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Bill Maher and Keith Ellison Spar Over the Qur’an and Islam

16 March 2011 One Comment Email This Post Email This Post

Bill Maher and Keith Ellison Spar Over the Qur’an and Islam

Bill Maher is anti-Religion, everyone knows that, well at least anyone who know who Bill Maher is, but as we have documented on our site Maher has a special bias against Islam, Muslims and Arabs. For Maher the Qur’an is a “hate filled Holy book,” and Islam presents a “unique” threat to us all as opposed to other religions which he says are merely “superstitious” nonsense but essentially not violent. He even had the temerity to say that the Bible has less violent passages than the Qur’an. A ridiculous claim that we have utterly debunked.

In this encounter, Bill flings these charges at Rep. Keith Ellison, who in my opinion did a pretty decent job in pushing back against Bill’s claims even though he could have done better:

For instance Rep. Ellison could have attacked the statement that the Qur’an is a “hate filled Holy Book” with more than just verses about peace and justice. But I understand that such a short time is really only good for soundbites and that real intellectual and thorough discussion requires a lot more time. He should have at the very least addressed the idea that Islam was somehow a “unique” threat because that is patently false.

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  1. I think people here also should realize that being “anti-Religion” and being an “atheist” or a non-believer or even “undecided” for that matter are completely different concepts and should not be viewed as one and the same. You can choose to not believe in a supernatural existence and still respect the rights of others who are religious. Unfortunately, all too often those who are the most vehemently religious tend to go over-board and trample on the rights of those who are not believers, creating myths and castigating people as bad, “damned”, or worse. That kind of discrimination exists in this nation that is supposedly respectful of all beliefs. The reason for this forum to exist just highlights the fact and fiction about “freedom of and from religion” in the United States. We have got a long way to go from actually meeting the goals of our US Constitution as opposed to just preaching how great our system is.

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