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The Onion Spoofs Fox News? Hilarious!

14 March 2011 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

The Onion Spoofs Fox News? Hilarious!

Do you think The Onion is spoofing Fox News in this video clip? It would be hilarious if it wasn’t scary how real it is! OK fine, it is hilarious. But it is also scary. One would think that only in a spoof could anybody actually claim that there exist “decoy Muslims” but in fact the Islamophobes fear-monger about so-called “stealth jihad” all the time, which is essentially the exact same thing!


  1. There aren’t “decoy Muslims”, but the radical Muslims are definitely using the non-radical ones in order to deflect the issues. Without the moderate Muslims, the radical ones could never push their agenda.

  2. No offense Ted, but there is no such thing as a “moderate muslim”. A Muslim is a Muslim. There may be difference in opinions, but in the end they’re still no Muslim.

  3. A SURAH [this is] which We have bestowed from on high, and which We have laid down in plain terms;(footnote 1) and in it have We bestowed from on high messages which are clear [in themselves], so that you might keep [them] in mind. { verse 1 }

    AS FOR the adulteress and adulterer(2) – flog each of them with a hundred stripes, and let not compassion for them keep you from [carrying out] this law of God, if you [truly] believe in God and the Last Day; and let a group of believers witness their chastisement.(3){2}

    1. i.e., “the injunctions whereof We have made self-evident by virtue of their wording”: thus, according to Bukhari (Kitab at-Tafsir), Abd Allah ibn Abbas explains the expression faradnaha in the context (cf. fath al-Bari VIII, 361). The same explanation, also on the authority of Ibn Abbas, is advanced by Tabari. It would seem that the special stress on God’s having laid down this surah “in plain terms” is connected with the gravity of the injunctions spelt out in the sequence: in other words, it implies a solemn warning against any attempt at widening or-defining those injunctions by means of deductions, inferences or any other considerations unconnected with the plain wording of the Qur an.
    2. The term zina signifies voluntary sexual intercourse between a man and a woman not married to one another, irrespective of whether one or both of them are married to other persons or not: hence, it does not – in contrast with usage prevalent in most Western languages – differentiate between the concepts of “adultery” (i.e., sexual intercourse of a married man with a woman other than his wife, or a married woman with a man other than her husband) and “fornication” (i.e. sexual intercourse between two unmarried persons) For the sake of simplicity I am rendering zina throughout as “adultery”, and the person guilty as “adulterer” or “adulteress”, respectively.

  4. I have a muslim freind and trust me she doesnt have a bomb a t her house or anywhere near her im a christian and i think that, the lady who talks bullshit wouldnt like to be pointed a gun at. plus this isnt anything to take the mICKY OUT OF AND she wouldnt like a gun shown a t her little fellow baby at the stroller and we should all remember what goes around comes around…..

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