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Alaska: Why is anti-Muslim Hater Pamela Geller Allowed in front of Legislature?

29 March 2011 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Alaska: Why is anti-Muslim Hater Pamela Geller Allowed in front of Legislature?

I would ask Alaska to keep Pamela, but one more crazy lady  is just too much to wish upon a state. Pamela “kookoo for Cocoa Puffs” Geller is bragging that she will be testifying in favor of an anti-Sharia’ bill in Alaska where the Mooslim hordes are around100-200 strong. Don’t-chya-know the Mooslims had the temerity to open up Alaska’s first mosque a few months ago!!

Pamela writes,

Heads up — I will be testifying  in favor of anti-sharia legislation, HB88 Alaska onWednesday the 30th at 1 PM AST (that’s 2 PM West coast and 5 PM East coast). Tune in to the live feed at:

Use Of Foreign Law Sponsored by Rep. Carl Gatto Co-Sponsors: Rep. Bob Lynn,Rep. Wes Keller

Alaskan legislators are not only misguided in their choice of Geller as a speaker but they are complicit in her hate because they are essentially giving validity to a person and her organization (SIOA) that has been labeled a hate group by the SPLC.

Instead of focusing on real threats to Alaska, like Global Warming, or Separatists and militants (five of which were arrested for attempting to kidnap and murder state troopers), officials are battling the good old fight against non-existing threats.

Nice way to deflect from real problems plaguing Alaska!


  1. Bravo for speaking the truth about this dangerous windbag.

  2. Hey!! It’s right in line with that “bridge to nowhere” crap that the former half-term governor was in favor of, before she was opposed to it CRAP!!

    But who else would invite an outsider who rails against outsiders “stirring up trouble in our city“…..?!

    Such hypocrites!!

  3. deuceprez,

    i read the 24 surah “the light”, do you beleive that god wants people lashed 100 times?

  4. Listened to the witnesses and was impressed by the knowledge they provided. Alaska is to be commended for talking to people who know the potential for harm which sharia would cause to US citizens; let’s face it, we’re talking primarily about protecting the rights of female Muslim American citizens. So anyone thinking this is “anti-Muslims” aught to find out how biased Islamic law is towards men.

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