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David Horowitz: “Islam is Religion of Hate…Palestinians are Morally Sick”

16 March 2011 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

David Horowitz: “Islam is Religion of Hate…Palestinians are Morally Sick”

David Horowitz, founder and editor of FrontPageMag as well as Robert Spencer’s financier and boss is at it again, targeting Palestinians and Islam. Horowitz said of the Palestinians,

“No people have shown themselves as so morally sick as the Palestinians”, adding, “In the history of all mankind, there was never a people who strapped bombs on their bodies and killed innocent people. No other people has sunk so low as the Palestinians, and everyone is afraid to say it.”

About Islam Horowitz was likewise unrestrained, describing Islam as a religion possessed by,

“hate, violence and racism”,

This is the radical anti-Muslim and racist anti-Palestinian agenda that drives both Horowitz and Spencer. While Spencer’s anti-Muslim and anti-Islam animus is clear and copiously documented it is unknown whether he shares the same opinion about Palestinians/Arabs as his boss. What is certain however is that Spencer does not mind these statements, nor does he condemn them and therefore he is complicit in his boss’s hateful rhetoric about Arabs.

The full article can be read at Israel National News,

FrontPage Editor at Bklyn College: Palestinians are Morally Sick

by Fern Sidman, INN New York Correspondent

David Horowitz,  conservative commentator, prolific author and founder of theFrontPage Mag web site, spoke out  in response to ongoing Israeli Apartheid Week on campus. A full house gathered at the Brooklyn College library auditorium on Thursday evening,  under exceptionally heavy security, to hear him.

The speech, delivered one day before the barbaricmassacre of five members of the Fogel family on Friday night in Itamar, became tragically prescient..

Describing the Palestinians, Horowitz said:  ”No people have shown themselves as so morally sick as the Palestinians”, adding, “In the history of all mankind, there was never a people who strapped bombs on their bodies and killed innocent people. No other people has sunk so low as the Palestinians, and everyone is afraid to say it.”

Describing Islam as a religion possessed by “hate, violence and racism”, he said that a resolution to the protracted Israeli-Palestinian imbroglio could is not beyond reach. “If you disarm the Palestinians in the Middle East there will be peace, but if you disarm the Jews, there wil be further death and destruction.”


  1. Obviously doesn’t now his history. The suicide bombing vest was invented by the Tamil Tigers in the late eighties, not the Palestinians. That one statement alone proves this man to be ill informed and a fool.

  2. Ah yes, those Palestinians are such a peaceful bunch aren’t they? Celebrating the death of three Jewish children and their parents just shows you how committed they are to the peace process. And what about the nasty Jews confiscating arms shipments about to enter Gaza? I know, those weapons are to maintain the peace. The newer rockets that the peace loving Palestinians have obtained are now going longer distances. They were recently fired at a wedding but that was an act of goodwill. Call it a wedding gift. With friends like the Palestinians, who needs enemies.

    I know, I am ill informed about the three previous entries.

  3. MoonBats:

    Jackie was historically correct. Technically speaking, the people who invented the suicide belts were Hindus, not Muslims.

    Wow….your comment clearly don’t address the topic of this article.
    But did you know that the Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israelis? Or do you even care? You’re basically chastising the oppressed on how they lack empathy for the sad circumstances of their oppressors!

    I thought that oppression ANYWHERE was wrong….!! I guess it isn’t since you’re making light of the Israelis oppressing the Palestinians….

    But….what if it was the other way around…..?

  4. DeucePrez,

    Please provide me proof positive that the Israelis are oppressing the Palestinians. Articles, web links, anything would do. Have you been to the middle east? Do you live there now? Just what oppression are you talking about. Please show facts.

    And yes, if in fact the Palestinians were celebrating the brutal muder of innocent people then I agree that they are morally sick. So it does relate to the article.

  5. Well you really cannot judge an entire countries ethnic values on a small group of peoples actions. It’s just as bad as saying all Germans are Nazi’s or (here in America) that all people are members of the KKK or hate muslims. All countries have their bad and good people and Palestine is no different. Also @LoveThemMoonBats if i’m not mistakin their are many articles out their you can read about Isreali expansion into Palestine controlled zones in which they basicaly tear down innocent peoples homes and force them to leave the area or be severly beaten and/or killed.

  6. Moonbats

    In response to your last post:

    Are you crazy? Do you not read? The proof that you ask for is all over the internet, newspapers and books.

  7. “The Jews are destined to be persecuted, humiliated, and tortured forever, and it is a Muslim duty to see to it that they reap their due. No petty arguments must be allowed to divide us. Where Hitler failed, we must succeed.”

    -Sheikh Tayseer al-Tamimi (head of the Palestinian Authority’s Sharia Courts

  8. Saying that the proof is all over the internet is BS. Not to mention it shows intellectual laziness. Provide me with some truth and not some leftist blog. I am not trying to be a horses pa-toot but give me the name of a book or a web link. I am so willing to look at both sides of the story.

    I have not read a book on Palestine in particular but I will provide you with the names of a few books I have read. One such book, no matter what your opinion is, is The Blood of Lambs by Kamal Saleem. Someone trashed me on Facebook about it but I found it very interesting.

  9. @LoveTHemMoonBats

    you are a moron. it shows intellectual laziness on your part for not doing the research yourself when you know there are thousands of pieces of evidence which prove Israeli oppression against Palestinians. You’re just a lazy dumbass who’s trying to sound smart by making a ridiculous challenge. Go do it yourself moron. If you won’t do it, don’t blame anyone else for your lack of intelligence on this matter.

  10. And in response to your earlier comment Moonbats, the one from the head of the Palestinian Authority’s Sharia Courts, i also have a quote and article from a Rabbi who said basically the same thing about Palestine adn this Rabbi happens to be in control of one of the biggest political parties in Israel. I will hunt down the article again if you request it.

  11. Since I converted from a rather ‘mild’ faith to knowledge I enjoy a clear concept of life ruled by common sense only. I do not fear Islam or other mental disorders, I just keep my distance to avoid a brain-damage. I compare it with browsing, get aroused and your PC gets stuffed with viruses.

  12. JERUSALEM — Palestinian militants in Gaza fired more than 50 mortar shells into Israel on Saturday, the heaviest barrage in two years, Israeli officials said, raising the prospect of a new Mideast flareup.

    Also Saturday, Hamas police beat reporters and news photographers covering a rally in Gaza City, drawing a stiff condemnation from the reporters’ association.

  13. @thatguy

    You proved my point. The hate that comes from the left is mind numbing. You can’t even carry on a simple argument without being an A-hole.

  14. Moonbat is just an armageddonist white trash waiting for Jesus(a.s.) to come rapture him to heaven. Poor deluded fool, heading straight to hell for supporting jewish terrorism in the Middle East.
    I’d like to you live one day under israeli occupation with the perks of having your home bulldozed before your eyes with your family in them. We’ll see how “peaceful” you’ll be then, scumbag.

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