant barbarians that allow honor killings. You cannot kill your daughter in the U.S. regardless of your religion (cult) because she refuses an arranged marriage or chooses an assimilated American way of life. (for one example) And WE NEVER WILL!!

    Foreign Political Ideologies that impose punishments that originate in medieval times should be banned from All States, and so should those who practice those laws in the United States, despite the fact that they are inherently against the law in this country. There shouldn’t even have to be a ban in the first place. The thought of Sharia Law being practiced, period, is insane and anyone threatening the U.S. with its enforcement should be tarred and feathered.

    Since there are some delusional deranged individuals who manipulate and are being manipulated by intimidation, threats, and law suits that clearly don’t hold water, yet obviously hold bank accounts that can hold up in court, it IS necessary for each state to protect its people by BANNING SHARIA LAW.

    Go Florida ~ The state with the most sensible, sane, and smart politicians.

  13. What is the plan liberal women? To allow Sharia law into our country to kill the Christians you hate, because you want the right to kill your unborn children.

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