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CNN Special: “Unwelcome: The Muslim Next Door”

28 March 2011 9 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

CNN Special: “Unwelcome: The Muslim Next Door”

Soledad O’Brien had a very interesting special that aired on Sunday, March 27th dealing with the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry in America, specifically the case of the Murfreesboro Mosque and Community Center.

We have covered this story extensively, Eric Allen Bell a close follower of the issue and of LoonWatch has sent us video and tips regarding what has been going on and the morbid ignorance of the Islamophobes in that area.

Soledad did a decent job and all in all the Islamophobes and Muslim-haters come out looking quite malicious if not profoundly ignorant.

We have uploaded the videos to Youtube, please subscribe to our YouTube page LoonwatchTV


  1. What a surprise. Trailer trash at its finest.

  2. Shame of those people who claim to be Christians but judge other people because of their belief…Did God or Jesus judge us because of their belief..How ignorance ’cause fear….What they did burning other people property is violence….Our “TROOPS fought for “FREEDOM”I know it ’cause I’m here doing my share taking care of the marines and their families….

  3. I don’t get it. First, a mosque should not require any more permits, etc., than a church or a synagogue. Islam springs from the same roots as Judaism, descending from Abraham’s eldest son, Ismail, while Jews trace descent from Ismail’s younger half-brother, Isaac.

    Second, many religious communities, including Catholics and Orthodox Jews, live in the US as law abiding citizens while also obeying their own religious laws, which are in many cases at least as stringent as those of Islam.

    I can’t understand where the idea that sharia law would supercede the laws of the United States is coming from – it seems like a fear tactic thought up by bigots to bolster what is otherwise a very weak case.

    I can’t resisit saying that this whole issue smells like a replay of the fight against racial integration, and it especially saddens me to see a black man leading it.

  4. This does seem in many ways a repeat of the vicious bigotry against African-Americans that was widely practiced and widely accepted in certain areas of the U.S. in our past history. I thought we had evolved since then …

  5. I dont trust muslim people. Deaf muslim explain to me first muslim growth then will fool american people’s blind. terrorism control all world muslim will setup rebel in amercian future. I surprised deaf muslim told me “Please do not tell any body” Now I dont trust muslim against christian and jews. What he told me last 6 yrs ago. You will blind muslim will fool at you and american too.
    I think unwelcome muslim in american. thats why muslim get crazy and kill its not safety in american. Muslim is strong will a fast born grow future. I am not rude at you. God knows about muslim and ilsam and plo still easy trouble.

  6. hey Kenny,

    Don’t say they are wrong proof it man.Go and read their book.That is what I did.

  7. What appalled me most of all about the report (but sadly did not surprise me) was the level of ignorance on display by the opponents of the Islamic Center. Evidently the black man who filed suit against it is unaware that his comments parrot those of the KKK and the John Birch Society during the battle over segregation and civil rights. All you had to do was replace the word “Muslim” in his speeches with the “N” word and he sounded exactly like “Bull” Connors and George Wallace.

    Then there was the woman who insisted America’s only god was (of course) her god (the god of conservative Christian fundamentalists). This is the end product of the “Christian Nation” nonsense – bigotry and violence. America was not founded on Christianity. There is not one reference to Christianity or Jesus in any of its legal provisions. There is, however, the “Three No’s”: no religious test for public office, no establishment of religion, and no prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    Finally, there was the lawyer bringing the suit. I hope he was merely an unscrupulous and ambitious self-promoter. I’d hate to think he was truly as ignorant of the law as he appeared. Apparently he doesn’t realize that (thanks to the First Amendment) the government can’t even decide “what is or is not a valid religion”. (By the way, according to Judaism, his religion is a fraud. Shall the government pass judgment on Christianity then?) Furthermore, he’s apparently forgotten the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. You cannot deny to any person (and therefore any group of people) the same right to build a school, a gym, a swimming pool, or a graveyard – let alone a house of worship. I hope he and his “clients” do appeal the decision. Let them bankrupt themselves on this evil “crusade”, that is doomed to fail.

    In sum, how sad that all these people who prattle about their “beloved Constitution” have no clue what that document actually says. Sad, but just what I’ve come to expect from the (so-called) “conservatives”.

  8. So let’s let them build mosque after mosque after mosque in this country as “The fears that the church building may be used as an arsenal for jihad or for some other clandestine purpose, or even for the teaching of Sharia law, is not demonstrated by the record – at least at this point”. By the time all of that is discovered– they will be unable to remove any mosque–as Muslims will refuse to allow that to happen. And it will be to late to put that Genie back in the bottle. This country is doomed in 20 years and the left wing is rolling out the red carpet for this to happen. Muslims will take this country over from within–because they discovered flying planes into buildings doesnt work so well. Plan B is now well under way. And it appears to be successful so far. Yea, yea, yea– we all get the relgious freedom argument– which is fine–until you get a religion thats sole purpose is world domination–especially the USA. You are welcome not to believe that– in fact– its what they are counting on. But with our president down on one knee to Muslims–and they are fully aware of it– it wont take much to get him down on 2.

  9. There is a second relevant parallel to the blatant Islamophobia and ignorance on display in this small, rural US community besides the US’s earlier bigotry and discrimination toward blacks: the ignorant fear of Japanese-Americans and their subsequent wrongful internment in this country during World War II. Both earlier campaigns were shameful, and this current Muslim-bashing, anti-sharia campaign is as well. As some in the film clips said, the only effective way to roll back this unreasoned fear-mongering of Islam is to spread the truth about Islam — that there is NO one sharia, and its practice varies considerably from one place to another, even in the Muslim world. Yes, there is an extremist vein in Islam that is legitimate by Islamic law, but that is only one of many voices in Islam and not the view of most Muslims worldwide. Almost all Muslims disagree with the intolerant, violent distortions of their faith. And yes, it IS a religious faith just as Christianity and Judaism are (both of those other Abrahamic faiths, by the way, also have their intolerant, exclusivist and violent minorities, but thankfully those small movements do NOT define or drive mainstream Christianity. I have studied Islam and its extremist variants for over 13 years, so I know what I am talking about. Peace and coexistence!

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