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Brigitte Gabriel warns Texans of Islamic takeover

“The Obama adminstration is focused on how to run and manage our lives. They are refusing to protect us from Al-Qaeda and radical Islam.”

That was part of the message that counterterrorism speaker Brigitte Gabriel delivered Saturday at the Taylor County Expo Center on behalf of the Abilene 912 project. Gabriel is co-founder of Act! for America, a grass-roots organization whose goal is to “effectively inform, educate and mobilize Americans regarding the multiple threats of radical Islam,” according to its website.

“Al-Qaeda is run under American management,” Gabriel said. She noted cases such as American born-cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who allegedly inspired Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan and that Al-Qaeda’s current chief operations officer grew up in Florida. Citing these and other examples, she then touched on events imbedded with controversy.

“How can people complain about Peter King holding hearings?” Gabriel said, referring to the hearings being held by the congressman in Washington, D.C., on the radicalization of American Muslims that have drawn heavy criticism from Muslim groups and other politicians. “Throw political correctness in the garbage, where it belongs!” she said emphatically, drawing a standing ovation from the audience.

She went even further, telling the audience that radical Islam, in the form of the Middle East-born organization the Muslim Brotherhood, was infiltrating the United States.

“They have a 100-year plan for Islam to dominate the United States and take over the rest of the world,” Gabriel said, referring to an document from the Muslim Brotherhood that she said came to light in the trial of an Islamic charity after the 2001 attack.

She cited mainstream Muslim organizations such as CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations), the Muslim Students Association and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) as being fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood.

“CAIR works with groups like the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union),” she said. “What could they possibly have in common? They are useful idiots in the hands of our enemies.”

“There are more chapters of the Muslim Students Association then there are of Democratic or Republican organizations on college campuses in the U.S.,” she said, drawing gasps from the crowd.

Gabriel then discussed how Saudi Arabia had spent more than $85 million funding universities across America, and also told the audience of an instance in a California middle school where students were, in her words, “forced to become Muslims for two weeks.”

After the speech, audience members reacted positively. “I really didn’t know how bad the infiltration was in America,” said Wes Hamilton, whose boss had given him free tickets to the event. “I don’t know how dangerous it will become if we don’t do something about it.”

Stan Keen came from Mertzon, near San Angelo, to see Gabriel. “I agree with pretty much everything she had to say,” Keen said. “She’s against everything the left stands for.”

Abiline Reporter-News, 26 March 2011

If you want a rundown on who Brigitte Gabriel is visit LoonWatch’s page on her:

Original post: Brigitte Gabriel warns Texans of Islamic takeover


  1. Ms.Gabriel (If, she is an American citizen), Has every right to SPEW her hate, just as much as every Muslim American has the right to live as Americans without being discriminated against. By WAR mongers, racial and religious bigots (Most Republicans and tea partiers). I wonder who her financiers are??? Why does she not speak out against killers like Timothy mcvay, John Nichols, Jonh Wayne Gacy, Son of Sam, Uni Bomber, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, etc. these men and several women serial killers have killed many innocent Americans. Ms. Gabriel does NOT even mention them or their religon or ethnicity. Majority of these MURDERERS were White and of the Christian faith. Even our media fails to mention it… Come on America be fair and just. Apply our American Constitution(Sharia) to ALL American citizens…

  2. “MURDERERS were White and of the Christian faith.” Roy, how do you know that? Did you read it on the Huffington Post? Did you interview them? I bet you did. You went to right their prospective places of incarceration and asked them if they believed in Jesus. You have to be kidding me. Your tripe sounds just like something I would hear from the left. As a matter of fact do you have this written down and easily accessible so you can spew it at any time? Instead of being stupid, try reading something about the subject. Try defending your side instead of looking elsewhere to blame.

  3. From another article.

    Here is another thing the Islamic propagandists love to do. When someone tells a story such as the stories told by Kamal Saleem and Brigitte Gabriel, they get someone from the angry left to attempt to disprove it. In this case, Chris Hedges. Chris Hedges is a writer for the New York Times. The Times has become a kin to Mad Magazine. Could it be that Saleem and Gabriel do in fact speak the truth and that scares you? This might cause the Muslim panderers to stop drinking the kool-aid.

  4. My apologies to Mad Magazine, I didn’t mean to make a comparison to the New York Times.


  5. They are refusing to protect us from Al-Qaeda and radical Islam.” Ok, for all practical purposes we will take your bigot question seriously. who is going to protect the Muslim world from teh Wests attrocities? The west is bombarding the Muslims in Afghanistan,Iraq,and Pakistan with no justification to such terrorism, yet you Brigitte Gabriel can not see beyond your nose. On Oprah show it was declared clearly that 3 women die on the hands of their spouses on daily basis, are all women being killed by Radical Muslims? No, by Radical Christians. On Dr phil show a man killed his wife in cold blood infront of her children, the police, and the neighbours, and 20 years later he is on Dr. Phil show, was he a Radical Muslim? No he was a Radical Christian, a murderer terrorist, who was reinjected in your society. Why dont you Brigitte Gabriel ask yourself how many terrorist organisations are in the USA? Why don’t you ask yourself how many prisoner you have in your country? You have 2.5 million and we are not counting fellons, misdemeanors,and on parroles. So why don’t you stick it up your mouth and do your home work.Why don’t you tell us how many Christians Countries are invading Muslim countries verse how amny Muslim countries are invading Christian countries???????

  6. I see a lot of this going on. Face reality please.

  7. I watched Gabriel speak last year at the Baptist church in Skiatook. Most of what she said were untruths intended to promote hate, fear, ignorance, division, and violence.
    Unfortunately, she is a good speaker and she had a lot of people listening and believing and feeling sorry for her.
    It was clear that she had a political motive and it seemed as though the Baptist church endorsed her speech. I was shocked and appalled.
    She claims to be Christian. This is not the Christianity that I grew up in.

  8. DavidTruelove

    Please tell me some of the untruths she spoke of and how you know they were untruths. I saw her speak as well.

  9. Shut your lying piehole moonbat. Everything one needs to know on Brigitte Gabriel aka Hanan Tudor can be found here :

    Bloody Maronite terrorists bitter after losing the Lebanese civil war they started, including their collaboration with jewish terrorists who invaded the country. No honor amongst Zionist pigs in heat.

  10. the day we all wake up and reject ALL religions… will be a step in the right direction

  11. DrM
    You are a vile and disgusting human being. I use the word human being lightly. I will not open any URL that you provide for a number of reasons. One quick reason is that idiots like you tend to send me to propagandist web sites that are hosted to spread the hate.
    By the way, Is the DrM a reference to Dr. Josef Mengele? Imagine that, you can join him and the pedophile prophet in hell.

    You might have something there.

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